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League Policy Committees

A Unique Opportunity to Serve

Committees serve League members by providing general direction and legislative policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees and League staff on a variety of local government issues. Our advocacy efforts depend on input from the Legislative Governance Committee and five Policy Committees.

Learn more about serving as a committee member and how to apply.

2020-2021 Core Legislative Principles

Bill Positions

Policy Committees

The League’s five Policy Committees consider new legislative ideas and provide positions on legislation as it is introduced. The Policy Committees are:

2020 League Policy Committees Roster

  • Energy & Environment – committee considers a variety of issues, including energy efficiency, local control and its role in energy policy, and environmental policies as they relate to local units of government.

    Staff Liaison: Herasanna Richards, Legislative Associate

  • Economic Development & Land Use – committee considers issues related to economic development in local communities as well as land use related topics, including economic development tools, blight, liquor licenses, and zoning.

    Staff Liaison: Jennifer Rigterink , Legislative Associate

  • Municipal Administration & Permitting - committee handles a wide range of issues, including permits, inspections, planning and development.

    Staff Liaison: Jennifer Rigterink, Legislative Associate

  • Municipal Finance – committee considers various revenue and taxation issues, including personal property tax, EVIP and revenue sharing, retirement issues, and tax exemptions.

    Staff Liaison: Chris Hackbarth, Director, State & Federal Affairs

  • Municipal Services and Elections - committee handles a wide range of issues, including public safety, elections, regulatory issues, and health care.

    Staff Liaison: Herasanna Richards, Legislative Associate

  • Transportation, Infrastructure & Technology – considers various legislative items affecting transportation funding, multimodal transportation initiatives, municipal utility systems, and ports.

    Staff Liaison: John LaMacchia , Assistant Director, State & Federal Affairs 







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