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Even in these uncharted and difficult times, the Michigan Municipal League is dedicated to inspiring positive change for Michigan’s greatest centers of potential: its communities.

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Your community’s one-stop source for all things related to the American Rescue Plan (ARP), COVID-19, and economic recovery.

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We are sparking a community revival that’s rooted in trust and belonging.

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Building Community Wealth


Communities grow best from within. Community wealth is created by building and securing assets in communities, ensuring that ownership of those assets is more broadly and equitably distributed to all.

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Communities are the centers of commerce, health care, education, and entertainment. Our communities are where people gather to learn, to exchange ideas, and to create the next big thing.

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Explore the community wealth model and other resources to help as you prepare your community for future challenges and growth.

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Why are we talking about this now?

We know our communities are being stretched in many new ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the right time to rethink all we do. Our focus on building community wealth is driven by successful communities that are growing, and in the process, are making their states more prosperous. As the COVID-19 threat is overcome, we will use our community wealth building focus to encourage innovations that will assist our communities—large and small—to grow, become stronger, and transform into even better places for their residents, businesses, and visitors.