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Local government in Michigan has certain flexibilities. A village may change its form of government by reincorporating as a city, or an unincorporated area of a township may incorporate into a village or city. The reasons for this can be due to a desire to reduce the operating costs of a village (which is part of a township so pays township taxes in addition to village taxes); eliminating potential duplication of services; establishing certain control over assessment; and assuring that state collected, locally shared taxes are returned to the city, and used by the city. In the case of an unincorporated area, the desire to become a city or village stems from the desire to be self-governing—passes local laws important to that area.

League Publications:

Impact of Changing from a Village to a City (PDF) - Municipal Report, updated 2019

League Reference Packets:
City Incorporation Reference Packet - Coming Soon

Sample Documents:

Baldwin Feasibility Study
Chelsea Cityhood Study
Dexter Cityhood Resolution
Dexter Pros and Cons of Becoming a City
Holly Cityhood information
Lake Orion Impact Study
Incorporation of a Village into a City (procedural steps from 2019 League presentation)
Village to City slideshow (from 2010 League education seminar)

State Statutes:

State Boundary Commission Act
Home Rule City Act
Home Rule Village Act




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