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Show 8, August 25, 2010:
Michigan Prosperity Agenda: Green Initiatives

We talked about how the way we use energy and natural resources impacts our quality of life and our financial bottom line. In Michigan we have the potential to grow green industries, implement sustainable practices and get on the cutting edge of current trends.

Prosperity Agenda host Dan Gilmartin was joined by co-host Alex Kellogg of the Wall Street Journal. Guests include Cathleen Edgerly, Clean Commute Options Coordinator for the Capitol Area Transportation Authority in Lansing; George Bosanic, city manager of Greenville; and Bob Filka, CEO of the Michigan Association of Home Builders.

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(length - 38:06)

Dan Gilmartin

Dan Gilmartin, executive director and CEO of the Michigan Municipal League, explains the large population losses experienced in some of Michigan’s largest cities and what community leaders are now trying to do to improve their cities.

Gilmartin explains why education is so important to Michigan communities. (length - 1:29)

Alex Kellogg

Alex Kellogg  is a seasoned reporter who covers Detroit and Michigan's economy for the Wall Street Journal. He is a Harvard University graduate and has worked in more than a dozen countries.

When it comes to green initiatives and Michigan’s economy, Kellogg says one area of growth could be in the auto supplier area.
(length - 7:21)

Cathleen Edgerly

Cathleen Edgerly is Clean Commute Options Coordinator for the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) in Lansing. This program is for all commuters who travel into, or within, the Greater Lansing Region. She has been working for CATA and leading the Clean Commute program for five years, reaching out to individual commuters, businesses, local colleges, schools, and other community organizations.

Cathleen explains the Complete Streets initiative  and why it’s important to Michigan’s future.
(length - 10:18)

George Bosanic

George Bosanic is city manager of Greenville. He has 18 years experience as a municipal official, serving as the city of manager for the last 13. George has spearheaded great efforts in the city to become more green, particularly when it comes to energy.

George explains how his community is using solar panels constructed by a new company in their community. The panels are being installed on schools and municipal buildings under a program called “GreenERville.”
(length - 9:52)

Bob Filka

Bob Filka is CEO of the Michigan Association of Home Builders, a professional trade association representing roughly 11,000 builder and associate members involved in Michigan residential building industry. He has been an instrumental part of the Green Built Michigan program and the Great Lakes Green Education Conference.

The home building industry has struggled tremendously in the last several years, but there’s an area of the industry that is grown. Filka explains the green building program that has grown tremendously in Michigan in recent years. (length - 9:26)




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