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“Having safe, drivable roads in Michigan is extremely important to our state’s economic prosperity and our efforts to attract and retain talent. Who wants to come to a state where they could end up paying countless dollars to repair their vehicles after hitting a pothole, or worse are in an accident due to poor road conditions? I’m voting yes on Proposal 1 on May 5 and hope you do too.”

~ Dick Bolen, Mayor Pro Tem of Wakefield, Mich., President of the Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees

Safe Roads Yes!

For official campaign information, go to

Why is Proposal 1 important to your community? A breakdown by community from Michigan Municipal League on Vimeo.

Download a PDF version of the video displayed above.

Michigan’s roads, bridges and highways play a vital role in the state’s long-term success and economic prosperity. Our roads were once the envy of the nation, but today they are dangerous and a significant threat to driver safety causing countless accidents and repair costs. Michigan can – and we must – do better.

The Michigan Municipal League actively supports voting YES on Proposal 1 on May 5 because this is our last, best chance to fix Michigan’s roads with funding guaranteed for transportation. As an organization, the League strongly encourages our member communities and their residents to support it as well.

Information and ways you can help pass Proposal 1

Neutral information and materials for your residents – We understand that there may be times where communities want to provide neutral, information-only materials for your constituents so the League has prepared those for you. Download PDF.

Vote Yes talking points – Your constituents will likely have many questions about Proposal 1 and why they should vote yes. The League has provided you some talking points to address their concerns. Download PDF.

Sample resolutions in support of Proposal 1 – We strongly encourage city and village councils and commissions to pass resolutions in support of Proposal 1 and send them to The League will then post the resolutions on this site, and share them through traditional and social media outlets. Download PDF. Download Word document.

Sample op-eds and letters to the editor for your local media – The League has prepared a number of Vote Yes opinion pieces to send to your area newspapers and share on social media. Download PDF.

How much additional road dollars will come to your community if this passes? View a spreadsheet showing the financial impact that passage of Proposal 1 will have on road funding for every city and village in Michigan.

How much additional revenue sharing dollars will come to your community if this passes? View a spreadsheet showing the financial impact that passage of Proposal 1 will have on constitutional revenue sharing for every city and village in Michigan.

Proposal 1 ballot language - View the official wording that will appear on the May 5 ballot. Download PDF. Download Word document.

Media Coverage


Videos and testimonials in support of Proposal 1

Why I Support Proposal 1 ~ Nathan Triplett, Mayor of East Lansing, Vice President, Michigan Municipal League

why-support-proposal-1 from Michigan Municipal League on Vimeo.


Why You Should Support Proposal 1 ~ Nathan Triplett, Mayor of East Lansing, Vice President, Michigan Municipal League

why-should-you-support-proposal-1 from Michigan Municipal League on Vimeo.




Is it OK for our council to pass a resolution?

On occasion, there have been concerns raised whether or not a local government can pass a resolution taking a position on a ballot proposal. We encourage you to take up any concerns you have with your local municipal attorney. In talking with your attorney we suggest that you share the letters listed below from officials at the Michigan Secretary of State, which oversees elections. The Secretary of State is periodically asked to interpret Sec 57 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA), which is relevant to the actions of local governments.

In the more recent of the two letters, the S.O.S. looked into this issue late last year regarding a city’s passage of a resolution in support of the PPT ballot question. Although the letter ruling is only specifically applicable to the particular circumstances, a key part of the letter is the last paragraph, which I have included below:

In sum, the MCFA's prohibition against using public resources to make a contribution or expenditure includes a number of important exceptions that recognize the societal benefit of inviting public discussion of issues confronting government agencies and public officials, thus enabling voters to make informed decisions based on an official's expression of views or factual information concerning government operations. The City Council's discussion and adoption of a resolution expressing support for Proposal 14-1, its hosting of a forum to discuss personal property tax reform and other issues including business recruitment and worker training, and the Mayor's favorable comments regarding Proposal 14-1 made during a City Council meeting fall squarely within the exceptions of MCL 169.257(1)(a)-(d).

If you have questions regarding this feel free to contact:

Matt Bach, Director of Media Relations, Michigan Municipal League,, 734-669-6317

William Mathewson, General Counsel, Michigan Municipal League,, 734-669-6305

If you have questions specific to Proposal 1, please contact:

John LaMacchia, Legislative Associate, State Affairs, Michigan Municipal League, 517-908-0303



  • We hope that the above resources will be helpful to you.  Before utilizing them, please check with your municipal attorney concerning compliance with the Campaign Finance Act and other applicable laws.  The Act (specifically Section 57, at MCL 169.257) generally prohibits the use of public resources to promote or oppose a ballot proposal.

  • There are qualifications and exceptions however.  The exceptions include: the production and dissemination of factual, rather than promotional, information; expression of opinions by public officials in their policy making roles; use of a public facility if there is an equal opportunity for those with an opposing point of view to use it; production and dissemination of debates, interviews, etc. in a newspaper, magazine or other publication in the regular course of publication; and a public official who, on his or her own time and at his or her own expense, while not acting for a public body, expressing his or her own personal views, including a letter to the editor using the official’s municipal title.

  • The Secretary of State has interpreted the Act and its exceptions to mean that public bodies may debate and pass resolutions to support or oppose a ballot question, however the use of public resources to distribute or publicize the resolution beyond the regular provision of factual information regarding actions taken by the public body would be a violation.  The occasional or incidental use of public resources (e.g. phone or email) to communicate with a citizen or the media is not a violation; however, a mass email or mailing would be.  A municipality may not put a link on its website to a site that expressly advocates one point of view on a ballot question.

  • Again, for guidance to specific questions and elaboration, please consult your municipal attorney, who is encouraged to contact the League for additional resources if needed.       

    Download Disclaimer PDF.        

For official campaign information go to




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