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Open Meetings Act

The basic intent of the Michigan Open Meetings Act is to require public bodies to conduct business at open meetings. The Act applies to any local governing body (including a board, commission, committee, subcommittee, or authority). The Act sets forth regulations for public meetings that include notification, public participation, rules for holding closed meetings, and the legal requirements for meeting minutes. All members of public bodies should carefully consider the requirements of the OMA. If there is doubt as to whether a certain course of action might violate the OMA, the public body’s attorney should be consulted for advice and guidance before any action is taken. There are civil and criminal penalties for intentionally violating the OMA.

League Publications

Open Meetings Act: Calling Closed Meetings One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Closed-Meeting Minutes One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Definitions and Requirements One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Posting Requirements One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Email Quorum Violation One Pager Plus Fact Sheet

Don't get burned by Michigan's Open Meetings Act! - The Review, January 2006

State Statute

Act 267 of 1976—Open Meetings Act

Open Meetings Act Handbook - Michigan Attorney General's Office

Opinions of the Attorney General

OAG 5222—Round robining
OAG 5262—Secret ballots
OAG 6074—Educational  gathering of a quorum of council




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