Michigan's Personal Property Tax!

...and guarantee the revenues for local services and local communities so the Legislature can't raid the funds for the state budget!

There has been a great deal of discussion lately over the effort in Lansing to eliminate the Personal Property Tax (PPT) on businesses. The Michigan Municipal League and a coalition of statewide organizations is working to educate the public and state policy makers on the devastating impact it would have on Michigan residents if this crucial revenue source for local services is eliminated but not fully replaced. The coalition includes the Michigan Association of Counties, Michigan Library Association, Michigan Association of School Boards, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union and many others.

Media outlets across the state have been covering the issue in force. Virtually everyone agrees that while PPT reform may be needed, scrapping the tax without guaranteeing replacement funds for local services and schools would harm students, counties, libraries, and police and fire protection across the state. Here is a sampling of recent media coverage:



5/2/12: The League's Summer Minnick discusses the personal property tax issue on WDTW-Am-1310.


NEW: Rochester Hills Would Lose $1.7 Million in Repeal of Personal Property Tax

Examiner, 11/28/12

NEW: Proposed Michigan Personal Property Tax Overhaul Unveiled

WKZO, 11/28/12

NEW: Lame Duck Decisions Could Have Lasting Impact

The Voice, 11/28/12

NEW: New Business Tax Plan Requires Statewide Vote; Concerned Local Governments Want Details

Mlive, 11/27/12

NEW: Michigan Business Tax Debate Big Part of Lame Duck Session

Mlive, 11/27/12

NEW: Editorial: Legislators Can't Eliminate PPT Without Establishing a Fair Replacement

Kalamazoo Gazette, 11/25/12

NEW: Editorial: Property Tax Needs Caution, Fairness

Lansing State Journal, 11/20/12

NEW:Michigan's local leaders support eliminating personal property tax, fear loss of revenue

Detroit Free Press, 11/19/12

Repeal of Personal Property Tax Would be Disastrous

Holland Sentinel, 8/30/12

State's Solution to Budget Crisis Has Big Impact on Local Governments

Morning Sun, 8/7/12

Muskegon-Area Leaders Forecast Massive Cuts

Mlive, 6.15.12

Michigan Libraries, Learners Will Lose if Tax Funds Aren't Replaced

Mlive, 6/5/12

Holland Mayor Kurt Dykstra on PPT

Django Podcast, 5/23/12

PPT Repeal Now as Obsolete as Michigan 1.0

Grand Rapids Business Journal, 5/21/12

Tax Cut Plan Unfair and Too Costly

Times Herald, 5/14/12

Personal Property Tax Relief May Fall off Fast Track for Political Reasons

Mlive, 5/15/12

Local Budgets Still at Risk in Michigan's PPT Plan

Detroit Free Press, 5/12/12

Senate Republicans Agree to Poison Pill in PPT Reform

Mlive, 5/12/12

Michigan Senate Passes Personal Property Tax Cuts

WLNS, 5/10/12

State Senate Passes Bills to Roll Back Personal Property Taxes for Business

Detroit News, 5/11/12

Personal Property Tax Repeal Passes MIchigan Senate

Detroit Free Press, 5/11/12

County Officials, Lawmakers Discuss Loss of PPT

Midland Daily News, 5/9/12

Cutting Business Tax Means Cuts to Local Governments, Higher Real Estate Taxes

MPR, 5/7/12

Repeal Would Cost Cities, Schools Millions in Funding

Press & Guide, 5/1/12

Personal Property Tax Cut Could Devastate Heavily Industrial Communities

News-Herald, 5/1/12

Calley: Phasing out Granholm tax credits could pay for personal property tax reform

Ann, 5/1/12

Telfer: Officials Skeptical of State Government? You Bet

Midland Daily News, 4/29/12

Sterling Heights Officials Protest Proposed Cuts

Advisor Source, 4/26/12

Snyder Builds Tax Plan on Complicated Tax Credit Math

Bridge, 4/26/12

Value of Expiring Tax Credits is Linchpin to Snyder's Plan

Bridge Magazine on Mlive, 4/26/12

Guest Commentary: Communities, Schools Can't Afford this Business Tax Plan

Detroit Free Press, 4/26/12

Lansing GOP Planning a Money Grab

Port Huron Times Herald, 4/24/12

Cure Worse than Disease

Toledo Blade, 4/25/12

Train Has Left the Station on Michigan Business Tax Reform

Grand Rapids Press, 4/23/12

Brian Dickerson: What Rick Snyder Wants Most of All

Detroit Free Press, 4/22/12

Local Officials Skeptical of Michigan Biz Tax Cuts

Times Herald, 4/21/12

Cartoon: Snyder and a Personal Property Tax Cut for Businesses

Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press, 4/20/12

Michigan Republicans Look to Take Another Half-Billion from Cities to Give to Businesses

Eclecta Blog, 4/20/12

PPT Loss Could Result in Income Tax Increase

Morning Sun, 4/19/12

Business, Republican Leaders Express Confidence in PPT Repeal

Bridge, 4/19/12

Snyder Pushes to End Personal Tax on Business

Bridge, 4/19/12

Michigan Senate Begins Hearings on Plan to End Tax

Bond Buyer: The Daily Newspaper of Public Finance, 4/19/12

Property Tax Bills are Inadequate

Lansing State Journal, 4/19/12

Tim Skubick: So Much for the Governor's Call for Shared Sacrifice

Mlive, 4/19/12

Local Budgets Can't Afford Property Tax Plan for Michigan Businesses

Detroit Free Press Editorial, 4/18/12

Legislation to Phase Out Property Tax on Industrial Machinery Introduced in Michigan

Detroit Free Press, 4/18/12

Poll: Voters Favor Amendment for Full Replacement of PPT Revenue

MI Tech News, 4/12/12

Mount Pleasant Considers Income Tax to Prevent Reducing Services

Central Michigan Life, 4/13/12

Poll Says Voters Oppose Cutting State Personal Property Tax


Senator Proos Talking PPT with Local Governments

WSJM, 4/13/12

Replace Don't Erase Coaltion Poll on Personal Property Tax Cut Showing Voters Agree

Crain's Detroit Business, 4/12/12

Poll: Voters Favor Amendment for Full Replacement of PPT Revenue

GONGWER, 4/12/12

Poll Shows 70% Opposition to PPT Repeal

MIRS, 4/12/12

Podcast Powered By Podbean

PODCAST: Summer Minnick on the Personal Property Tax and Why Townships are Still Important

MIRS, 4/9/12

Saline Ponders Bleak Future as PPT Elimination Bill Looms

Heritage Newspapers, 4/7/12

Sterling Heights Core Services at Risk if PPT Eliminated Without Replacement

Advisor & Source, 4/5/12

Municipal Officials Worry Over Possible Tax Cut

WMUK, 3/23/12

Lt. Gov. Calley Details Plan to Eliminate Industrial Personal Property Tax

Mlive, 3/20/12

Lt. Gov. Calley: State WOn't Guarantee It Will Replace Revenue Lost to Personal Property Tax Cuts

Crain's Detroit Business, 3/21/12

Hayes and Bosworth: Changing Personal Property Tax is Risky

Lansing State Journal, 3/10/12

Tax Repeal Cannot Harm Communities

Times Herald, 3/7/12

Berrien County Lobbies on Personal Property Taxes

Niles Daily Star, 3/6/12

Editorial: End Business Tax but Protect Cities

Detroit News, 3/4/12

Who Will Pay for the Next Michigan Tax Shift?

Detroit Free Press, 3/1/12

Snyder's Plan To Help Businesses Could Come at Communites' Expense

Detroit Free Press, 2/13/12

Possible Tax Repeal Would Hit Kalkaska Hardest

Morning Star, 2/1/12

Leaders Say PPT Dollars Must be Replaced if Eliminated

Jackson Citizen Patriot, 1/31/12

PPT Elimination Would Cost Jackson County Municipalities $1.9 Million

Jackson Citizen Patriot, 1/30/12

Eliminate PPT in Michigan? Only if it's Revenue-Neutral

Ann, 1/22/12

Saline: City Could Be In Financial Trouble if State Eliminates PPT

Saline Reporter, 12/20/11

A $1.2 Billion Question for Business, Government: How Will PPT Change in 2012?

Crain's Detroit Business, 12/14/11

Bridge Magazine Analysis: Shadow Tax Cut Deepens Local Budget Crisis

Bridge, 12/1/11

Despite $300 Million Reduction, Businesses Seek Relief

Bridge, 11/29/11

Officials Don't Expect PPT Decrease in 2012 Budget

Huron Daily Tribune, 11/23/11

PPT Not Likely to Go to Legislative Vote in 2011

Livingston Daily, 11/21/11

Michigan's Library Community Gears Up for a $30 Million Battle

Library Journjal, 11/7/11

Libraries Worry about PPT Elimination

Tuscola Today, 11/4/11

State Revenue Sharing Cuts Reshape City Government

Flint Journal, 10/16/11

Property Tax Plan Gains Traction in Lansing

Sturgis Journal, 10/20/11

Local Governments Face More Budget Issues

Lansing State Journal, 10/19/11

Slashing State Revenues Would Hurt Locally

Hometown Life, 10/20/11

Eliminating Personal Property Tax Would Deal $43M Blow to Washtenaw County, 10/18/11

Gov. Rick Snyder's Next Tax Target Worries West Michigan Leaders

Muskegon Chronicle, 10/16/11

Blog: Gutless Michigan Legislature kicks responsibility down theĀ road

The Michigan Lawyer, 10/7/11

Tax elimination could hurt local municipalities

Niles Daily Star, 10/13/11

Supt. John Jarpe: Personal Property Tax Needs a Replacement

Niles Daily Star, 10/5/11

Guest Editorial: Republican leaders prepare another raid on local money, with ax poised above personal property tax

Flint Journal, 10/9/11

PPT Cut: Municipalities Stand to Lose in a Big Way

Tuscola Today, 10/5/11

Repeal of PPT Could Cost $10 Million Locally

Holland Sentinel, 9/29/11

Officials: Removal of PPT Would Cost Berkley $205K Annually

Berkley C&G News, 9/27/11

Editorial: Sure, Get Rid of Despised Personal Property Taxes, But Only if Their Money is Replaced

Bay City Times, 9/25/11

Personal Property Tax Cuts Would Hurt Detroit

Michigan Citizen, 9/26/11

Editorial: Sure, Get Rid of Despised PPT But Only if Their Money is Replaced

Mlive, 9/25/11

Editorial: State Needs to Look for Better Way to Deal with PPT

Morning Sun, 9/24/11

Editorial: Reform Personal Property Tax with Care

Lansing State Journal, 9/24/11

Fall Focus for Senate GOP in Lansing Snubs New Bridge; PPT Among Priorities

Detroit News, 9/22/11

Ann Arbor Library Board Briefed on Tax Issue

Ann Arbor Chronicle, 9/22/11

Michigan Senate Turns Attention to Business Property Tax Reform

Detroit News, 9/21/11

Slashing More State Revenues Devastating at Local Level

Livingston Daily, 9/20/11

Snyder to PPT Reform Could Take 5-10 Years, 9/1911

Groups Want PPT Replaced to Avoid Disastrous Results

News-Herald, 9/17/11

City Opposed to Tax Elimination

Sturgis Journal, 9/17/11

Bay County Could Lose More than $3M in Revenue if PPT Repealed

Mlive, 9/17/11

Michigan Cities and Schools Worry over Tax Cut Plan

Lansing State Journal, 9/17/11

Kalamazoo, Portage Officials on Personal Property Tax

Mlive, 9/17/11

City and School District Leaders Concerned byTalks of Repealing of Personal Property Tax

Saline Patch, 9/16/11

Elimination of PPT Would Hurt Strong Industrial Communities in Muskegon County


Letter to Editor: What Can Governor Do? Lots More That He Isn't

Mlive, 9/15/11

Eliminating Michigan's PPT Would Cost Schools $457M or More

Mlive, 7/15/11

Teachers Keep Losing; Are Schools Winning?

Times Herald, 9 /15/11

Editorial: Too Soon for Another Big Tax Change in Michigan

Detroit Free Press, 9/13/11

Wind Moratorium Talks Put on Hold

Huron Daily Tribune, 9/14/11

Local Governments, Schools Seek Revenue Protection

CNBC, 9/8/11

Why the Next Michigan Business Tax Reform Should be Completed with Caution (editorial)

Grand Rapids Press, 9/1/11

Snyder Visits Thumb

Huron Daily Tribune, 8/30/11

Cities Face Big Loss if PPT is Cut

News-Herald, 8/30/11

Gov. Snyder's Tax Plan Would Cost Lansing $3 Million

Mlive, 8/29/11

Editorial: Replacement Needed for Business Equipment Tax

Detroit News, 8/28/11

Editorial: Replacing Tax Will Be Necessary Hard Work Case for Some Incentives

Crain's Detroit Business, 8/28/11

Property Tax Elimination Would Put City in Deep Financial Hole

Observer & Eccentric, 8/28/11

Business Tax Repeal Could Hit Cities Hard

Detroit News, 8/24/11

Snyder Targets $800M Biz Tax: Communities Want Plan if Personal Property Tax Dies

Crain's Detroit Business, 8/14/11



Editorial: Huron Daily Tribune

Michigan Radio

Detroit News



Port Huron Times Herald

Chicago Tribune

Detroit Free Press


Advisor & Source


August 9, 2012
Press Release - Campaign Launched to Provide Facts about Senate Bills 1065-1072 to State House, Senate Candidates

May 14, 2012
Press Release - Replace Don't Erase Coalition Releases Statement About Senate Personal Property Tax Bills

May 3, 2012
Press Release - More than 400 Local Michigan School Districts Bracing for Tax Hikes Under PPT Bills

May 1, 2012
Press Release - Senate Committee Passes Personal Property Tax Repeal Despite Concerns and Appeals from Locals

April 18, 2012
Press Release - Bills Would Strip Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Local Revenues from Local Communities, Schools

April 17, 2012
Media Advisory - Replace Don't Erase Coalition to Hold Press Conference on PPT Issue

April 12, 2012
Press Release - Michigan Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Proposal to Cut the Personal Property Tax

March 20, 2012
Press Release - Proposal to Scrap Personal Property Tax Means More Cuts to Local Services, Higher Local Property Taxes

November 16, 2011
Press Release - AEG Report Confirms Financial Devastation to Michigan Communities if PPT is Eliminated

September 8, 2011
Press Release - Replace Don't Erase the Personal Property Tax

September 8, 2011
Press Release - PPT Replacement Funds Must Go to Local Services and Schools




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