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SHOW 3, March 24, 2010: Arts, Entertainment and Culture Play Key Role in Revitalizing Michigan

Everyone talks about bringing jobs to Michigan and the March 24 Prosperity Agenda Radio Show on News/Talk 706 WJR discussed how to do that. The show aired 7 pm Wednesday, March 24 and featured Michigan Municipal League CEO Dan Gilmartin and guest co-host Paul Schutt, co-founder and CEO of Issue Media Group. Michigan can retain our local talent and recent college graduates by creating communities where they will want to live and work. During the show we heard from people in numerous cities, including Detroit, Kalamazoo, Chicago and Austin, Texas talk about the exciting things happening to make these communities vibrant.

Listen to the full show
(length - 37:34)

20-somethings hanging out at the Majestic Center
in downtown Detroit during a recent evening
(length - 1:23)

Dan Gilmartin

Dan Gilmartin, executive director and CEO of the Michigan Municipal League, discusses cultural economics and why it’s so important to have vibrant cities.

Dan explains what this show is about. (length - 8:09)

Paul Schutt

Paul Schutt, co-founder and co-CEO of Issue Media Publications, is the co-host of this month’s show. Schutt’s company has multiple online publications that deal with development and positive stories about people and businesses working to revitalize Michigan.

Research shows how people are moving to cities not because of jobs, but because of what the communities have to offer.
(length - 7:31)

Kalamazoo – Ken Nacci

Ken Nacci, president of Downtown Kalamazoo Inc., explains how his community is quickly becoming known for the development taking there and how it’s starting to draw college-educated millennials.

Development leads to economic progress. (length - 1:08)

Carol Coletta

Carol Coletta is president and CEO of Chicago-based CEOs for Cities. She’s also host and producer of the nationally syndicated public radio show, Smart City. She talks about ways to develop great cities that excel in the areas most critical to urban success: talent, connections, innovation and distinctiveness.

Having talented people is vital to a community’s success.
(length - 9:57)

Vincent Kitch

Vincent Kitch is formerly of Lansing and is now heavily involved in the arts, entertainment and cultural community in Austin, Texas. He currently Cultural Arts Program Manager at the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division. He talks about how Austin officials promote themselves as the music capital of the world. There are many lessons Michigan can learn from Austin, Texas.

Sean Mann

Sean Mann of the Let’s Save Michigan group talks about a recent poster contest his organization did with the Detroit Institute of Arts and the effort to have people sign a petition at to support the arts in Michigan.

(length - 10:26)


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