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Fact Sheets

Tired of sifting through reams of paper for answers to your questions? Take a look at MML's Fact Sheets.

General Law Village

Golf Carts and ORVs/ATVs on Local Streets

Gun Regulation—Local Government

Headlee Roll Back and Headlee Override Updated for 2021

Holiday Displays/Nativity Scenes NEW!

Industrial Hemp

Investment Policies for Surplus Funds

Liquor Licenses for Redevelopment NEW!

Master Plan—Mastering the Updating Process

Master Plan—Five-Year Review


Metro Act and DAS/Small Cell Antenna in our Rights of Way

METRO Act - Metropolitan Extension Telecommunication Rights-of-Way Oversight (Related: Distribution of Telecomm Fees under PA 48 of 2002)

MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage & Prevention Safety Act (PA173 of 2013)

Mobile Home Rental Housing Inspections

Municipal Civil Infractions 

Municipal Expenditures (Related: Determining Lawful Expenditures & Municipal Finance)

Municipal Liens - updated June 2018

Open Meetings Act

Court of Appeals Opinion
Markel v Mackley (November 1, 2016)
The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that email deliberations among a quorum of public body members violates the Open Meetings Act.

PA 312—Compulsory Arbitration of Labor Disputes in Police and Fire Departments

Planning Commission - Residency Requirements

Police Employment Separation Records NEW!

Public Employment Relations Act (PERA)

Public Hearings

Records Retention—Local Government Public Records

Rental Housing Inspection Law - updated June 2019

Residency Act (Act 212 of 1999)

Residency Requirements and the Planning Commission

Revenue Sharing Fact Sheet

Right to Work for Public Employees - updated July 2018

Sign Regulations (Reed v Town of Gilbert)

Social Districts NEW!

Social Security Number Privacy Act

Supportive Housing Properties

Taxicabs (Limousines and TNCs) - No Fees/Licensing

Urban Cooperation Act/Service Sharing and Labor Agreements

Water and Sewer Liens - updated June 2018

Work Sessions - Use by Legislative Bodies

Zoning:  Basic Questions

Zoning:  Nonconforming Buildings and Uses

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