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March 2015

Crowdfunding can Light up the Night in Flint's Buckham Alley
The Buckham Alley Fest, a music and art festival with twinkling overhead lights, has been drawing large crowds to downtown Flint since 2011. Through MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding program,, Friends of the Alley hopes to permanently light the alley. Read more

Capital Conference Mobile Apps Now Available!
Get all the latest news on Capital Conference from your smartphone! Information on the schedule, sessions, speakers, and more can be right at your fingertips. We have download links for Apple, Android, and web/browser versions. Read more.

For Safety's Sake, Vote Yes on Proposal 1
In a March 15 editorial, the Detroit Free Press expresses support for Proposal 1, calling it a compromise among legislators who wanted to fix Michigan roads without being personally responsible for a tax increase. There are more direct ways to raise the $1.3 billion a year we need to restore our roads and bridges, but it's unlikely that legislators will agree on a simpler, more equitable solution. If voters reject Proposal 1, legislators may address the road-funding gap by diverting resources from other necessary public investments with the goal of shrinking state government. Read more.

Marche du Nain Rouge, Featured in New League Book, Adds Contest
Thousands of people will don masks and costumes to march through downtown Detroit on Sunday in a parade steeped in local folklore. The parade offers a chance to explore Detroit and its historical traditions. This year, they've added a float contest with a grand prize of $500. Read more

Lincoln Park Crowdfunding Seeks to Restore Historic Band Shell
The Band Shell at Lincoln Park's Kennedy Memorial Park has been the centerpiece for music and performance art. With help from MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding grant, the city plans to update the band shell and make the summer concert series self-sustaining. More

Sprawl, Sprawl, and More Sprawl in American Communities
Do we ever stop to think how sprawl impacts our lives? Housing is separated from shopping, restaurants, and cultural venues, which encourages driving and discourages walking and biking. We need more mixed-use communities that accommodate these needs. Read more

Portland Red Mill Crowdfunding Adds Recreation and Vitality to Downtown
The historic Red Mill has been the site of Portland's popular Farmers Market since 2001. Through MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding program, the city plans to build a pavilion to add space to the market and new opportunities for social and civic events. More.

Do Complete Streets Require Complete Snow Removal?
After last year's heavy snows, an Ann Arbor neighborhood formed a unique nonprofit sidewalk snow removal service. This poses a serious question: if we want walking and biking to be real transportation choices, can we leave sidewalk snow removal to individual property owners? More.

Traverse City Crowdfunding Project Creates Cool Crosswalk Hangouts
"Bumpouts" are Traverse City's unique places to rest and engage with others at downtown crosswalks. With help from the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, the city plans to add more bumpouts for safer, more visually interesting crosswalks. Read more.

Allegan Named America's 4th 'Coolest Small Town of 2015'!
Allegan's lakes, pleasant downtown, historic homes, and friendly people earned it the 4th place spot as one of the "coolest small towns of 2015" in Budget Travel magazine's recent national online poll The magazine defines cool as an "energetic vibe that often combines community spirit with a vibrant arts scene, great food, natural beauty, and unique history. Congratulations, Allegan! Read more.

Michigan Municipal League Actively Supports Voting YES on Proposal 1
Michigan's roads play a vital role in our long-term success, but they are dangerous and a threat to driver safety. The League supports voting YES on Proposal 1 as it's our last, best chance to fix Michigan's roads with funding guaranteed for transportation. We strongly encourage our member communities to support it also. Read more.

Community Excellence Awards Program is All New for 2015!
The redesigned CEA program will take place primarily online on the new CEA website, and focuses on the four categories of our Partnership for Place Agenda. There are more presentation formats, and you can get your whole community involved with online voting! Read more.

League Members Hear from President Obama at NLC Conference
League President Dick Bolen led a Michigan contingent to Washington, D.C. this week to attend the 50th Annual National League of Cities (NLC) Congressional City Conference. The group had the opportunity to hear President Barack Obama talk on March 9. Read more.

Substantial Changes Coming to FOIA Effective July 1, 2015
The League has created a new One Pager Plus Fact Sheet summarizing the changes, we are working with an outside expert to provide a sample policy, we have an hour long webinar available for purchase, and we have planned a breakout session during our Capital Conference. More.

The March/April Issue of The Review is Hot off the Presses
In the latest issue of The Review, the League features the advantages and variations of farmers markets in several Michigan communities. Other topics include the May 5 road funding ballot proposal, PlacePlans, urban homesteading, and much more. Read more.

St. Clair Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Transform Plaza into Park
The city of St. Clair has begun creating a beautiful park and gathering space in the courtyard of St. Clair Plaza. With help from MEDC's Public Spaces Community Spaces crowdfunding initiative, they plan to add amenities like outdoor seating, fireplaces, and public art. Read more.

February 2015

FREE Proposal 1 Webinar Now Available from the League
A League webinar on Proposal 1 is now available for free for League and community members. The webinar focuses on the history of the proposal, what it means for communities, how there's no Plan B for fixing our roads, and the reasons for the League's support. Read more.

Radio Show Explores What Makes People Fall in Love with their Cities
On Prosperity Agenda, we delved into what makes people love their cities and the role of the arts. League CEO Dan Gilmartin was joined by co-host Natalie Burg, freelance writer and editor, and several other guests. Prosperity Agenda aired Feb. 25 on News/Talk 760 WJR, listen here.

Placemaking Workshops Will Result in Strategies Throughout Michigan
The MIplace Partnership is offering free placemaking workshops in locations all over the state. These workshops are designed to help communities improve their quality of life and economic prosperity. Participants can choose from two options, which vary in depth. Read more.

UM Survey Finds Local Leaders Want State-Level Road Funding Increased
A new survey by UM's Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy finds that nearly 80 percent of Michigan's local government officials think state-level funding needs to be increased by at least 50 percent to maintain roads. Almost 25 percent rated their roads as poor. Read more.

The League Asks Members to Pass Resolutions in Support of Proposal 1
In January, the League Board pledged support of Proposal 1. Your support is essential in getting the proposal passed. You can help, including passing a resolution, sending a letter to the editor of your local media, or signing up at the official campaign website. Read more

Allegan is in the Running for 'America's Coolest Small Town'
Allegan's lakes, pleasant downtown, historic homes and friendly people have earned it a spot as one of 15 finalists for the title of "America's coolest small town." Allegan is the only town in Michigan to make the list. Cast your vote and help them cross the finish line! Read more

Webinar on Proposal 1 Road Funding Ballot Issue
Proposal 1 heads to Michigan voters on May 5. This Feb. 27 webinar, free to League members, will give you all you need to know about the road funding proposal, what it means for your communities, how you can inform your residents, and why the League supports it. Register today!.

"Missing Middle" Housing Design Competition Offers Big Cash Prize
The League is co-sponsoring an open design competition intended to spur the development of creative, mixed-income, and affordable "Missing Middle" Michigan housing developments in our state's downtowns and along key transit corridors. First prize is $10,000! Read more.

Capital Conference Early Bird Deadline is Today!
The League's exciting Capital Conference is quickly approaching and the early bird deadline is even sooner. Members can save $124 by registering today! Come hear Lt. Governor Brian Calley discuss the upcoming roads ballot proposal, and rev up your knowledge with sessions on everything from Lobbying to FOIA.. Register today!

New Revenue Sharing Report Outlines History, Recommendations
A new report unveiled before a House Appropriations Subcommittee focuses on the history of revenue sharing, declines in the past decade, and suggestions for improvement. The League believes this funding is essential for municipalities and cuts have been very damaging. More.

Milan Crowdfunding Project to Build Pavilion and Sense of Community
Milan's Wilson Park hosts a variety of recreational uses and annual community events. With the help of MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, they hope to build a larger, more centrally located pavilion to serve a wider range of uses. Read more.

Grand Rapids Crowdfunding Project Connects Urban Spaces & Public Art
Exciting public art to enhance Grand Rapids' sense of creative place is the goal of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. Through the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, they hope to install eye-catching murals around the city. Read more.

Creating a Purposeful New Life for Old Suburban Sites
Dead malls and empty office buildings have been piling up in American suburbs. At MLGMA's Winter Institute, Ellen Dunham-Jones, co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia, presented 3 strategies - redevelop, reinhabit or regreen - and plenty of examples from across the country. Read more

An Aussie Urbanist in America's Heartland
Peter Smith, CEO of the Adelaide, South Australia City Council, is a pioneer in place-led governance and has has attracted worldwide attention for his work. The League brought him to Michigan to meet with community leaders and speak at MLGMA's Winter Institute. Read more

Imlay City Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Renovate Rotary Park
Imlay City plans to turn the outdated Rotary Park into an inviting space for families. With help from the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, they hope to add new playground equipment for toddlers, picnic tables, benches, and more. Read more.

League Presenting at Upcoming MSU Institute on Civility
On March 6, MSU is hosting their annual Contemporary Issues Institute on Cultivating a Civil Society in an Era of Incivility. The League's Sarah Craft will be moderating a session on Putting Civility in Place: How Placemaking & Interior Design can Promote Civility. More.

Seven Michigan Communities Selected for 2015 PlacePlans Work
Seven Michigan cities have been chosen to receive technical assistance with key projects to attract and retain residents and employers: Benton Harbor, Boyne City, Lathrup Village, Monroe, Niles, Saginaw, and Traverse City. Check out our Placemaking site for more details. More.

League Issues Statement on Gov. Snyder's FY2016 Budget Proposal
The League is encouraged that statutory revenue sharing remains whole and constitutional revenue sharing continues to increase. However, the League continues to maintain that the state's system of funding Michigan's municipalities is broken. Read more

Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks to Green Up Downtown Pontiac
Creating a new pocket park on Saginaw Street is the goal of the Pontiac Downtown Business Association. With matching funds from MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, the group hopes to turn a vacant lot into an attractive gathering space. Read more.

League Board Supports Michigan Road Funding Ballot Proposal
The League Board discussed the state's road funding initiative with Gov. Snyder and issued a support statement for the May 5 ballot proposal. The board believes this proposal is in the best interest of Michigan's communities and the League will be actively supporting it. Read more.

Changes Coming to Community Excellence Award Program
Since 2007, the Community Excellence Award (CEA) has been the League's most prestigious community award. To keep the program fresh and relevant, our Board requested some changes that will make the 2015 CEA program more exciting and inclusive. Stay tuned for details!

Rockford Manager Michael Young Named MLGMA President
Rockford City Manager Michael Young is the new leader of a statewide association representing Michigan's municipal managers. Young's public service work started in 1990, and he has been an active member of MLGMA since then, serving in a variety of capacities. More.

Kathie Grinzinger Receives Patriarche Award from MLGMA
At the recent MLGMA Winter Institute in Novi, former Mt. Pleasant City Manager Kathie Grinzinger received the 2014 Patriarche Colloquium Award. She was honored for her continued service to Michigan communities spanning more than 30 years. Read more.

January 2015

Keep Up to Date with League Freedom of Information Act Webinar
Last year, Public Act 563 made significant changes to FOIA concerning fees; the receipt, processing, and denial of requests; and civil actions and appeals brought under the Act. The League's Feb. 18 FOIA webinar will provide helpful insights on all these important changes. Read more

Radio Show Explores How to Retain and Attract Talent to Michigan
On the latest Prosperity Agenda show, we examined why Michigan is losing recent college graduates and how we can retain and attract them. League CEO Dan Gilmartin was joined by co-host Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press reporter and columnist, and other guests. Prosperity Agenda aired Jan. 28 on News/Talk 760 WJR. Listen here.

League's Natural Gas Program Open for Third Sign-Up Year
The League's natural gas program can help member communities save on their gas expenses by negotiating lower prices. Initial participation is essentially risk-free and does not commit you to joining. To get started, submit a letter of authorization and other forms by Feb. 16. More.

MDOT to Send Out MI Travel Counts Survey to Michigan Households
Throughout the year, randomly-selected households will be invited to participate in the MI Travel Counts survey, administered by MDOT and SEMCOG. It's important for municipal officials to verify the legitimacy of the survey and encourage participation. Read more.

State of the Union Address: 'Shadow of Crisis' has Passed
President Obama urged Congress to build on the country's economic gains by raising taxes on the nation's wealthiest to pay for reductions for the middle class. He also highlighted Michigan's auto industry as one of the major successes in creating additional jobs. Read more.

State of the State Address: Time for all to Swim in 'River of Opportunity'
Gov. Snyder stressed that Michigan must focus on people, not programs; root causes, not symptoms; maximizing results, not bureaucracy; and involving neighbors, not just the state. Central to his plan is merging the Community Health & Human Services Departments. More.

Why the National War on Infrastructure?
Many countries spend far more on their country's infrastructure than the U.S. - basics like buildings, roads, and power supplies. Our political climate makes a long-term, strategic infrastructure plan nearly impossible to achieve, so the economy suffers and innovation lags. More.

2014/15 Pay and Benefits Survey Data Now Available Online
Thanks to the participation of many of our member communities, this year's statewide pay and benefits data is now accessible in a searchable online database. The survey is still open to communities that haven't yet participated. Access the database here.

Campaign Envisions Arts Incubator along Detroit's Grand River Corridor
Quarter Pop will be an arts incubator to strengthen and ignite creative business in Detroit. With MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, they will provide pop-up retail spaces for a quarter of a year to help creatives develop their entrepreneurial skills. More

Ypsilanti Campaign Aims to Restore Historical Freighthouse
Preserving its heritage and creating a community center for recreation, arts, and more is the goal of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse project. Through the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places matching grant crowdfunding program, they hope to raise $50,000. More

Australian Placemaker to Share Ideas at League Placemaking Event
Peter Smith, placemaker and CEO of Adelaide, Australia, and several local guests will headline a fun, low-key, happy hour and panel discussion event at Detroit's Seva restaurant on Jan. 26. The event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP. Read more

Open Data Improves Government Efficiency, Transparency and More
Government accountability and openness is a big concern for many citizens. To help address this issue, open data has been quietly growing in popularity for the past few years. The concept involves sharing public information in a format that's easy for people to access and use. The League has created an Open Data Resources page with helpful open data publications and sample policies. Read more.

League Joins Supporters at Snyder’s Road Funding Bill Signing
The League’s John LaMacchia II was among the dignitaries invited to the official bill signing of the road funding package approved in the Legislature last month. The package is a framework for a comprehensive solution for investing in Michigan's infrastructure. It will be a ballot proposal put before the voters in May. Read more.

Latest Issue of The Review is Hot off the Presses
The newest issue of The Review is now available online and in print. Read about financing capital projects, a League placemaking case study, a review of recreational marijuana ballot initiatives, and a report on the new Shore-to-Shore equestrian trail. Read more.

Michigan Policymakers Need to Consider Needs of Millennials
Michigan's population is aging at a faster rate than many states and we're struggling to retain and attract recent college graduates. Michigan policymakers need to think more about the needs of younger residents, particularly in the area of public transportation. Read more.

Radio Show Focuses on Measuring Your Town's Strength
On December's Prosperity Agenda radio show, League CEO Dan Gilmartin, co-host John Gallagher, veteran Detroit Free Press reporter, and other guests discussed the Strong Towns Strength Test, a great measurement tool to see how your community is doing. Listen here.

Crowdfunding Helps Detroit Garden Theater Project Unite Community
"The Harrowing" is the third Detroit-based project to qualify for a matching grant from the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding program. "A Host of People" theater troupe plans to perform the experimental art piece in community gardens to unite residents. Read more

Great Places in Grand Rapids' Urban Neghborhboods
Heritage Hill, near downtown Grand Rapids, is one of Michigan's great urban neighborhoods even though it breaks some traditional neighborhood planning rules. Young, educated people flock to this historic high-density residential area with walkable shopping. Read more.

Transportation Solution Relies on Passage of Ballot Proposal

Late in December, the House and Senate put together the framework for a comprehensive long-term solution for investing in Michigan’s infrastructure. Although we would have liked the legislature to solve this problem independently, they approved a ballot proposal that will be put before the voters in May 2015. Read the lame duck recaps on Inside 208, the League’s legislative blog

December 2014

The League Spreads the Word About Crowdfunding on Radio Program
Summer Minnick, the League's director of policy initiatives and federal affairs, appeared on the Michael Patrick Shiels radio show on Dec. 17. She shared some crowdfunding basics and how it can be an innovative financial tool for projects in local communities. Listen here.

We Wish Everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season!
League offices will close for the holidays at 3 pm Dec. 23 and reopen at 8 am Jan. 2, 2015. Our staff will be home enjoying the holidays with friends and family and we hope you will be doing the same. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year! Until then, watch for some fun League flashback photos on Facebook and Twitter.

Big Sale on New League Book Just in Time for the Holidays!
Take advantage of our big sale on the League's new book, "Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities." From now through Dec. 22, the book is available for 50% off. Share the great Michigan placemaking stories with friends and colleagues. Order here.

Crowdfunding: Invest in Tiger Stadium Development for $100
Larson Realty Group has partnered with Fundrise, a real estate crowdfunding platform, to give Detroiters and Tigers fans a chance to invest in the redevelopment of the stadium site for as little as $100. Plans call for retail, residential, and a restored playing field. Read more.

Congress Passes Budget that Does Not Include Marketplace Fairness
The U.S. Congress passed a $1.1 trillion budget bill, which funds most of the federal government through Sept. 30, 2015. Unfortunately, Marketplace Fairness, which would level the playing field for brick and mortar businesses and online retailers, did not get included. Read more.

Year in Review: The Best Placemaking Reports of 2014
Placemaking has been such a buzz word in 2014 - and that's a good thing! Themes, ideas, and policies related to placemaking are now more generally accepted and promoted. The League's Sarah Craft has rounded up her top five favorite reports on the topic. Read more.

Community Benefits Prohibition Bill Dead this Session!
The House didn't pass HB 5977, which would prohibit local governments from creating a "community benefits ordinance." The League vehemently opposes this bill. Listen to the League's Samantha Harkins' take on HB 5977. Thank you to all the legislators who voted no. Read more.

Governor Approves Financial Aid for Spring Flooding, Deep Freeze
Governor Snyder has approved more than $2.7 million in financial aid for communities impacted by last spring's flooding and deep freeze. Eligible local governments affected by these severe weather conditions were allowed to apply for assistance grants of up to $100,000. Read more.

Senate Committee Passes Cell Tower Colocation Bill
A Senate committee reported HB 4237, which would open state police communications towers to colocation for broadband expansion. The League opposes a provision that limits colocation to only private entities for three years. Please contact your Senators. More.

City of Eastpointe is now Redevelopment Ready
Eastpointe recently received MEDC's Redevelopment Ready Communities® certification, a program that helps local municipalities establish a sound basis for development and investment to occur in their communities. MEDC will celebrate in Eastpointe on Dec. 15. Read more

Action Needed on Marketplace Fairness Push in Congress
Marketplace fairness would close the online sales tax loophole, level the playing field for local brick and mortar retailers, and add $23 billion nationally to invest in our communities. Please ask your congressman to support Marketplace Fairness. Read more.

Detroit Bankruptcy Over; Emergency Manager Resigning
Detroit's historic Chapter 9 bankruptcy ended Dec. 10, setting in motion a sweeping plan to slash $7 billion in debt and reinvest $1.4 billion to improve city services. "We've got an outstanding outcome, far better than people's expectation," said Governor Snyder. Read more.

DDA Legislation will not be Taken up this Session
Fortunately, House Bill 5856, a bill to amend the DDA act, wil not be taken up in committee this year. The bill was intended to provide for additional transparency and reporting requirements as well as add in fund accumulation restrictions. The League opposes this bill. Read more

PlacePlan Sets Out to Make Detroit's Vernor Area Pop
For the president of the Southwest Detroit Business Association, transforming a shuttered Detroit Public Works facility along Vernor into a retail center and community gathering space has been a long-time goal. The League's PlacePlan brings that goal much closer to reality. More

Two Michigan Cities Receive Grants to Implement PlacePlans
On Dec. 4, the House passed House Bill 5560, which would phase out the newspaper publication requirement for public notices and transition them to the Internet. It creates a tiered system for legal notices and phases them out over time. Read more.

House Passes Online Notice Legislation
On Dec. 4, the House passed House Bill 5560, which would phase out the newspaper publication requirement for public notices and transition them to the Internet. It creates a tiered system for legal notices and phases them out over time. Read more.

Proposed Rental Inspection Legislation is Problematic
The House Local Government Committee has reported Senate Bill 313, which would drastically change the way municipal rental inspection programs operate. The bill would negatively impact well-run, efficient programs. Please reach out to your legislator and ask for a "no" vote. Read more.

East Lansing Leads Nation in Equality Policies
To attract and retain talent, communities should focus on investing in equality, says a new report from the Human Rights Campaign. In their evaluation of municipal LGBT equality laws in the U.S., East Lansing received a perfect score. Ann Arbor and Detroit also did well. More.

The League Mourns the Passing of Florence Schrader
It is with deep sadness that we share the passing of Florence Schrader. She was a passionate League supporter as Region V secretary, vice chair, and chair, and board member of the League and League Foundation. She created gift baskets for the Foundation Silent Auction, which she and her daughter Susan delivered with excitement and pride. We'll all miss her cheery outlook and "can do" attitude!

League Marketing Efforts Honored with International Awards
The League won four MarCom international awards for communication and marketing: Gold for The Review magazine's issue on "Resiliency" and The Prosperity Agenda radio show, Honorable Mention for "The Great Revenue Sharing Heist" article. There were over 6,500 entries. More.

2014 PlacePlans Reflect the Needs of the Local Communities
The League worked with community leaders and residents in eight Michigan cities to design transformative placemaking projects. The result is creative PlacePlans for everything from activating downtown public plazas to improving streetscapes and transportation options. More..

Radio Show Focuses on Community Benefits of Crowdfunding
On the Nov. 26 Prosperity Agenda radio show, League CEO Dan Gilmartin, co-host Marjory Raymer, director of news for MLive media group, and other guests discussed crowdfunding, which essentially takes the tools of Wall Street to the local level. Listen here.

Detroit Theater Company Creates Dramatic Crowdfunding Campaign
Detroit's community gardens will be the site of The Harrowing, a new theater piece by A Host of People. With help from MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, they hope to activate these gardens in a new way and bring them more support. Read more.

UM Students Present Civic-Minded Projects at City of Jackson Exposition
For the past year, University of Michigan students have partnered with the City of Jackson on a variety of civic-minded projects, including an open data policy, living history and a farmers market website. Project updates from the fall semester will be presented to the public at City Hall, 2-4 p.m., Dec. 1. Read more.

November 2014

Shop Local on Small Business Saturday Nov. 29
Small Business Saturday is a special time to support all the local merchants in your city. For every $100 spent at these merchants, $68 returns to the community. Many such small businesses are featured in the League’s new book, “The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities.” Enjoy a drink at the Round Barn or St. Julian wineries in Baroda and Paw Paw, catch a movie at Traverse City’s State Theatre,  indulge in a mouth-watering corned beef on rye at Zingerman’s Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, and much more. Your support will make your whole community stronger. More.

West Michigan Attracts Talent During Thanksgiving Holiday Season
Many Michigan college graduates leave the state, so HelloWestMichigan channels its efforts into retaining them and attracting new talent. This week's 3rd annual ReThink West Michigan Thanksgiving-eve event is designed to entice former West Michigan residents to return home. Read more

New Issue of The Review Focuses on Small Communities
There are plenty of success stories in small Michigan communities that add up to a pretty big picture of the state's hope for the future. Read the November/December issue of The Review to learn about Preservation Bloomfield, Dowagiac's transformation, and much more. Read more.

Economics of Place: Michigan as a Beacon in Placemaking Movement
The Project for Public Spaces founder contributed to the League's new book, "The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities," and shared his thoughts "... Michigan communities are leading the way in demonstrating the potential impact of placemaking..." More.

Revenue Sharing Recipients: Certifications Due Soon
Please remember that accountability and transparency certifications are due to the Department of Treasury by Dec. 1. Eligible local units must have produced a citizen's guide, performance dashboard, debt service report, and projected budget report. Read more.

Novi Assistant City Manager Profiled by Emerging Local Leaders
Victor Cardenas was featured in a series by Emerging Local Government Leaders that looks at local government through the eyes of assistant city and county managers. Cardenas has an impressive background leading up to his current role as Novi Assistant City Manager. Read more.

Michigan Senate Votes for New Funding for Transportation!
The Senate passed HB 5477, which would phase in a new gas tax that will result in an additional $1.2 billion for transportation funding by 2019. This plan would invest in roads, bridges, public transit,and more. Please contact your House member and ask them to vote yes on HB 5477. More

Allegan Turns PlacePlan Design Concepts into Reality
Redeveloping Allegan's riverfront was the focus of the 2013 PlacePlan developed for the city by the League and our partners. The plan called for improving Veteran's Park, which has been completed, the Second Street Bridge has been revitalized, and other projects are underway. More.

RESCHEDULED Newly Elected Officials Training in Paw Paw
Due to harsh winter weather in the Paw Paw area on Nov. 19, the Newly Elected Officials training session was cancelled and rescheduled for Dec. 3. Registered attendees will automatically be transferred to the new date, or they can change dates or receive a refund. Read more.

State's Fiscal Policies Increase Local Government Economic Challenges
A Chicago Federal Reserve report supports the League’s findings that the state’s fiscal policies have been a major contributor to local government difficulties. We presented this information in The Great Revenue Sharing Heist and continue to advocate for apropriate municipal finance. More.

Transportation Funding Means More than Roads and Bridges
The president of the Michigan Environmental Council strongly encourages the Michigan legislature to pass a transportation funding package. They must seize the opportunity to invest in our complete transportation system, which is necessary for a thriving economy. More.

Michigan House Commitee Passes Online Notice Legislation
The House Local Government Committee has reported HB 5560, which would phase out the newspaper requirement for public notices and transition them to the Internet. It creates a tiered system based on the seriousness of the notice. The bill now goes to the House for approval. More.

Registration Now Open for MLGMA Winter Institute 2015
Join your colleagues for an enlightening MLGMA Winter Institute at Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace, Jan. 27-30, 2015. Sessions will cover everything from creating an environment for redevelopment to effective hiring practices. There's also time for networking. Register today

Newly-Elected Officials Training Available Around the State
The League offers training to help educate first-time elected officials, as well as seasoned officials, on the basic functions that will help them be effective public leaders. Topics include an overview of basic local government, Opening Meetings Act, and more. Register now

Kalamazoo Cooks Up a Special Event for League Book-Signing
The tantalizing sights and aromas of locally-sourced food filled the dining room of Webster's Prime in Kalamazoo as the League promoted our new placemaking book. Webster's support of local food producers earned it a special place in the local food chapter. Read more.

Crowdfunding Can Help Detroit's "The Wig" Skatepark Come Alive
Detroit's Community Push organization is transforming Midtown's Wigle Recreation Center into "The Wig" skatepark, built and designed by the community. MEDC's Public Spaces, Community Places crowdfunding initiative can help make their expansion dreams come true. Read more.

How Farmington's Downtown Area Grew a Heart
Farmington residents set about creating a heart for their downtown that would encourage residents and visitors to spend time there. Now, a former parking lot has been transformed into Sundquist Pavillion and Riley Park, where many events attract thousands of people. Read more

NEIdeas Grants Help Local Companies Grow their Business
Arts and culture are a priority in Ironwood. To continue developing these assets, the city is planning a downtown Art Park with space for public art, art programming, and theatrical/musical performances. They are seeking funding through MEDC's crowdfunding initiative. Read more.

Ironwood Launches New Art Park Crowdfunding Campaign
Arts and culture are a priority in Ironwood. To continue developing these assets, the city is planning a downtown Art Park with space for public art, art programming, and theatrical/musical performances. They are seeking funding through MEDC's crowdfunding initiative. Read more.

Statewide Recycling Event Highlights New Opportunities and Programs
The Michigan Recycling Coalition hosts Fall Into Recycling on Dec. 2. An interactive discussion will help communities learn about new opportunities and programs in recycling in connection with the governor's Recycling Initiative, as well as state and local policy priorities. More.

October 2014

Finding the Future of Places in Buenos Aires, Argentina
At a recent conference on the Future of Places in Buenos Aires, the focus was on streets as public spaces and how they can drive urban prosperity. Professionals from 50 nations discussed public space and placemaking and agreed that it's the human experience that matters. More.

World Cities Day Promotes Interest in Global Urbanization
The UN established Oct. 31, 2014 as the first annual World Cities Day to promote interest in global urbanization, push forward cooperation among countries in meeing opportunities and challenges in urbanization, and contribute to sustainable urban development around the world. More.

Baroda Area Featured in League's New Placemaking Book
Baroda was the site for a big celebration on Oct. 23. League CEO Dan Gilmartin commended Baroda for its revitalization efforts that earned it a chapter in the League's new book, "The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities". Read more.

Remember to Exercise Your Right to Vote on November 4
Your vote is your voice. It's your opportunity to be heard and have a say in important issues that affect your community. There are a variety of resouces available to help you learn about the candidates and issues, such as the Michigan Department of State, League of Women Voters and MLive. Let your voice be heard on Nov. 4.

Civic Engagement Offers Communities a Multitude of Benefits
Civic engagement is becoming a topic of conversation at all levels of government. It's good for the community, aids governmental capacity, and leads to better decision-making and policy implementation. Learn best practices in the League's Civic Engagement Guidebook. Read more.

Pop-up Placemaking Sparks Creativity and Engagement
Berkley took advantage of their annual Art Bash to plan an event showing show residents possible uses for an outdated downtown intersection. Along with the art fair, people enjoyed outdoor seating, sculptures, games and yoga, and offered feedback and more ideas. Read more.

Halloween is a Boo-tiful Time for Downtown Placemaking
Crisp Fall air and trees ablaze with color create the perfect setting for a Halloween-themed event to draw people into your downtown. Many Michigan communities have put their creative spin on the holiday. For more ideas, check out the League's new placemaking book. Read more.

Longtime Sterling Heights Mayor Richard Notte Dies
Richard Notte, mayor of the fourth largest city in Michigan, died Oct. 28. He enjoyed a long and productive career in Sterling Heights government, including 11 terms as mayor and 10 years on city council. In 2011, Notte was honored with the League's Michael A. Guido Leadership and Public Service Award. Read more.

Radio Show Highlights Placemaking Stories in League Book
On the latest Prosperity Agenda, League CEO Dan Gilmartin, Bridge magazine writer Chatity Pratt Dawsey, and other guests discussed placeamaking successes and stories in the League's new book, "The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities," Listen here.

Governor Signs Michigan Investment Market Legislation
As the next step from this year's MILE/ crowdfunding legislation, the governor has signed into law HB 5273, which gives Michigan businesses and residents the ability to become broker-dealers to create a market through which intrastate stocks can be listed, bought and sold. More.

League Wraps Up Successful, Exciting Convention in Marquette
Hundreds of municipal officials filled Marquette last week to explore the city and boost their knowledge on civic issues with presentations from local experts and keynoters. We also applauded Harbor Beach, winner of the 2014 CEA Race for the Cup! Read more.

Adrian Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for new Trailhead Park
The Kiwanis Trail is a great asset to the Adrian comunity.Their aim is to create an inviting park to connect the trail with their historic downtown. The city and Adrian Kiwanis have raised $105,000. This MEDC Public Spaces Community Places campaign can get them over the top. More

Grand Rapids' Avenue for the Arts Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign
Avenue for the Arts is a catalyst for economic growth. It connects residents, artists, and businesses with opportunities for creative activity. Their campaign goal, through MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places initiative, is to create a new Heartside headquarters. Read more.

League Insurance Boards Announce 2015 Member Dividends
Many Michigan communities are expected to share nearly $11 million in dividends. For members who renew coverage in 2015, the League Liability & Property Pool board voted to return $2.55 million, and MML Workers' Compensation Fund voted to return $8.4 million. Read more

Jackson's Anchor Initiative Aims to Revitalize Downtown, Attract Talent
Jackson's largest anchor institutions have teamed up to launch the Anchor Initiative, a three-pronged approach designed to transform downtown and attract millennial talent. One aspect of the program is modeled after Detroit's Live Midtown live-where-you-work rent incentive. Read more

New League Book Aims at Focal Point of Great Communities and Sound Economics
When you combine innovative thinking with people passionate about their community, the results can be extraordinary. This power of people and place is illustrated in our new book, "The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities." Get details & ordering information

Former Houghton City Manager to Assist Northern Michgan Communities
The League is pleased to announce that recently retired Houghton City Manager Scott MacInnes has been selected as the League's Northern Field consultant. He will assist Upper Peninsula municipalities and act as a liaison for the League. He has 40 years of city government experience and is excited to share his knowledge. Read more.

Statewide Homeless Awareness Week, Nov. 15-23
Did you know that more than 92,000 people were homeless in Michigan in 2013, and more than half were families with children? Help raise awareness and inspire action by participating in community activities during Michigan's Homeless Awareness Week, Nov. 15-23. Read more.

Convention Starts Next Week - Hear Keynoter on Good "Hacking"
Finding creative ways to empower citizens with technology is the forte of Catherine Bracy, director of community organizing at Code for America. In her keynote presentation, she will highlight good uses of "hacking" in a variety of comunity projects. Get the details and register now.

Proposal 1: Cities Aren't Doing Great, They're Doing Less Terrible
Proposal 1, approved by voters in August, gets rid of a tax on business equipment and provides some security to local government funding. But cities still have huge pension and retiree health care debt, and a shrinking tax base. Proposal 1 doesn't change that. Read more.

September 2014

Projects Succeed in MEDC Matching Grant Crowdfunding Program
The new Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding program is off to a great start. Two projects - Midtown Detroit's Green Alley and Marquette's Skate Park - reached their fundraising goal and got the matching grant from MEDC. Three more projects are active right now. Read more.

Costly PA 54 Exemption on its Way to the Governor
Unfortunately, House Bill 5097 passed both houses on Oct. 2. This bill will exempt police and fire from PA 54 so they can receive retroactive pay increases after a contract expires. There is also confusing retroactive health care language which may cause problems during negotiations. The League strongly opposed this bill due to the detrimental financial implications for our communities. Read more.

State Policy Helps Undermine Local Governments
The state's decision to end film credits that Allen Park relied on to build a film studio contributed to the city's emergency management situation. But the state's role in shaking the financial confidence of local governments through inconsistent policymaking is unaltered. Read more..

Convention Keynote Speaker Brings Creative Zeal to Placemaking
Creativity flows through Jamie Bennett, executive director of ArtPlace America, a keynote speaker at this year's League Convention. His organization seeks to advance creative placemaking through grants for community arts and culture projects. Get the details and register now.

NLC Applications Now Open for Committee & Leadership Positions
If you are a member city of NLC and interested in getting more involved in the organization, now is the time to submit an application for a committee or leadership position. Applications are due Oct. 3 for Chairs and Vice Chairs, and Nov. 24 for committee membership. Read more

Contact your State Legislators on Proposed Changes to TIF/DDA

On Sept. 24, the League and many members testified at the House Commerce committee on HB 5856 dealing with DDA transparency and spending. The bill does not contain opt-outs or resetting of baselines, both of which are problematic. Please contact your legislators. Read more

Detroit's North Rosedale Park Revs up Community Pride with Crowdfunding
The Community House in Detroit's North Rosedale Park has hosted everything from pancake breakfasts to Girl Scout meetings. To reinvigorate the building, the North Rosedale Park Civic Association has launched a campaign through MEDC's crowdfunding initiative. Read more.

Prosperity Agenda Unveils New League Placemaking Book
On the latest Prosperity Agenda, the League proudly announced our new book, "The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities." League CEO Dan Gilmartin, co-host John Notarianni of Issue Media Group, and other guests discussed the book. Listen here

Kal-Haven Trail Project Strives for MEDC Crowdfunding Match
Bloomingdale's Kal-Haven Trail Pavilion is the newest project in MEDC's Public Spaces, Community Places crowdfunding initiative. The village has already secured a great site in Mitchell Park and has 70% of the funds. With a little help, they can get the pavilion built for trail users. More

Convention Mobile Workshops Offer Opportunities to Explore Marquette
Discover new aspects of Marquette on an exciting mobile workhop. Explore waterfront development or the economic potential of recreational trails. Tour a microbrewery and hear about crowdfunding. Get inspired by the PlacePlan for Marquette's main street. Get the details and register now

The League Adds Diamonds and Gold to its Awards Collection
The League was recently honored with three awards from the Michigan Society of Association Executives. The Review magazine and our crowdfunding efforts earned Diamond Awards, and our Great Revenue Sharing Heist campaign won Gold. Good work, team! Read more.

Lansing Art Center Chosen for MEDC Crowdfunding Initiative
Reach Studio Art Center has been selected for the Public Spaces, Community Places crowdfunding initiative, a partnership with MEDC, the League and Patronicity. Reach, an art education group that mentors at-risk children, will use funds for a youth art gallery and a courtyard. Read more.

Farmers Markets Helping Revitalize Michigan Communities
Farmers markets have sprouted up all over Michigan. They provide fresh, local food and a connection to the farmers who grow it. Markets can also revitalize a community, give an economic boost to existing businesses, and inspire new merchants to open. Read more.

Get a Jump Start with League Pre-Convention Workshops
Enhance your community know-how before Convention. Learn about changes in liquor sales regulation, developing a smooth-running council, avoiding illegal municipal expenditures, or join a tour of Presque Isle Park. Get the details and register by Sept. 19 to get the early bird rate.

Bicycle Club Adds Fun to Healthy Living and Community Exploration
Every week, the youth of Flint's Berston Bicycle Club Project get off the couch and head out on a tour of their community on donated bikes. Angela Stamps started the club because too many kids were stuck inside playing video games and suffering health consequences. Read more.

DIA Offers Communities a Chance to Display World-Famous Art
For the past 5 years, the Detroit Institute of Arts' Inside/Out program has been bringing high-quality art reproductions to town squares and other public spaces. They're looking for Southeast Michigan communities for the 2015 program. Applications are due by Oct. 31. Read more.

MEDC Announces the First Redevelopment Ready Communities
Allegan and Roseville are the first communities in the state to receive Redevelopment Ready Communities® certification from the MEDC. As a 2013 PlacePlan community, Allegan has also been proactive in redesigning its downtown riverfront. Read more.

Grant Applications Available for Financially-Distressed Communities
The State's Fiscal Year 2015 budget includes grants for communities that are currently experiencing at least one condition of "probable financial distress." Applications for a grant from the $8 million appropriation must be submitted by Oct. 31. Read more.

Tell Senators: Support Marketplace & Internet Tax Fairness Act
Please contact U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow TODAY to urge their support of the Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act. At stake is more than half a billion dollars, which could have a significant impact on state revenue sharing to Michigan communities. Read more

August 2014

Grand Rapids Launches First Rapid Bus Transit in Michigan
Grand Rapids' Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit kicked off its new $40 million system. It offers an efficient transportation alternative that cuts a typical 45-minute commute down to 27 minutes and is expected to lead to a new wave of economic development. Read more.

League Radio Show Offers Sneak- Peek at 2014 Convention
Get a Convention preview on our Prosperity Agenda radio show. League CEO Dan Gilmartin was joined by Jamie Bennett, executive director of ArtPlace America and Convention keynote speaker, and other guests to discuss the role of arts and culture in economic development. Listen.

Pour on League Foundation Support at Convention Tavern Tour
How can you have fun and support the work of the Michigan Municipal League Foundation? Come to Convention, experience downtown Marquette by way of a Tavern Tour fundraiser, and get a chance to win prizes at each stop. The Foundation develops local government leadership via training, research and public awareness. Get the details and register by Sept. 19 for the early bird rate.

Madison Heights Flood Campaign Sparks More Crowdfunding Ideas
Recent torrential rains wreaked havoc on Madison Heights, leaving $28.4 million in damages. To help elderly and disabled residents with flood-related costs, the city launched a crowdfunding campaign. How else could crowdfunding help or improve your community? Read more.

Renowned Urban Thinker Enrique Peñalosa on Transportation Equity
Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, made dramatic changes to his city by making pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit an important part of the whole transportation picture. He thinks Detroit is in a good position to make some of the same changes. Read more.

Your Vote Counts in the 2014 CEA Race for the Cup
At Capital Conference, each region wowed us with unique presentations on everything from historic fire hall renovations to creative uses for abandoned bicycles. Now it's your turn to select the 2014 Community Excellence Award winner at Convention. Get the details and register now

How the Arts Inspire Change in Detroit Neighborhoods
Detroit arts are an active part of civic life, connecting people and places across the city. Write A House, which renovates homes and gives them to talented writers, and Scarab Club, which uses art to heal racial and class divisions, are just two inspiring examples.Read more.

Two New Ann Arbor Restaurants Bubble-up From Mark's Carts
Opening a restaurant is risky, but starting with a food truck at Mark's Carts de facto business incubator program gives budding entrepreneurs a chance to test out their concept on a smaller scale. Two businesses that started as carts have now graduated to brick-and-mortar cafes. More.

SEEDS Program Promotes Green Education in Northern Michigan
As another school year begins, Traverse City's nonprofit SEEDS program aims to boost young people's knowledge of the environment. After-school programs get kids outside for hands-on projects, and teens can earn school credit while learning green-collar job skills. More.

Marquette Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Awesome Skatepark
Over the last 8 years, Marquette residents and officials created an awesome skatepark. To make it even better with landscaping, benches and skate-able art, they launched a crowdfunding campaign through MEDC's public spaces matching grant initiative. Read more.

Convention Breakout Sessions Give Voice to Communities of All Sizes
This year's Convention sports an array of breakout sessions that should put a smile on the faces of all attendees. If you're from a rural community longing to be heard in legislative decisions or a larger city desiring to revamp your planning-zoning system to accommodate placemaking, we have something for all. You'll come away with ideas you can apply in your community. Get the details and register now.

Artists Create Long-Term Community Vision for Detroit/Hamtramck Border
In 2008, two Detroit artists set in motion a creative placemaking plan for their multcultural Banglatown neighborhood. It's now a growing creative community where familes upgrade their houses and gardens, children ride bikes, and a Porous Borders Festival is planned. More.

Bicycling Contributes an Enormous Economic Gain to Michigan
Cyclists are adding about $668 million in annual economic benefits for Michigan, according to a new Michigan Department of Transportation study, which shows that bicylcles are used for recreation, and 39 percent of households also used them for transportation. Read more

Top National Prize Goes to League's Partnership for Place Video
The League's Partnership for Place video won top honors in the national 2014 Videographer Awards competition. Partnership for Place is a proactive policy agenda that proposes action in partnership between the state and its municipalities. Read more.

People Speak Up on What They Love about Living in Cities
As more people choose city life over suburbia, designers need to know what makes city neighborhoods desirable. A survey of 1,000 city-dwellers discovered that placemaking assets like access to cultural amenities, recreation and easy transportation ranked high. Read more

Summit Brings Together Civic Tech Leaders from across the U.S.
Code for America - workplace home of League Convention keynote speaker Catherine Bracy - is gathering local government innovators, civic-minded technologists, and more for a roll-up-your-sleeves event. League member 50% discount with code MML. More.

Economic Upturn in Michigan Main Street Downtowns
Attractive buildings, popular stores, and fun community events now fill the downtowns of communities across the state due to the Michigan Main Street Program. Results include over $200 million invested in Main Streets, 250 new businesses and a $3 million increase in local taxes. More.

Convention Workshop: Designing a New Life for an Old Main Street

Many cities have main streets in need of rejuvenation. Join the "Reimagining Marquette's Historic Downtown Main Street" workshop to hear about the League's PlacePlan designed to breathe new life into the city's once-flourishing Baraga Avenue. Get the details and register now

New App Offers Tours of Public Art All Over Michigan
Arts and culture are key elements of vibrant 21st century communities. A new iTunes app brings the art of Michigan communities into sharp focus with amazing public art tours, from Detroit's fountains to Traverse City's outdoor sculptures. Get your community's art on a tour. Read more.

Volunteers Restore Sense of Place to Detroit's Cody High Neighborhood
For a 6-day blitz this week, Chris Lambert and his Life Remodeled nonprofit have mobilized 15,000 volunteers to transform Cody High School, two other schools and many homes in the surrounding neighborhood. GM and Quicken Loans are also committed to the project. More.

Kalamazoo Community Designs New Front Door to Health District
The redesign of Kalamazoo's Portage Street advanced with recent PlacePlans workshops. Many people offered their ideas on improving the street's appearance and connection to new developments, such as Kalamazoo Valley Community College's new Healthy Living Campus. More.

Abundant Activity Flows in and around Shiawassee River
Kayak races and moonlight paddle events are part of the increased recreational activity on the Shiawassee River. Join our Sept. 4 webinar to learn how civic groups and local governments came together to spur recreation and economic development along the waterway. Register now.

Voters Approve Proposal 1 - Huge Victory for Michigan Communities!
The League worked hard to encourage the development and passage of Proposal 1 to benefit the communities we serve. We want to thank our members who publicly supported Proposal 1. Those efforts resulted in YES votes tallying approximately 69%. Read more.

City and Village Voters Support Their Communities at the Ballot Box
Aug. 5 election results showed that Michiganders will overwhelmingly support tax increases for services they value, such as roads, police, and public transit. But these results also show that the state's system for funding municipalities is broken. Read more.

League Convention Keynote Speaker is a Fan of "Hacking"
Discovering creative ways to empower citizens with technology is the forte of Catherine Bracy, director of community organizing at Code for America. In her keynote presentation, "Why Good Hackers Make Good Citizens," Bracy will highllight good civic "hacking." Get the details and register now.

First Project in Public Spaces Initiative Scores a Fundraising Win
Midtown Detroit's Green Alley Project exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $50,000 as part of Public Spaces Community Places, a crowdfunding initiative created by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation along with the League and Patronicity. Get your community on board. More.

Big Ideas: How Do You Fix a City in the 21st Century?
Cities all over the world face big urban challenges that need big solutions. How do you kick-start change? With a grassroots movement, strong leadership, bold vision and risk-taking - the same process promoted in the League's placemaking initiative. Read more.

Soccer League Encourages Players to Explore New Neighborhoods
Now that the excitement of the World Cup in Brazil has died down, you might try your own recreational soccer skills with Detroit City Futbol League. It brings communities together in a fun and unique way and gives players a chance to explore new neighborhoods in the process. Read more.

July 2014

Strategies to Design and Invest in Michigan's Small Towns
Eight Michigan communities are part of the League's PlacePlans this year, gaining technical assistance to create unique, vibrant downtown areas through a strategic planning process. Marquette is already heading toward the finish line for their new Baraga Avenue design. Read more

Convention Workshop Fills You up with Crowdfunding Know-How
Join the Crowdfunding mobile workshop, sample unique beer blends, hear about Tecumseh Brewing Co.'s, successful crowdfunding campaign, and learn how the state's new crowdfunding law can be used as a powerful economic development tool in your own community.

SEED Economic Gardening Program Develops more than Photos
Imlay City's award-winning Small Business Entrepreneurs and Economic Development Group - or SEED - will be highlighted in an Aug. 21 League webinar. Studio E Photography, pictured here, has benefited from SEED's efforts. Learn the secrets to the city's success. Register now

Tour de Troit Moves Cycling and Green Infrastructure Forward
Last year, over 6,000 cyclists pedaled along Detroit streets in the state's largest annual cycling event. The tour gets people to explore the city by bike, promotes non-motorized transportation, and publicizes the growing greenways network in Detroit and southeastern Michigan. More.

Prosperity Agenda Show Focuses on Michigan's Immigrant-Friendly Efforts
Dan Gilmartin, League executive director and CEO, co-host Mary Kramer, publisher of Crain's Detroit Business, and several other guests discuss Michigan's efforts to become one of the nation's most immigrant-friendly states. The show aired July 23 on News/Talk 760 WJR. Listen here

NLC Workshop Shines a Light on State Leagues and its Host City
The "weird" city of Portland, Oregon was the site of this year's National League of Cities State League Staff Workshop. Along with enjoying the city's unique character, two League staffers had a chance to network, learn, and present MML's work on supporting distressed communities. Read two perspectives: Sarah and Lisa.

Vendors: Reach your Target Market at 2014 League Convention
Local government officials from across the state will converge on Marquette for the League's 2014 Convention. The League offers a variety of options to market your organization to this group, including advertising in the program and sponsoring sessions. Get the details and register now.

Applications Now Available for Public Space Crowdfunding Projects
Patronicity, a League partner in MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, is seeking applications for new projects. The crowdfunding site helps raise funds for a great new public space, which MEDC will match. Get the details and apply.

Creative Placemaking Closes the Gap in Detroit's Vernor Square
The League's Southwest Detroit PlacePlan took an important step with a community-based design workshop. Residents and experts offered ideas to invigorate the "gap" that divides Vernor's commercial district. Ideas include artistic streetscapes and an indoor/outdoor market. More.

Berkley Experiments with making Place in Downtown
To create a sense of place in their downtown, Berkley - with help from the League - used their annual Art Bash to test the waters. A main intersection was filled with local art, games and patio furniture, and residents shared ideas on how to use the space in the future. More

Crowdfunding Capitalizes New Downtown Tecumseh Business
Tecumseh Brewing Co.tapped into the opportunity available through Michigan's new investment crowdfunding law to launch its start-up business.They met their funding goal in half the time anticipated, becoming the first company in Michigan successfully funded through crowdfunding. More

Convention Keynote Speaker Brings Creative Zeal to Placemaking
Creativity flows through the veins of Jamie Bennett, executive director of ArtPlace America, who will serve as the keynote speaker for the League's 2014 Convention. Throughout his career, he has immersed himself in the creative arts in a variety of capacities. In his current position, Bennett, with the support of many foundations, seeks to advance creative placemaking through grants for community arts and culture projects. ArtPlace values the central role that art and culture play in shaping communities' social, physical, and economic futures. Get the details and register now.

Applications Now Available for Public Space Crowdfunding Projects
Patronicity, a League partner in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, is now seeking applications for new projects. The crowdfunding site can help you raise donations to create a great new public space in your community. And MEDC will match the funds raised dollar for dollar. Get the program details and apply now.

Community Workshop Reimagines Detroit's Vernor Square
This week, community members joined the Southwest Detroit Business Association - a recipient of the League's PlacePlans technical assistance - to help with the design process for Vernor Square. Feedback was solicited on preliminary ideas, which call for a mixed-use community center with a public plaza to serve as a focal point for this culturally rich and diverse community. Read more.

Pre-Convention Workshops Give you the Leading Edge
Special opportunities to enhance your community know-how will be available on the morning of October 15. Experts will offer insights on council efficiency and illegal expenditures. Outdoor enthusiasts can join the group on a color walking tour through Marquette's Presque Isle Park. Get the details and register now.

New Issue of The Review Focuses on Michigan's Blue Economy
Read about Michigan communities making waves in the Blue Economy - emerging technologies, research, and economic development based on innovative uses of freshwater resources. Also, learn about the Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative, get a 2014 Convention preview, and more

League Partners with MEDC and Patronicity to Support Crowdfunding Projects
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has announced a groundbreaking crowdfunding and matching grant initiative to help drive public space projects in Michigan communities. The League is one of the partners in this exciting opportunity that will help Michigan communities take on, fund, and complete projects they previously could only dream about. Read more.

June 2014
Prosperity Agenda Show Centers on Age-Friendly Communities

League CEO Dan Gilmartin leads a lively discussion on accommodating the community needs of retiring baby boomers. Several guests, including writer Natalie Burg, offer insights on making adaptations for the aging population. The show aired June 25 on News/Talk 760 WJR. Listen here.

NEW League Crowdfunding Site Encourages Michigan Residents to Invest Locally
Crowdfunding is a game-changing economic development tool to help support local businesses. The League's new website,, has training information and serves as a gateway for Michigan investors and businesses to learn more through two crowdfunding companies, Localstake and Fundrise. Read more.

Nominations Due Today for Superb Local Officials & League Supporters
Do you know an outstanding chief elected official or exemplary League member? Nominate them for the Michael A. Guido Leadership and Public Service Award or the Jim Sinclair Exceptional Service Award. All nominations are due July 1. Read more

Detroit and other Michigan Communities are more Walkable
Detroit is #8 on a recent report ranking the country's largest metro areas on their future for growth in walkable urban development. High-profile projects in the city's Downtown and Midtown areas were cited, along with smaller "town centers" like W. Dearborn, Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor. More.

EVIP Eliminated in Final Michigan Revenue Sharing Budget for 2014-15
Thanks to the efforts of Senator John Pappageorge and communities that contacted their legislators, a new budget report terminates EVIP requirements and includes an additional $7.2 million in revenue sharing for cities, villages, and townships. More.

Michigan Senate Fails to Pass Road Funding Package
The Senate failed to agree on a funding source to fix Michigan's crumbling roads and transportation infrastructure. They will reconvene July 16. In the meantime, the League thanks our members who contacted their legislators and we will be relentless in pursuing additional funding. Read more.

Legislature Must Act to Improve Michigan's TransportationSystem
League CEO Dan Gilmartin stresses that transportation infrastructure is one of the most important things that government can do to spur economic growth, yet Michigan ranks last in per capita road expenditures. The legislature must act soon to find appropriate funding. Read more.

Public Art Project Energizes Downtown St. Joseph, Michigan
Tourists, visitors and potential residents now flock to St. Joseph's quaint Victorian downtown every summer to enjoy a unique array of sculptures created by local artists. The popular displays have increased business and turned the community into a desirable tourist destination. More.

Write Letters to Your Local Newspapers to Support Proposal 1
Proposal 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot completes Personal Property Tax (PPT) reform and provides a more stable revenue source for communities without raising taxes. Please support it by writing letters to the editor, passing a resolution, and signing up for email alerts. More.

Act Now: Contact Your State Representatives to Oppose SB 850
The Senate has passed SB 850, which exempts police and fire from PA 54 so they can have retroactive pay increases after a contract expires. This detrimental bill now goes to the House. Send an email to your representatives today using the League's Action Center. Read more.

Contact State Lawmakers TODAY Telling Them to Pass Transportation Funding Increase
Please contact your state legislators TODAY encouraging their support of the transportation funding increase being debated TODAY in Lansing. This would be the first significant transportation funding increase since 1997 and a huge step toward fixing the state's crumbling roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure. It is imperative that the Senate and House vote on this issue before taking their summer break TODAY (June 12). Please contact your lawmakers RIGHT NOW. Look up their contact info here, or email them our sample letter.

Nominations Open for Exceptional Local Officials & League Supporters
Does your community have an outstanding chief elected official? Nominate them for the Michael A. Guido Leadership and Public Service Award. Would you like to recognize a person who has provided exemplary service to the League? Nominate them for a Jim Sinclair Exceptional Service Award. All nominations are due July 1. Read more

Revolve Detroit Wins a 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Crain's Detroit Business has selected Revolve Detroit, a League case study, as one of the winners in this year's Salute to Entrepreneurs. The awards recognize entrepreneurs who are noteworthy for their innovation, problem-solving ability or sheer relentlessness. Read more.

Interactive Class Equips HR Professionals to Deal with Challenges
Learn effective ways to deal with some of the challenges faced by human resources professionals on a daily basis. Labor and Employment attorneys from Plunket Cooney will cover topics such as discrimination, wage and hourly issues, and harassment. Register now.

League Supports Efforts to Allow Cities to Tax Based on Land Values
A Next City article asks why more cities don't base taxes on land value, instead of on the property's buildings? This aligns with the League's Partnership for Place Agenda's call to allow Michigan municipalities to use land value taxation. Michigan House Bills 5495 and 5496 also support this concept. Read more.

Prosperity Agenda Show Joins the Conversation at National Main Streets
Detroit was the location and focus of the recent National Main Streets Conference. The League's Prosperity Agenda show taped on-site and engaged David Zeman, editor of Bridge Magazine, and other Conference guests in a discussion on positive happenings in Detroit. Listen here

NEW Explore More Mobile Workshops Inspire Creative Placemaking
Many Michigan communities have gone from dull to dazzling with imaginative placemaking projects. Now you can jump on board the League's first Explore More Mobile Workshop in Detroit to get an up-close view of some of these creative projects, like the Dequindre Cut Greenway, an inviting recreational path that connects the Riverfront with Eastern Market.. Read more

Mobile App Data Drives Placemaking Efforts Forward
Apps that help fitness afficionados keep track of their walking, jogging and cycling miles are finding a new use. Urban planners are tapping into this data souce to support placemaking efforts that relate to a community's walkability and transportation options. Read more.

May 2014

Webinar Presents Challenges of Cable TV System Changes
Comcast and Time-Warner plan to turn over control of their cable TV systems to Charter Communications. Learn from experienced attorneys what the imact of this plan will be on Michigan communities and what steps local governments can take to protect their residents. Register now.

Changes to Road Funding Bills Would Increase Revenue
Crumbling roads are everywhere in Michigan.To address much-need improvements to our transportation system, the Senate has adopted changes to current bills that would gradually increase the new percentage tax on gasoline over four years. Read more.

Enlivened Downtown Farmington is the Life of the Party
Concerts, art fairs, dances and a multitude of community events fill downtown Farmington's new park and pavilion year-round. This creative placemaking project transformed a parking lot into an inviting gathering space for the entire community. Read more.

U.P. Education Summit Offers Thought-Provoking Sessions
Join your fellow U.P. city and village officials for two days of networking and stimulating sessions, June 12-13. Share experiences and ideas and boost your knowledge on topics important to your community, including crowdfunding, municipal finance, legislation and more. Register now.

Sign-up to Support Personal Property Tax Reform Ballot Question
The League is encouraging its members to join us in supporting the Aug. 5 ballot proposal that, if approved, would complete much-needed reform to the state's personal property tax. Please support the campaign and review the League's proposed resolution.

Bike-Sharing Programs Roll into Michigan Communities
Cities across the country have been discovering the benefits of adding a bike-sharing program to their transportation plans - less traffic congestion, more economic activity, and better health. Several Michigan cities have now joined the movement. Read more.

Economic Opportunity: Keep the Conversation Going
The recent Meeting of the Minds/Living Cities group blogging event was a jumping- off point for an extended discussion on economic opportunity. Focusing on developing some of the League's eight assets, such as education, entrepreneurship and transportation, will keep cities moving in the right direction. Read more.

The League Joins a Global Dialogue on Economic Opportunity in Cities
Meeting of the Minds and Living Cities organized a unique group blogging event to answer the question "How could cities better connect all their residents to economic opportunity?" The League offered responses on the Economics of Place blog and the Placemaking blog.

Show Off Your Community's Retail at ICSC Michigan Idea Exchange
In his bright yellow safety vest, Dan Burden, co-founder of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute, spent many days conducting walking audits in Michigan and around the country. On May 13, the White House honored him for his efforts to improve street design. Read more

White House Honors Pioneer of the Walkability Movement
In his bright yellow safety vest, Dan Burden, co-founder of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute, spent many days conducting walking audits in Michigan and around the country. On May 13, the White House honored him for his efforts to improve street design. Read more

League Honors Communities that Make Safety a Priority
Twenty-nine Michigan communities earned accolades for their commitment to providing a safe working environment for their staffs and residents. Congratulations to the winners of the League Workers' Compensation Fund annual Loss Control Achievement Awards. Read more

UM Students and City Leaders Foster Citizen Engagement in Jackson
Students in UM's new Citizen Interaction Design course have been putting their knowledge into practice in Jackson this semester. Working with Jackson government officials, teams have been creating information tools designed to encourage citizen interaction with government. Read more.

Live-Where-You-Work Program Brings Vitality to Neighborhood
Families and young professionals fill homes and apartments all over Detroit's Midtown community, thanks to a housing incentive program. A community development nonprofit and major employers partnered to make this program a reality. Read more.

Innovation and Passion Thrive in Low-Rent Warehouse Space
A whimsical name - Ponyride - reflects this project's dedication to providing a fun place where people can pursue their passion and not worry about rent. These entrepreneurs are finding success making everything from furniture to jewelry. Read more.

April 2014
New Crowdfunding Webinar Examines Local Investment Potential of New Michigan Law
Crowdfunding is a game-changing economic development opportunity now available to support and grow local businesses. In this webinar, you'll learn about Michigan's new crowdfunding law and the League's efforts to help communities benefit from this powerful new tool. More.

League's Prosperity Agenda Show Focused on Community Investment
On WJR radio, Dan Gilmartin, League executive director and CEO, led a lively discussion of revenue sharing and community investment with Ferndale mayor Dave Coulter and other guests. They offered insights on positive placemaking projects in Michigan. Listen here.

CRC Study Shows System of Funding Local Governments is Broken
A new report from the Citizens Research Council shows that state tax revenues increased by $1.2 billion from 2009 to 2012, while local tax revenues declined by $1.1 billion in the same period, further proof that the state has balanced its budget at the expense of communities. More.

Artistic Recycling Center Becomes the Social Hub of a Neighborhood
Recycling has become a fun activity in one Detroit neighborhood. Residents look forward to drop-off days, when they can chat with friends, admire the building's colorful murals created by local artists, and enjoy live music - all while keeping their environment "green." . Read more.

League Crowdfunding Portal Offers One-Stop Shop for all Michiganders to Invest Locally
Crowdfunding is a game-changing economic development tool now available to support and grow local businesses. Soon the League will be launching a new crowdfunding website designed to educate people on crowdfunding and present local investment opportunities. Read more.

Personal Property Tax Webinar Recording Available
For anyone who missed our recent webinar on personal property tax reform, the webinar is now available for sale. Read more.

Outdoor Art Gallery Sparks Creative Expression and Community Pride
Colorful street art comes to life in The Alley Project in Southwest Detroit. In the project's studio and gallery, professional artists, teens and neighbors have created an inviting artistic and social hub. Read more. .

Community Turns Old Railway into New, Creative Pathway
Enjoy.spring by grabbing a bike and heading to Detroit's Dequindre Cut Greenway. This artistic path, which links the Riverfront and Eastern Market, is one clever example of how communities can come together to create a sense of place.

A Foolish Celebration Brings Art to the Streets
Majestic puppets.created by art students and community members marched along Ann Arbor's Main Street for the 8th annual Festifools. This colorful parade is a unique use of Cultural Economic Development. Read more.

New Video Illustrates Goals of Partnership for Place
Thriving communities and a strong Michigan economy are the goals of Partnership for Place, the League's proactive policy agenda, which proposes a commitment to create communities that attract today's talent. Check out our new video that illustrates some of Michigan's challenges and what we need to do to move forward!

Detroit News, Free Press Editors Side with Cities on Revenue Sharing
It’s not too often when the opinion page editors of the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press agree, but that’s exactly what happens in this conversation about the Michigan Municipal League’s report on how the state has diverted $6.2 billion in revenue sharing from Michigan’s communities since 2003. Watch the video from “MiWeek.”

MiBiz Focuses on League/Localstake Crowdfunding Partnership
The top story in is currently about the League’s efforts to drive community development through crowdfunding. It includes comments from Summer Minnick and Localstake co-founder Kevin Hitchen. Check it out

Michigan House Speaker Unveils New Transportation Funding Plan
A new plan announced by House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall, would increase Michigan's annual investment in its roadways by at least $500 million annually. Read more from the League's John LaMacchia II.

Personal Property Tax Ballot Campaign Kicks Off
This week the campaign to pass the August 5, 2014 ballot proposal, the last step in personal property tax (PPT) reform, kicked off with a series of press conferences. Read more.

Personal Property Tax Bills Signed into Law by Governor Snyder

On Friday (March 28, 2014) the Governor Rick Snyder signed a 10-bill package that reforms the personal property tax (PPT). Check out the official Gov. Snyder press release that includes a quote from our League President.

March 2014

Multiple Media Outlets Tell State's Revenue Sharing Heist Story
Media from all parts of Michigan have reported on the Michigan Municipal League’s revenue sharing study that showed the state has diverted $6.2 billion from local communities in the last decade. Go here to get links to the many articles done about the study.

EVIP, Revenue Sharing were Hot Topics at 2014 Capital Conference
League members heard the latest efforts to get additional revenue sharing for communities and to fix or scrap the troublesome EVIP program

Seven Michigan Communities to Compete for Statewide League Community Excellence Award
Congrats to our seven regional winners in the Michigan Municipal League's Community Excellence Award Competition! Good luck in Marquette in October! Region 1: Fenton; Region 2: a joint project by Lansing, East Lansing and the townships of Lansing, Meridian, Delta and Delhi; Region 3: Grandville; Region 4: Ithaca; Region 5: Harbor Beach; Region 6: Cadillac and Region 7: Gladstone.

February 2014

Call Your Lawmakers Today to Support $100m for Snow Removal, Potholes
A plan to add $100 million in additional funding for snow removal and potholes in Michigan communities has passed the Senate and now goes before the House Appropriations Committee 9 a.m. Wednesday (Feb. 26, 2014). Please contact your state Representatives today to support this legislation. Read more.

Municipalities welcome call for more state aid, but not attached strings
While the revenue-sharing funding bump proposal shows the state government is willing to reinvest in communities again, tying the extra funding to meeting state dictates is counterproductive, said Samantha Harkins, director of state affairs for the Michigan Municipal League. “The current EVIP program has pretty much been an unmitigated disaster,” said Harkins, whose group wants the incentive program eliminated.

15% Increase a Good Start, But Gov’s Budget Plan Does Not Fix System
Governor Snyder is seeking a 15 percent increase to statutory revenue sharing for Michigan communities. It’s a big step symbolically, but we have a long way to go. Read the League’s full statement and an Inside 208 blog.

Michigan’s Cities, Villages Embrace Winter Wonderland
In Michigan’s communities, it is truly a winter wonderland. Cities and villages throughout our state have amazing weather appropriate events and programs and find creative ways to make sure that public spaces are enjoyed year round. Some utilize special features- heated sidewalks, public fireplaces and temporary warming structures. Check out a past issue of The Review to embrace winter.

Walkable and Livable Communities Institute: A Smart Growth Tour
Join national walkability experts Dan Burden, Mark Fenton, and Paul Zykofsky in Denver on February 10-12 for Forward Thinking on the Front Range: A Smart Growth Tour. Explore communities on the leading edge of walkable and livable design in the Denver area as a lead-up to the national New Partners for Smart Growth conference.

EVIP/CIP Category 2: Consolidation of Services is Due February 1 A reminder from the Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis: A reminder from the Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis: EVIP/CIP Category 2 Consolidation of Services is due by 11:59 pm Feb. 1. Please visit their website for additional information. Read more on Inside 208. Learn more on the League's EVIP resource page.

New Member Resource: Legal Spotlight Columns Now Online!
The Review
Legal Spotlight columns from 2010-2013 are now online. Please peruse the list of columns by title. They feature summaries of recent court cases with statewide municipal impact.

Urban Core Leaders Discuss Action Priorities for Partnership for Place
Mayors and managers from some of the state’s largest cities met with the League’s lobbying staff in Lansing on January 13 to discuss how to best prioritize the new Partnership for Place policy agenda in the coming year.

Governor Fails to Mention Broken Municipal Finance System
Excerpt from the League's response to the Governor's speech: “We strongly support the Governor’s ongoing call to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges, but we grow increasingly disappointed in the total lack of concern for fixing the state’s archaic and broken municipal finance system." - Utica Mayor and League President Jacqueline Noonan. Also read Noonan's public statement on the state budget surplus announced Jan. 10.

January 2014

Michigan Municipal League Issues Statement on State Budget Surplus
Here is an excerpt of a public statement from Utica Mayor and Michigan Municipal League President Jacqueline Noonan regarding the state budget surplus announced on January 10: “We would again remind Gov. Snyder and state lawmakers that the budget surplus is at least in part a result of the governor and Legislature taking $6 billion over the past decade that by law was supposed to go to local communities to fund local police and fire services, road maintenance, snow plowing, drinking water systems, and more...we strongly urge the Legislature to restore funds to local governments, and to fix Michigan’s broken municipal finance system..."

League's Director of State Affairs on 2014 List of Top Ten in State Politics
Michigan Municipal League Director of State Affairs Samantha Harkins is on the Crain's Detroit Business list of Top Ten People to Watch in State Politics in 2014. As the league's chief lobbyist, she is an important force representing Michigan's communities in Lansing. She told Crain's one of her goals this year is changing the law phasing out the state's personal property tax for business to guarantee complete reimbursement to communities of lost revenue from the tax. As written, the law provides 80 percent. Read more.

Apply for MEDC Redevelopment Ready Communities Program
This certification program supports community revitalization to attract and retain business and talent. Learn more about becoming RRC certified.

Placemaking Podcast: Prospects for Action on Federal Policy Changes
The environment in Washington DC has not been collaborative in recent years. Some issues very critical to local communities are on the table. Hear the podcast to learn what to expect from Congress in the coming months.

Jan. 15th Deadline for 2014 Michigan Green Communities Challenge
The 2014 Michigan Green Communities Challenge is an opportunity for communities to measure their progress in green initiatives, an important asset for 21st century communities. Deadline for registration is January 15.

Placemaking Case Study: Adrian's Main Street Community Partnership
Read a case study
on how Adrian used a crowdfunding approach to buy a long neglected and significant mixed-use building on their main street.

Boon to Economic Development: Crowdfunding Bill Passes Senate
The Senate unanimously passed HB 4996. Crowdfunding will assist new small businesses and those wishing to expand. Read more. Entrepreneurs are key to vibrant 21st century communities.

Angled Parking Legislation Passes Senate, Awaits Governor's Signature
HB 5073 was unanimously passed
by the Senate and sent to the Governor. This bill would allow MDOT to approved angled parking on state trunklines at the request of a local municipality. The change will allow many downtowns to develop better walkability for their placemaking strategies.

Round-Up of Year's End Legislative Actions on League's Inside 208 Blog
The legislature had a fast and furious finish to the 2013 session year and will return January 8, 2014. For details, read all the year-end entries posted by the League's Lansing team on the Inside 208 blog. Expect the next installment of the Legislative Link on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 and the next installment of the LOOP on Thursday, January 9, 2014.

December 2013

Detroit’s livingLAB Wins Let’s Save Michigan Highway Redesign Contest
A Detroit-based landscape architecture and planning studio named livingLAB is the Grand Prize winner of the Let’s Save Michigan Highways for Habitats contest. The plan would use arena investments to connect Downtown and Midtown. What is today an interruption in the urban fabric, particularly for alternative forms of transportation like walking and biking, could with this design become a vibrant place, unifying two central areas and producing room for new development in an in-demand part of town. Learn more.

Editorial: State not EMs Should Help Cities Stay out of Financial Trouble
With a growing number of cities under emergency management or under EM review, read a Detroit Free Press editorial on why the State of Michigan needs to address what is fundamentally wrong with the way Michigan finances and supports its local governments, which is a key element of the League's Partnership for Place policy agenda. Read more.

Detroit News: MML says to invest in mass transit to retain young people
To keep young talent from leaving the state, the Michigan Municipal League is urging officials in Lansing to better fund cities and invest in mass transit options that would serve as long-term enticements. In an hourlong meeting Monday with The Detroit News editorial board, league officials touted the “Partnership for Place: An Agenda for a Competitive 21st Century Michigan". The League's 2014 Capital Conference will focus on this agenda. Read more.

You Won! Now What? Register Now for Newly Elected Officials Training
Make sure your elected officials get the core training they need to govern effectively. One-day seminars include core topics for both first-time and veteran elected officials.
Dec. 17 – Huntington Woods

Royal Oak, Others Oppose SEMCOG's I-75 Expansion Proposal
Loss of property values, increase in traffic noise, displacement of residents, and a negative impact on the tax base and funding were among reasons cited in Royal Oak's opposition to SEMCOG's proposal to expand I-75 from M-59 to Eight Mile Road. The League and MDOT are among those who agree with the city's concerns.

Kathie Grinzinger to Lead League Executive Search Service
Outgoing Mt. Pleasant City Manager Kathie Grinzinger will lead the League’s Executive Search Service. Grinzinger will assist Michigan communities by connecting talented public administrators to key leadership positions.

Former League President Pat Lockwood Named to NLC Board
Patricia Lockwood, Fenton Mayor Pro Tem and former League Board President, was elected to the National League of Cities Board of Directors at NLC’s annual conference in Seattle. Read more from the League’s Summer Minnick. Read about the conference from League CEO Dan Gilmartin.

League Magazine, Websites Win Multiple Awards for Excellence
The Michigan Municipal League’s website and Review magazine recently won awards in two separate marketing and communications-related competitions. Read more.

Dec. 6th Deadline for 2014 Directory of Municipal Officials Yellow Pages
Be the first place local officials look for the services and products they need! Reserve your ad space for the 2014 Directory of Municipal Officials Yellow Pages. Deadline is Friday, Dec. 6. Learn more. Or contact Terri Murphy.

November 2013

Partnership for Place to be Theme of League's 2014 Capital Conference
Thriving communities are critical to Michigan’s long-term success and sustainability. The League’s Partnership for Place policy agenda proposes a partnership of action between the State and its municipalities to facilitate economic growth and develop places with a high quality of life, while using a regional approach to services, resources, and systems.The 2014 Capital Conference is the place to learn how this proactive agenda will help drive the future for Michigan communities in the key areas of municipal funding, transportation, talent retention, infrastructure, and development. Registration opens soon!

Eight Communities to Get PlacePlan Design Help from the League
Cadillac, Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, Holland, Jackson, Marquette, and Midland will participate in PlacePlans, a joint effort between the League and Michigan State University to help communities design and plan transformative placemaking projects with support from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and MIplace Partnership. Read more.

League, Locals Say Crowdfunding Helps Grow Business, Communities
why recently introduced crowdfunding legislation is essential to the future of Michigan communities and businesses, by opening new opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to find each other.

Eight Communities to Get PlacePlan Design Help from the League
Cadillac, Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, Holland, Jackson, Marquette, and Midland will participate in PlacePlans, a joint effort between the League and Michigan State University to help communities design and plan transformative placemaking projects with support from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and MIplace Partnership. Read more.

Detroit's Bankruptcy: Hear the Latest Podcast on
Detroit's Bankruptcy: Iceberg or Anomaly?
is the latest Better Communities Better Michigan podcast, featuring public policy expert Frank Shafroth of George Mason University, Detroit City Council President Saunteel Jenkins, Battle Creek Mayor Susan Baldwin and Detroit entrepreneur Austin Black II.

House Passes Redevelopment Liquor License Amendment Bill
The Michigan House of Representatives passed HB 4257, a reintroduction from last session. The bill amends the Michigan liquor control code dealing with redevelopment liquor licenses. Learn more.

Michigan Future, Inc: Knowledge Economy is Path to Prosperity
Michigan Future, Inc has released a new report that analyzes data from the American economy over the past two decades showing a knowledge-based economy is the key to future prosperity. Read more.

Urgent! Contact Your MI Lawmakers to Oppose HB 4887 on Election Law
The League needs your help TODAY in opposing a bill that would further limit when you can place new millage questions on the ballot. This bill is a complete infringement on the control of local communities like yours. Please contact your state Representatives today and the lawmakers on the House Elections and Ethics Committee hearing this issue.

Bill Moves Forward for Angled Parking on State Trunklines
Many Michigan cities and villages have state trunklines that are a main street through their downtown. HB 5073 would allow a municipality to work with MDOT to authorize angled parking on a trunkline. Read more.

Important League Message on MDOT Letter about Act 51 Road Funding
Over the past few weeks many members have received a letter from the Michigan Department of Transportation about complying with section 18j of Public Act 51. The League is addressing concerns. Read more.

Better Communities Better Michigan Podcasts on
Better Communities Better Michigan
is the League's new podcast series on strategies for creating highly adaptable, economically competitive communities ready for the 21st century. Lean Urbanism: The New Local Face of New Urbanism features Andres Duany, co-founder of the Congress of New Urbanism.

Prosperity Agenda Radio Show Focuses on Partnership for Place
Want to hear more about the League's new plan of action for building better communities for a better Michigan? The Partnership for Place policy agenda is the focus of the latest Prosperity Agenda radio show on WJR.

Register Now for National Brownfield Association Nov 13 Event in Lansing
On November 13, 2013, the Michigan Chapter of the National Brownfield Association is presenting a program on the newest developments on brownfield issues in Michigan. The program will be held at the Lansing Center. Learn more.

League Letter to the Editor: Blame State for Struggling Communities
The Detroit Free Press published this letter from Utica Mayor and League President Jacqueline Noonan. She wrote about the need for quality communities in response to an opinion article calling for consolidating Michigan local  governments. Several positive comments on the letter support the League’s position.

MIT Study: New Urban Planning is Light, Quick & Cheap Placemaking
Both Forbes and Digital Journal have articles on an MIT study, "Places in the Making" showing how placemaking has become the new philosophy for urban planning. The League has been leading the conversation on this fundamental shift in the way communities approach revitalization and socioeconomic development.

Creative Economics: Crowdfunding Legislation Moves to House Floor
HB 4996 would enable crowdfunding, the idea of funding projects or startups with small sums of money from many individuals.The League sees it as a creative approach to economic development in Michigan, and exactly the type of action recommended in the League's Partnership for Place policy agenda. Read more. Adrian has passed a resolution in support of HB 4996. Interested in doing something similar? Here is a copy of that crowdfunding resolution.

October 2013

Hundreds of MI Cities Could Levy Special Tax to Fund Police, Fire
Hundreds of Michigan cities facing shrinking property tax bases could ask voters to pay special assessments for police and fire protection under legislation that has won approval in the state Senate. More.

Southfield and Lawrence Tech Partnership Boosts Economy
Significant redevelopment and enhancement of Lawrence Technological University’s Southfield neighborhood is under way and the beneficiaries are current and prospective students, parents and guests, faculty, staff, alumni, and thousands of visitors. Read more.

Signup Deadline for Natural Gas Program is This Friday, Oct. 25!
To begin receiving your natural gas supply through the League’s cost-savings program on December 1 and see potential savings this winter, an executed contract needs to be received no later than October 25, 2013. More.

League Proposes New Policy Plan to Restart Investment in Communities
Republican and Democratic state lawmakers joined today with local government leaders to propose bold new policies to fix Michigan’s archaic and broken municipal finance system and end decades of disinvestment in the state’s most important economic areas. Read the press release. Read the Inside 208 post.

House Committee Hears Testimony on Blight Hurdles for Locals
The House Local Government Committee took testimony on the problems local communities have when dealing with blighted properties. Officials from the city of Ypsilanti, city of Jackson and city of Niles were among the group to testify. Read more. Blight will be the topic of a breakout session at the League's Capital Conference, March 18-19 in Lansing.

Congress Ends Federal Shutdown, Extends Debt Limit thru February
The House and Senate passed, by wide margins, HR 2775 which funds the federal government through Wednesday, January 15, 2014 as part of a continuing resolution from the current FY 2013 levels. In addition, it also extends the debt-limit through February 7, 2014. More.

House Tax Policy Passes Personal Property Tax Reform "Fix" Bills
The House Tax Policy Committee passed Senate Bills 489 and 490, bills that are the first “fix” bills from the personal property tax (PPT) reform package that passed in December. The bills clarify the process for businesses to claim exemptions under the legislation. More.

Local Lesson: How to Make a Sense of Place with Halloween Events
Read how Northville is drawing visitors and engaging the community with its month-long celebration of fall and Halloween. It's a great example of using events to enhance a sense of place.

2013 Green Communities Challenge Registration is Now Open
The 2013 Michigan Green Communities Challenge is an opportunity for communities to measure their progress Registration is now open!

League CEO Talked Municipal Finance at National Press Club League CEO and Executive Director Dan Gilmartin spoke to the National Press Club in Washington D.C.on Oct. 10 on the fiscal condition of U.S. cities. The National League of Cities also released a report on 2013 City Fiscal Conditions. Read the media advisory.

League Staffer Studies Best Municipal Practices in Germany
Follow League Staffer Kim Cekola's online journal as she spends three weeks studying local government in Germany as a McCloy Fellow in Urban Affairs.

MSU, League Team Up Again on MiPlace Partnership Initiative
The Michigan Municipal League, the MSU Land Policy Institute (LPI), the MSUE Greening Michigan Institute (GMI) and the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction (SPDC)--are pleased to once again partner with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to provide placemaking training, research, planning and policy assistance through the MIPlace Partnership Initiative.

Survey: Michigan Cities and Villages Continue to Struggle with Finances
Data released Tuesday by the Michigan Public Policy Survey finds that while many local governments are seeing improvements since the depths of the recession, the trend is limited to municipalities of more than 30,000 residents, with many smaller local governments still struggling. Read the Detroit News story.

Amtrak, Michigan Spending Millions on Upgrades on Passenger Lines
According to this Lansing State Journal article, Amtrak and the state plan to invest millions over the next several years to improve service on Michigan's three passenger train lines. Read more.

League Convention Draws Media Attention to Important Local Issues
The League's 2013 Convention in Detroit drew attention to key issues facing local municipalities, and helped fuel a national conversation on what needs to be done to help ensure a healthy and sustainable future for our communities. See all Convention media coverage here. See event photos on Flickr.

September 2013

League in Wa DC to Discuss Federal Tax Exemption on Municipal Bonds
The League is in Washington DC to discuss the critical nature of retaining the federal tax exemption on municipal bonds. Meanwhile, uncertainty looms for local government due to the federal government shutdown that occurred Oct. 1 after Congress failed to pass a resolution to maintain existing government funding levels, due to the ongoing Republican effort to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Important Reminder: Category One EVIP is Due Today for Local Funds
This is an urgent reminder that the Category One EVIP, accountability and transparency, is due today. Treasury contacted the League this morning that 82 communities still haven't submitted their information, so we want to make sure you're all getting the funds due to your community. For more information you can check out the blog post on the topic.

League's "Partnership for Place" Legislative Agenda for Local Future
Thriving communities are key to Michigan’s success and sustainability. The League's Partnership for Place Agenda proposes a commitment to action in the key areas of funding, talent retention, transportation, infrastructure and development.

League Continues to Oppose Tax Exemption Legislation
The League opposes Senate Bills 372 and 396 which both create property tax exemptions. We have testified in both the Senate and House committees that continuing to mandate local tax exemptions is an issue for local units even if the amount is considered “negligible” by the legislature. Read more.

Ironwood Rail Depot Park Wins Community Excellence Award
Ironwood in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was honored with the League’s 2013 Community Excellence Award at the League’s Annual Convention in Detroit. The placemaking project centered on a railroad depot park and recreational amenities including a trailhead for the region's nonmotorized trail network.

MEDC Offers Infrastructure Grant Program for Michigan Communities
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation's new Downtown Infrastructure Grant Program (DIG) helps low and moderate income non-entitlement communities improve downtown infrastructure and reduce redevelopment costs.Submissions are due by Oct. 1. More.

Free Workshops for Local Bridge Asset Management Training
The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council is offering three opportunities to participate in a free workshop on the Asset Management Guide for Local Agency Bridges. Read the invitation. Registrations are due by Oct. 1 for the events.

Public Meeting on Chicago-Detroit-Pontiac Rail Corridor Program
Illinois, Indiana and Michigan DOTs have launched a program to evaluate passenger rail improvements for the Chicago - Detroit/Pontiac corridor. Attend the next public meeting to learn more.

Let's Save Michigan Launches Highways for Habitats Contest
If you were in charge of designing thoroughways, what would you do differently? For inspiration, see these innovative ideas from around the world. Then submit your idea for a chance to win the grand prize from Detroit Bikes! Plans due by Sept. 20. Read the flyer.

Detroit News: Creative Firms have Designs on Detroit's Downtown
The Detroit News reports that a wave of creative companies — graphic design and film production studios, ad agencies and PR firms — is settling in downtown Detroit. See it for yourself on the mobile workshops at Convention.

Shell Game Not the Answer; League Responds to Legislature's Road Plan
The Michigan Municipal League has issued a statement about a legislative proposal to change how roads and transportation services are funded in Michigan. The League strongly supports increasing funding for Michigan’s roads and transit systems, but believes the current proposal is little more than a “shell game.”

 Lt. Gov. Calley to Discuss Personal Property Tax Issue at Convention
Want to hear what Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley has to say about the Personal Property Tax issue and how it will impact our communities? This is your chance to ask questions and get the answers you need directly from the source, during the PPT Session at the League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 in Detroit. One-day and non-overnight registrations are a cost-effective way to attend for those within commuting distance. Detroit's bankruptcy. urban planning expert Andres Duany and medical marihuana zoning are just a few of the other highlights.

August 2013

NLC Seeks Input for Strategic Planning Process from Leagues
The National League of Cities is asking League members to participate in a brief online survey by Sept. 6, to help the NLC Strategic Planning Task Force develop its goals for advocating for city issues at the federal level, fostering leadership development, and providing applied research.

Final Free "Partnership for Place"Webinar at 10 am Thursday
Thriving communities are key to Michigan’s success and sustainability. The League's new policy agenda proposes a commitment to action in partnership with the State and its municipalities in the key areas of funding, talent retention, transportation, infrastructure and development. Free Partnership for Place Webinar.

Watch "Detroit: By Choice" Video Then Register for Convention!
"Detroit: By Choice" focuses on the Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhood of Detroit that defies all the negative stereotypes of what it means to live in Detroit. It's part of the Detroit you'll see and learn about at the League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 in Detroit. One-day and non-overnight registrations are a cost-effective way to attend for those in the southeast Michigan area. Detroit's bankruptcy. urban planning expert Andres Duany and medical marihuana zoning are just a few of the highlights.

Call for Presentations for Asset Management Conference
The Transportation Asset Management Council is seekintg presentations for its fall conference in October in Escanaba. Deadline for abstracts is Aug. 23. More.

Locals Must Take Charge to Build Resilient Communities
Grand Rapids Director of Energy and Sustainability Haris Alibasic's op-ed says local governments should be the front line in planning for natural disasters and other emergencies, and environmental sustainability.

MSU Extension Provides Citizen's Guide to Complete Streets
Approximately 100 local governments in Michigan have adopted Complete Streets policies. The MSU Extension Citizen's Guide to Promoting Complete Streets provides resources for this important placemaking initiative

LSM's "It's About Place" Contest Winner Saline Alley Project Opens
An alley project funded in part by a Let's Save Michigan "It's About Place" grant is now open to the public in downtown Saline. Saline officials are seeking names for the new public space that is part of the city's ongoing placemaking efforts. Read more.

Detroit Companies to Invest $10.8M with State Incentives to Add 183 Jobs
Three new Detroit projects are getting a boost from the Michigan Business Development and Community Revitalization program. Here's 7 More Detroit Success Stories. Also read Detroit, a Tale of Two Cities.The League will address Detroit's bankruptcy at the 2013 Convention September 17-20. Save 46% if you register by the Early Bird Deadline on Friday, August 23.

MSU Report Proposes Solution to Abandoned Factory Problems
Read the MSU report on creative ways to deal with certain types of blighted, abandoned private property. Read why such solutions are important to the future vitality of our communities in this press release.

July 2013

League, NLC Oppose Efforts to Cut Funding to Cities in Fiscal Distress
Senators Graham (R-SC) and Cornyn (R-TX) introduced an amendment targeted at Detroit that would have significant negative impacts to cities around the country. It would prohibit federal funding to any local government that was in default OR at risk of default. The League and the National League of Cities sent a letter to the Senate opposing these efforts. Read Rick Haglund's column on Michigan's broken system for financing local government.

YouTube Video: Shocking Detroit Homes You've Never Before Seen
Think living in Detroit is nothing but high-rise apartments and ghetto ruins? Think again. From regal manors to cozy Cape Cod cottages with manicured lawns, the city is home to many beautiful, livable neighborhoods that rival anything in the burbs. Watch the video. Then join us there at the League's 2013 Convention, Sept. 17-20.

Michigan Avenue: Connecting the Corridor into the State Capitol
Place-based Ideas and projects are reshaping the conversation about the future of the 20-mile stretch from the Capitol in downtown Lansing to Grand River in East Lansing and east to Webberville just past M-52. Read more.

MEDC Grant Programs for Farmers Markets and Food Trucks
If you are looking to enhance your farmers market or know of someone looking to start a food truck business, be sure to touch base with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation on two new programs. More.

Dan Gilmartin Quoted in CNN Column on Placemaking
Michigan Municipal League CEO Dan Gilmartin was included a column about placemaking on He explains that communities that figure out placemaking will see greater economic growth and improved quality of life. Read more.

YouTube Video: Reflecting on Detroit's Downtown Revitalization
Downtown Detroit is not what you think — and this YouTube video will show you why. Watch what owners and employees of pubs, eateries, jazz clubs, coffee houses, specialty markets, technology companies and city resource centers have to say about living, working and enjoying Detroit's revitalized downtown. It's why the League's 2013 Convention is taking place in Detroit September 17-20. Check out the mobile workshops.. Also on the agenda: EVIP, PPT, transportation, streetscape projects, energy efficiency and more! Register now to save 46% during the Early Bird!

Hope College and Holland Area Have Family-like Relationship
The long-standing relationship between Hope College and the Holland community
is the latest TownGown blog. Read more. View an mlive story.

Legislature Adjourns with No Transportation Funding Vote
The legislature has adjourned until September. There are a few tentative days scheduled in July and August but, as of now, there will be no voting and no attendance taken on those days. The legislature broke without voting on anything regarding future transportation funding. This will continue to be a hot topic for the fall when they return to full session. More

Fodor's Travel Offers Five Great Reasons to Go to Detroit Right Now Internationally known travel experts Fodor's offers these five great reasons to go to Detroit: art, living history, all-season sports, Motown and the food scene. They are all on the agenda during the League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 in Detroit, from mobile workshops to MML Foundation social events. And check out this ad for Google's new Map App featuring Detroit. Also on the agenda: EVIP, PPT, transportation, risk management cases and decisions, demographic changes, streetscape projects, finance, energy efficiency improvements, and more! Register now to save 46% during the Early Bird Registration!

Detroit News Business: Wave of Interns Buoys Downtown Detroit
The number of interns in downtown Detroit has grown from a few hundred five years ago to thousands today, according to a Detroit News Business story on the city's emerging demographic of young talent. Some of the major companies hiring those young interns will be featured in Detroit Redux, a panel discussion on the influx of big business into Detroit on Thursday morning during the League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 in Detroit. Also on the agenda: EVIP, PPT, transportation, risk management cases and decisions, demographic changes, streetscape projects, finance, energy efficiency improvements, and more! Register now to save 46% during the Early Bird Registration!

Revolve Detroit Among Placemaking Projects at League's Convention
The Many Faces of Placemaking in Detroit
will feature a panel of experts sharing lessons learned from their successful place-based ventures at the League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 in Detroit. Sign up for mobile workshops for a close-up look at placemaking in Detroit. Also on the agenda: EVIP, PPT, transportation, risk management cases and decisions, demographic changes, streetscape projects, finance, energy efficiency improvements, and more! Register here.

June 2013

Placemaking Blog Covers Trans-Michigan PALM XXXII Bike Tour
From June 22-28, follow along on the League's Placemaking blog as we explore the state of bikeability in Michigan during the 2013 Pedal Across Lower Michigan (PALM) bike tour.

Andres Duany is at the forefront of the international movement to end surburban sprawl and urban disinvestment. Duany will speak on Lean Urbanism for Local Governments at 3:00 pm Thursday at the League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 in Detroit. Sign up for mobile workshops for a close-up look at placemaking in Detroit. Also on the agenda: EVIP, PPT, transportation, risk management cases and decisions, demographic changes, streetscape projects, finance, energy efficiency improvements, and more! Register here.

Report: One in 10 Michigan Bridges Structurally Deficient
Read an Mlive story on the latest Transportation for America report on the state of bridges in the US, showing Michigan's bridges are in dire need of repair.


May 2013

Immigration and Economy "To Immigrate is Entrepreneurial"
Global Detroit offers lending programs and entrepreneurship training for immigrants and works to keep international students in the U.S. after graduation. More.

The League's 2013 Convention September 17-20 will include a selection of unique mobile workshops that provide a close-up look at some of the exciting things happening in Detroit. The agenda also includes breakout sessions on EVIP, PPT, transportation, risk management cases and decisions, demographic changes, streetscape projects,finance, energy efficiency improvements, and more! There is no place in the world like Detroit. And there is a Detroit that many have yet to meet. Come see what the rest of the world is talking about. Register here.

Michigan's New Placemaking Curriculum Events During June
The MIPlace Partnership Initiative’s new Placemaking Curriculum helps Michigan communities implement placemaking as a strategic economic development initiative in the New Economy. Coming up: Ann Arbor on June 17, Mt Pleasant on June 24, and Kalamazoo on June 26.

Transforming Woodward Avenue into a 27-Mile Complete Street
The Woodward Avenue Association has embarked on an ambitious program to redesign and reshape Woodward Avenue into a Complete Street. Read more.

Realtors Association Writes About Michigan Placemaking
There’s a fantastic article about placemaking in Michigan in the summer, 2013 issue of On Common Ground magazine put out by the National Association of Realtors. Read more.

New Study Shows Why One Third of College Grads Still Leave Michigan
Read the Crain's story on the Detroit Regional Chamber study
showing the number of graduates who stayed in the state is up from 51 percent in 2007 to 63 percent. Of the graduates who left, 86 percent are employed full time, according to the survey. The grads who left said they did so due to better career opportunities, better urban experiences and public transportation -- exactly what the placemaking initiative is working to accomplish.

2014 State Budget Includes 4.8% Increase for Michigan Communities
The state’s conference committee approved a 2014 budget agreement that includes a 4.8% increase to statutory revenue sharing for Michigan’s cities, villages and urban townships. Read more from the League’s Samantha Harkins and a press statement from the League’s CEO and Executive Director Daniel Gilmartin. Read an mlive article quoting Dan Gilmartin.

Sign Up Now for "Promoting Active Communities" Program
Register by June 15 for the Michigan Fitness Foundation's PAC program that helps cities evaluate their Complete Streets policy and implementation.

Bridge Series Highlights Financial Plight of Michigan Cities, Villages
A guest commentary on EVIP by Michigan Municipal League President and Linden Mayor David Lossing is the latest in a Bridge Magazine series on the financial plight of Michigan communities. Other strong posts include one by Mitch Bean and another with the League’s Anthony Minghine.

House Judiciary Holds Medical Marijuana Hearing
The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act on May 23. The League testified about the need for local control and clarity in the Act. Read more.

Senate Committee Passes WPW Fix to General Property Tax Act
The Senate Finance Committee has unanimously passed Senate Bill 114, a bill introduced by Senator Vince Gregory (D-Southfield) that amends the General Property Tax Act. Read more.

Ask Legislators to Include 4.8 Percent Increase in Revenue Sharing in 2014 Budget
The Michigan Municipal League is encouraging our members to contact their state legislators today to encourage support of the Senate’s Fiscal Year 2014 general government budget recommendation, which includes a 4.8-percent increase in funding for statutory revenue sharing. To make it convenient, you can use the League’s automated letter service by going here to our Action Center. Read more.

League Opposes Exemptions in House Hearings on Blight Package
The House Local Government committee held testimony on SBs 35-39, dealing with blighted properties.The League testified in opposition because some well-intentioned exemptions carve out a large chunk of the blight offenders from fines and penalties. Read more.

DIA Inside|Out Among League's How-To Placemaking Resources
Inside|Out brings 80 reproductions of masterpieces from the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) collection to the streets and parks of greater metro Detroit. Read more case studies showing how various communities have enhanced their sense of place in creative and surprising ways.

House Considers Income Tax Credit for Michigan College Graduates
House Bill 4182 would give income tax credits to MI college graduates if they live and work here after graduation. The League supports this legislation to attract and retain talented individuals in the state. State Rep. Andy Schor discussed the "brain drain" bill on public radio.

State Budget Agreement Could See Legislative Vote Before End of May
The state Legislature could vote soon on a budget target agreement which includes more funding for state roads and K-12 public schools but no Medicaid expansion or restored revenue sharing funds for local governments to provide police, fire and other services. Revenues coming into state government this fiscal year are nearly $483 million higher than anticipated in January. Read an Inside 208 post.

League Works to Improve Local Control in ORV Legislation
The League has worked with Representative Bumstead on House Bill 4299 to improve local control over ORVs being used within municipalities. Read more.

Spending Debate Begins for $483 Million in Unexpected Tax Revenues
Revenues coming into state government this fiscal year could be nearly $483 million higher than anticipated in January. Read the Inside 208 blog post. No decisions on how to spend the unanticipated surplus have been made – but according to this Mlive story Michigan’s deteriorating roads will get strong consideration. The Michigan Municipal League wants more spent to restore past cuts to revenue sharing programs – money that helps local governments pay for police, fire and other services. View the press release.

How Marquette's Placemaking has Developed a Thriving Community
Read about and listen to a Michigan Radio interview
with Marquette City Manager Bill Vadja and Arnold Weinfeld, the League's Director of Strategic Initiatives, on Marquette's placemaking success story.

League Opposes Aviation Bills That Would Cut Revenue Sharing Funds
The League opposes a proposal on changing the aviation fuel tax because the bill's current form would result in a $12 million cut to revenue sharing.

League Asks State to Put Budget Surplus Toward Revenue Sharing
The Michigan Municipal League has issued a statewide press release calling for the state to use a portion of the recently announced budget surplus to restore massive cuts made to local revenue sharing. View the press release. Read more.

New One Pager Plus Fact Sheet on OMA Posting Requirements
Recent Open Meetings Act changes affect the posting of emergency meetings and public bodies with official websites. Get the League’s new One Pager Plus Fact Sheet.

West Michigan Communities Pass Transportation Funding Resolutions
The Michigan Municipal League encouraged member communities to draft transportation funding resolutions and several communities have done so. Check out some of the resolutions here. Here is a recent Grand Rapids Press article about the resolutions. The League is encouraging members to attend a town hall meeting on transportation funding in their area. Click here for dates, times, and locations across the state now through May 13.

Senate Passes 4.8% EVIP Increase in Proposed General Fund Budget
Final budget negotiations will continue in earnest throughout May now that the Senate passed the general government budget including the subcommittee's recommended 4.8% EVIP increase, thanks in large part to Senator Pappageorge's relentless advocacy. Read more here.

House Sends Transportation Budget to Senate Without $1.2 Billion
The legislature has yet to come to agreement on how to raise the $1.2 billion in new funding that the Governor requested for roads. Read more on the status of the transportation budget.

Senate Committee Passes 4.8% EVIP Increase in Proposed Budget
During the League's Capital Conference, the frustration over EVIP was evident. Governor Snyder said he wanted to hear  from League members regarding problems with the program and the League responded with a letter to the Governor and a call to action from members. THE RESULT: On April 18, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed the general government budget including the subcommittee's recommended 4.8% increase, thanks also to Senator Pappageorge's relentless advocacy. Read more here.


April 2013

Two Sides of the Equation for Reviving Michigan Communities
Many know only one side of Detroit and our other urban centers. Now read a Bridge article about those who are working to make them vibrant places for the future.  And another side of the equation: involving state policy makers who used to believe and participate in a shared responsibility for our communities. Here is a reminder of what they might want to focus on over the coming weeks.

Senate Subcommittee Passes Budget Without New Road Funds
The Senate Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee voted out the 2013-14 transportation budget without the $1.2 billion in new funding proposed by the Governor. Read more.

NLC Case Study on Chelsea's Path to Vibrant Downtown
Read this comprehensive placemaking study by the NLC on the city of Chelsea's path toward creating a vibrant downtown.

League Explains Placemaking "Market" to Business Community
The League's Arnold Weinfeld discusses placemaking and the importance of quality of life assets in today's market, in a two-part conversation on the Michigan Business Network. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.

Sends Local EVIP Problems and Concerns to Governor's Office
Last week at Capital Conference the frustration over EVIP was evident. Governor Snyder indicated he wanted to hear  from League members regarding problems with the program. Check out this blog post regarding a letter we sent to the Governor. It's important that the Governor hear not just from the League but from our members as well. We're requesting letters from your communities detailing your problems/concerns with the program. We will then remit those letters to the Governor's office. Here are some talking points you can use. We are working hard to get changes to this program, and your help is needed.

PlacePlan: Allegan Unveils Riverfront Redesign Project
Allegan's riverfront redesign project
is one of five to gain help through PlacePlans, which brings together expertise from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Michigan Municipal League and Michigan State University’s School of Planning, Design and Construction.

Senate Subcommittee Recommends 4.8% Increase in EVIP Funding
EVIP was a hot topic at the League's 2013 Capital Conference with local officials voicing "appropriate anger" about the issue. Plante Moran has released a chart that shows statutory revenue sharing cuts to communities in excess of $6 billion since 2001. What you can do to help. For the latest on EVIP posting requirements and penalties, click here. For more on the Senate Subcommittee's recommended 4.8% EVIP increase, click here.

Placemaking Conference Considers Detroit's History and Deep Potential
League CEO Dan Gilmartin was one of the speakers Thursday at the Placemaking Leadership Council inaugural meeting at the Westin Book Cadillac. More than 300 participants from 10 countries and 25 states came to learn about Detroit during the three-day conference featuring urban planners, architects, and redevelopment experts focused on placemaking efforts in Michigan's largest city. More.

Tax Shift off Businesses Will Add to Fiscal Woes at City Halls
The new tax shift off business will weigh heaviest on municipalities already struggling under legacy employee benefits, rising costs and lost revenue-sharing dollars. According to legislation passed in late 2012, the voters will be asked to approve a measure in 2014 to replace most of the personal property tax revenues that would be lost to cities, but officials say that may still not be enough to maintain communities at an acceptable level. Read more.

Report: Estimated Revenue Sharing Loss at Over $6 Billion Since 2001
Plante Moran has released information that shows statutory revenue sharing cuts to communities in excess of $6 billion since 2001. You can view the information here. What you can do to help. For the latest on EVIP posting requirements and penalties, click here. For more on the recommended 4.8% EVIP increase, click here.

Finance Experts to Lead Budget Discussion at Capital Conference
Mitch Bean, former director of the Michigan House Fiscal Agency, and Eric Lupher, Director of Local Affairs at the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, will be on a panel discussion on Michigan’s budget situation at 3:15-4:00 pm April 10 at the League's Capital Conference.

Spring Transportation Asset Management Conference May 8
MDOT's Kirk Steudle is the keynote speaker for the 2013 Spring Transportation Asset Management Conference in East Lansing on May 8. Learn more

Federal Tax Exemption in Danger: Contact Congressional Leaders Now
Congress could eliminate the federal tax exempt status of municipal bonds. If you have not done so already, please contact Congress and tell them how important the federal exemption is to your community. Learn more here.

Dan Gilbert Unveils Plan for Livelier Downtown Detroit; Papa Joe’s
Quicken Loans Chairman and Founder Dan Gilbert announced his continuing commitment to revitalizing Detroit at an “Opportunity Detroit” event Thursday, that included Fred Kent of Project for Public Spaces. The plans, which included an announcement of a Papa Joe’s grocery store opening in the heart of downtown, are very consistent with the League’s placemaking message. Read more.

House Committee Proposes Major Changes to EVIP; No Increase
The League is asking members to contact their lawmakers to voice concerns about a proposed EVIP budget that has no increase in revenue for local communities. This plan also includes major changes and penalties to the current Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). The League has significant concerns with this plan. Here are the details. Get the latest updates on this and other key legislative issues at the League's Capital Conference in Lansing, April 9-10.

Town Gown Partners Focus of Prosperity Agenda Radio Show
The relationship between communities and their adjacent colleges and universities is the theme of the March Prosperity Agenda radio show on News Talk 760 WJR. Read more here and here. View photos.

New Election Law Fact Sheets for Cities and Villages Now Available
New election law was passed in December 2012 that 1) eliminated September village elections and 2) gave cities the option to change their election dates by Resolution to even year November elections. The League has developed two new Fact Sheets with sample Resolutions—one for villages and one for cities

More than a Balanced Budget to Make Detroit a World Class City
As Detroit moves into emergency management, this Detroit News op-ed urges that we look beyond a balanced budget to invest in ensuring that our biggest city has adequate tax base, quality services, and important amenities, and is development-friendly and welcoming to all. Read more.

Study Shows Transit Proximity Keeps Home Values More Stable
A recent study shows homes near transit stations weathered the recession better than others. U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation John Porcari is a keynote speaker at the Capital Conference, April 9-10.Register here.

Why Wall Street Profits Don't Trickle Down to Local Government
On Metromedia: Oak Park City Manager Erik Tungate explains why Wall Street profits don't trickle down to local services.

State of the Cities 2013: Building for the Future in an Uncertain Present
Read the NLC State of the Cities Address for 2013, which focuses on economic development, public safety, education, infrastructure, and municipal finance.

League City Charter Database: New Online Resource is Now Available!
The new charter database includes information from 273 home rule city charters on key concepts such as mayoral selection, filling council vacancies, and the fiscal year.

Haglund: Lansing's Problems Show What State Government Needs to Fix
From Rick Haglund's column: Lansing has a smaller budget and 30 percent fewer employees than in 2003. Yet the city is facing a projected $9 million budget deficit in its fiscal year starting July 1. Older Michigan cities are dealing with population loss, declining property tax revenues and state revenue sharing, and rising costs for city employees and retirees.But the state has cut $4.2 billion in statutory revenue sharing to local government over the past dozen years.There is no increase in Snyder’s proposed 2014 budget. Many communities also could lose as much as 20 percent of their personal property tax revenue if voters ultimately approve a phase-out of the tax. Fixing the cities will require a renewed partnership between the cities and state government, said Dan Gilmartin, CEO of the Michigan Municipal League. More.

March 2013

Why Detroit Matters is Focus of League’s Review Magazine
Detroit is the focus of the latest Review Magazine. The League’s 2013 Convention takes place in Detroit in September. More.

Let's Save Michigan Hosts Twitter Town Hall on Pop Up Placemaking
Let's Save Michigan reached a potential audience of more than 44,000 with its “Twitter Town Hall on Popup Placemaking” on March 19. The social media event helped spread the word on pop ups—temporary events and projects that experiment with novel ways to energize and activate public spaces.

Local Leaders to State: Fix PPT Problems and Revenue Sharing Cuts
The Michigan Municipal League and local leaders held a press conference calling for action from the state on issues crucial to the future prosperity of Michigan's cities and villages. Topping the list: critical problems with the personal property tax legisation, and revenue sharing cuts that make it increasingly difficult to provide the local services that Michigan citizens expect in their communities. Read the press release. Use the PPT Plan Local Unit Worksheet.

Members Urged to Attend Town Hall Meetings on Transportation Funding
State legislators are reaching out to hear local concerns on transportation. The League urges members to attend town hall meetings on transportation funding coming to your area March 14-23. Dates and times for specific locations can be found here.

League Members Honor Senator Carl Levin for Years of Service
Several Michigan Municipal League members were in Washington D.C. this week for the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference. They honored U.S. Senator Carl Levin for his years of service in the Senate. Levin announced last week that he will not seek a seventh term in Congress. Read more.

League Shines Light on Cities' Struggles from Falling Revenues
Read Cities, Counties Need New Revenue and Michigan Revenue Sharing Levels Add to Cities' Struggles in the Lansing State Journal. The League's Samantha Harkins and Nicole Brown both called for public attention to the financial plight facing local municipalities due to revenue sharing cuts, declining property values, and the elimination of the personal property tax on business.

Why it Makes Economic Sense to become Age-Friendly Communities
The AARP offers these eye-opening facts on our aging population, which shows why it makes good economic sense for Michigan municipalities to become age-friendly communities. Read an Ann Arbor Journal article on the AARP Age-Friendly Communities Conference.

Members Urged to Attend Town Hall Meetings on Transportation Funding
The League urges members to attend town hall meetings on transportation funding coming to your area. Transportation will be a central topic at Capital Conference, April 9-10 in Lansing. Early Bird Deadline is March 14. Liability Pool & Workers Compensation Fund members save more than half off the regular rate! Learn more and register here. Read about this and other eventsin the LOOP.

Local Leaders Learn Innovative Placemaking Ideas at Workshop
Mark's Carts
and Detroit Soup are the kind of organic placemaking that occurs when city officials open their doors to innovative thinking. The case studies were part of a Governing Innovation Workshop at the Innovatrium.

State Must Partner with Communities to Build a Collective Future
Like many cities, West Branch is trying to reinvigorate its downtown with little help from the state. Dan Gilmartin writes about the obstacles they face in Placemaking and Politics-Like Peanut Butter and Hand Grenades.

February 2013

White House Releases Michigan Impact of Sequestration Cuts
About $85 Billion in Federal Spending Reductions have gone into effect for the remainder of fiscal year 2013. Learn how this will impact your community.

U.S. Transportation Deputy Secretary to Speak at Capital Conference
U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation John D. Porcari will be the keynote speaker at the Awards Luncheon on April 10 at the League's Capital Conference at the Lansing Center in Lansing. Register now: Early Bird Deadline is March 14!

House Bill Would Give Tax Credits to College Grads Staying in Michigan
State Rep. Andy Schor has introduced a bill that would help address the ongoing "brain drain" that hinders Michigan's future economic strength. It would authorize tax credits for up to half of a college graduate’s tuition if he or she stays and works in Michigan.

Editorial: Expect Pinch on Local Budgets and Services to Worsen
This Detroit Free Press editorial warns of the impact of the new personal property tax reform on our communities. Calculate your local impact with the Department of Treasury's PPT Plan Local Unit Worksheet. Read a new report showing that Michigan residents feel essential services are in “worse” or “far worse” shape than they were 10-15 years ago.

League Calls for Increased EVIP Funding for Michigan Communities
The Michigan Municipal League’s Samantha Harkins testified in Lansing Tuesday about the need for increased funding for communities through the state’s Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). Harkins expressed concern over the Governor’s failure to recommend an increase in EVIP funding as well as concerns about the administration of the program itself. A new report shows that Michigan residents feel the services they rely on–roads, parks, education, local police and fire protection–are in “worse” or “far worse” shape than they were 10-15 years ago.

League Releases Video, Letters on Just Fix the Road Effort
A new video was released today featuring Michigan Municipal League President David Lossing and CEO Dan Gilmartin about the Just Fix the Roads effort. Also in recent days several letters to the editor by League members about the need for increased transportation funding were published and posted online. Learn more.

PPT Calculation Spreadsheet Available for Local Government
The Department of Treasury has put together a spreadsheet to help calculate a the impact of the new personal property tax reform on our communities. You can find the sheet here: PPT Plan Local Unit Worksheet.

Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service is April 9
A Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service will take place on Tuesday, April 9 across the country. Community leaders can participate in a variety of ways. Read more about the event and what you can do to participate.

Aging in Place: Michigan Cities Prepare for Baby Boomers
We will see a rapid acceleration in growth in our elderly populations as baby boomers turn 65. January's The Prosperity Agenda talked about the opportunity they bring to cities. Register for the Age-Friendly Communities Conference Feb 28 in Ann Arbor.

League Launches New LOOP E-Newsletter for Training and Events
Check out the LOOP’s new look! It’s fresh, clean and compelling—and hopefully will entice many more “eyes on the page” for League trainings and events.

Sign Up Deadline is Feb 22 for
Natural Gas Puchasing Program
Today is the deadline for the next round of the League's Natural Gas Purchasing Program. Learn more about potential savings for your municipality.

Aging in Place: Michigan Cities Prepare for Baby Boomers
We will see a rapid acceleration in growth in our elderly populations as baby boomers turn 65. The Prosperity Agenda talks about the opportunity they bring to cities. Register for the Age-Friendly Communities Conference Feb 28 in Ann Arbor.

Sample Resolution for Cities on Fixing the Transportation Budget
The League is asking cities and villages to please consider using this sample resolution as a model to adopt and show your support for enhancing transportation funding.

Governor Speaks on Transportation Plan and Funding for State Budget
Michigan Municipal League members from Flint, Durand and Grand Blanc were among more than 50 people to hear Governor Rick Snyder discuss his transportation improvement plan and its place in his budget proposal, during an event in Flint on Feb. 8. More. For a sample resolution for cities on transportation funding, click here.

Michigan Cities "Firing Flares" Over State's Broken Funding System
Read a Bridge guest column
warning that the state's system of funding local government is broken, and that we can expect fewer public services in the future if the system is not fixed.

Town Gown: Big Rapids, Ferris State University Joined at the Hip
Read a Town Gown blog post on the partnership between Ferris State University and Big Rapids.

Ann Arbor Placemaking Success Story: Food Cart to Brick and Mortar
ead the latest placemaking success story about how Ann Arbor's "food cart pod" has created a diverse and vibrant gathering place for residents. while serving as an incubator for new food businesses to become permanent establishments.

National Brownfield Assn Program Feb. 21 in Lansing - Register Now
The Michigan Chapter of the National Brownfield Association will discuss the newest developments in brownfield issues Feb. 21 at the Michigan Manufacturers Association in Lansing. More.

Last Chance for Critical Trainings in Frankenmuth on February 14 and 15
Friday is the last day for elected officials and municipal staffers to register for these critical trainings in Frankenmuth. Thursday, February 14: Finance for the Non-Finance Municipal Official and Parliamentary Procedure. Friday, February 15: Service Consolidation & Shared Services and Back to Basics: OMA & FOIA. This is the last chance to get these critical trainings at this convenient location in mid-Michigan!

Kalkaska Village Manager Penny Hill Named MLGMA President for 2013
Kalkaska Village Manager Penny Hill was named the 2013 president of the Michigan Local Government Management Association (MLGMA) during the organization’s annual Winter Institute Jan. 29-Feb. 1 in Rochester. She succeeds 2012 MLGMA President Curtis Holt, Wyoming city manager

Communication the Theme at MLGMA 2013 Winter Institute
Municipal managers from throughout Michigan were in Rochester the week of Jan. 29-Feb. 1 for the 2013 Michigan Local Government Management Association (MLGMA) Winter Institute. More..

January 2013

FREE League/Microsoft Webinar: CRM in Local Government
Learn how to use "customer relationship management" to make communication more effective with your constituents. Sign up for the FREE webinar from the League and Microsoft on Feb. 6.

Help Increase Transportation Funding - Contact Legislators Now!
Read about the upcoming Transportation Asset Management Conferences. Read about newly introduced road funding bills.The League is part of the Michigan Transportation Team to support increased funding for transportation. How to help. For a sample resolution, click here.

Bernero and Gilmartin: Why Cities Matter to Regions and Entire State
Read Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero's LSJ op-ed "If Lansing Thrives, So Does Region" and two guest columns from the League's Dan Gilmartin: "Prosperous Urban Areas Draw Workers" and "Here's Why Detroit Matters, Even in Outstate Michigan," an excerpt from an upcoming Review column.

Community Excellence Award Entries Coming in: Join the Race for the Cup!
Lexington, Albion, St. Joseph and South Haven are the first communities to enter the League’s 2013 Community Excellence Award (CEA) competition. Sign up now! First round takes place at the 2013 Capital Conference, April 9-10 in Lansing.

Citizens Institute on Rural Design Seeks Proposals from Communities
The Citizens' Institute on Rural Design (CIRD) is requesting proposals from rural communities facing design challenges to host local workshops in 2013. Successful applicants will receive a $7,000 grant and in-kind design expertise and technical assistance valued at $35,000. More.

League, MLGMA Call for State to Fix Crumbling Transportation System
In response to Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State address, Michigan Municipal League Board President David Lossing and MLGMA President Curtis Holt issued statements calling for a major investment to the state’s crumbling transportation system. Read the League statement and MLGMA's statement. Learn more about the “Just Fix the Roads” campaign.

Editorial: Surplus is Nice But Growth Must be Next for Michigan's Future
Read a Livingston Daily editorial
challenging the current state leadership's notion that cutting education, social services, public safety and infrastructure while giving breaks to business will actually result in economic growth and help make Michigan a quality state.

A New Year Full of Hope and Challenges for Local Communities
Read why a series of Lansing State Journal articles written by individuals high on Lansing show the concepts of placemaking are at work here in Michigan - collaboration, creativity, and a diverse economy being built around entrepreneurs and young talent - despite ongoing challenges. Read more on why communities and people matter. Read the 2013 State of Your League Report.

December 2012

More than 100 Call In to League's Live Chat on Lame Duck Decisions
Click here for a spreadsheet to calculate the impact of the PPT plan. Listen to a recording of the League Live Chat on the bills passed during the Lame Duck session. One Pager Plus Fact Sheet on Right to Work.

27 Former League Members Among New 2013 Legislative Session
A new House is being sworn in, and there are 28 new members, including six additional former League members (and one former League lobbyist) are taking seats as legislators. That will bring us to a total of 27 legislators who are former city or village officials, and we look forward to working with them and other legislators in this new session. See the list. Want to be part of what's going on in Lansing? We need you on the League's Legislative Committees! Learn more.

Lansing Wins $1.5M Grant from NYC Mayor's Foundation for Families
The City of Lansing and Capital Area Community Services, a regional organization combating poverty, have been awarded a $1.5 million grant to help low-income residents become financially stable. More.

Former MAMA President and LDF Board Chair Jack Beras Dies
Long-time Southfield City Attorney John E. (Jack) Beras died recently following a long illness. Beras was an active supporter of the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys and a former board chairman of the League’s Legal Defense Fund. Read more about Beras here and here

Port Huron, St Clair Co. Community College Partner for Growth
Read the TownGown blog on how the city and college are involved in initiatives to emphasize the value of higher education.

New: League Publishes One Pager Plus Fact Sheet on Right to Work
Click here
for an overview of the new Right to Work legislation for public and private employees. The League is still evaluating its impact on our members, and will include this important topic in future training programs.

Placemaking and Advocacy Featured in 2013 State of Your League Report
As our member communities continue to struggle with a turbulent economy and tough legislative issues, the League continues to work toward easing those burdens through every avenue available. The League Liability & Property Pool will return more than $10 million in dividends to member communities in 2013. The League continues to lead the way on placemaking as a core economic development strategy. New training opportunities will better equip elected officials for the challenges of office. The Lansing staff is forging ahead with a proactive legislative agenda. Learn about it all in the 2013 State of Your League Report.

Homegrown Talent: Resources for Improving College Attainment
Don't just try to attract or retain talent: help grow your own! The League is partnering with the Michigan College Access Network to promote tools to improve college attainment in local communities. The National League of Cities has also released an Action Guide on the topic.

Training Weeks Coming to a Location Near You in January
The League's new Training Week program offers topics to help educate elected officials and municipal staff. Online resources include a local government primer and specialty one-page fact sheets.

NLC Congressional City Conference March 9-13, 2013 in Washington DC
Click here
to learn more and to register.

Legislature Passes Massive Changes to Michigan Recall Process
Read about HBs 6060 and 6063, sent to the governor at the end of the lame duck session, that change the recall process in Michigan.

Legislature Passes Medical Marihuana Law Changes
The Legislature passed bills to amend the voter-initiated Medical Marihuana law. Read more.

College Town: Sault Ste. Marie and Lake Superior State University
Read the latest Towngown blog on this growing collaboration. Read UP Second Wave's article on the city's transformation into a true university town.

Township BID Tool Bill Passes, Limited to Kent County
SB 334 will allow four Kent County townships to create Business Improvement Zones, which are currently limited to only cities and villages. More.

2012 Statewide Pay and Benefits Survey: Time is Running Out!
Does a searchable database of 143 job titles with pay & benefits information interest you? If so, please check to see if your municipality has participated in this year’s survey—not many have. What are comparables without comparables?

New Emergency Manager Law Passes House, Now at Senate
New Emergency Manager legislation passed the House Wednesday night, allowing four options for struggling local governments: emergency management, consent agreement, mediation, or Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Cable Survey Input Needed by Friday, December 14, 2012
Michigan cities, villages and township are urged to respond to the Michigan Public Service Commission’s online annual survey of competition in the cable television industry by December 14.

League Victory! PA 54 Exemption Will Die in Lame Duck Session
HB 5780 (a bill to create an exemption to PA 54, the law barring retroactivity when contracts have expired) was not taken up by the House and will die on the House floor. It would need to be reintroduced next year and start the entire process over again. This is a huge victory for our communities who are working hard to be efficient and cut costs! Read more.

Main Regional Transit Authority Bill Passes House, Goes to Governor
The House of Representatives has passed SB 909, the main bill in the Regional Transit Authority package. More.

MDOT Offers New Transportation Alternatives Grant Program
The program uses federal transportation funds for activities that enhance the intermodal transportation system and provide safe alternative transportation options. See eligible activities relevant to our communities.

Senate Hearing on PPT Package is Wednesday; Contact Lawmakers!
Last week the House passed part of the personal property tax package and on Wednesday morning (Dec. 12) the Senate Finance Committee is to have a hearing on the issue. PLEASE KEEP UP THE PRESSURE ON YOUR LEGISLATORS! Without full, guaranteed replacement state Legislature should not pass what's being considered!!

Training Weeks Coming to a Location Near You in January
The League's new Training Week program will offer a series of topics to help educate elected officials and municipal staff. Online resources for elected officials include a local government primer and specialty one-page fact sheets.

Applicant's Guide to Competitive Grant Assistance Program (EVIP)
Click here for the Applicant's Guide and other resources on EVIP and PA 152. Click here for the Michigan Dept of Treasury page on the program. Read more.

PPT Update
Ignoring pleas from the Michigan Municipal League and other organizations to slow down, the House Tax Policy Committee today pressed forward during this lame duck session to repeal the personal property tax. And now the League needs your help as the bills move to the full House.
Click here to read more and get contact info for your representatives. Read media coverage of the issue here.

Saline Alley Project New "It's About Place" Contest Award Winner
Let’s Save Michigan is happy to announce the Saline Alley Project is the new winner of a $500 award in the It’s About Place Placemaking contest. More.

League CEO, Mayors on "Fix the Debt" Coalition's Michigan Chapter
League CEO Dan Gilmartin is among local leaders in the new Michigan chapter of a national coalition to "Fix the Debt" to avoid the US going over the "fiscal cliff." More.

Senate Passes Village Election Changes to November Schedule
The Senate has passed SB 810 and SB 811, to require village elections to be in November instead of September. More.

Michigan Vacant Property Campaign Roundtable December 4 in Flint
The Michigan Vacant Property Campaign, in partnership with the League, will host its final regional roundtable on Tuesday December 4 in Flint. More.

Governor Releases Energy and Environment Special Message
Governor Snyder released a Special Message to the Michigan Legislature on Ensuring our Future: Energy and the Environment. More.

League Members Needed to Serve on a Legislative Committee
Effective advocacy depends on active involvement of League members in issues that impact local governments. Learn how you can serve on the Legislative Governance or individual Legislative Issue committees.

League Launches New Town Gown Blog on City/University Partnerships
Read about the benefits of city and university partnerships on the new League blog TownGown spearheaded by League President David Lossing.

League Launches New Town Gown Blog on City/University Partnerships
Read about the benefits of city and university partnerships on the new League blog TownGown. Spearheaded by League President David Lossing,the blog will be written by various city leaders and university presidents around the state. A direct link to the blog has also been added to the International Town & Gown Association website. Lossing is featured on the cover of this month's Review magazine and in this Mlive story. Read another Mlive story about the blog's first entry, co-authored by Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and UM-Flint Chancellor Ruth Person.

Act Now to Stop PA 54 Exception for Police and Firefighters
HB 5780 would undo one of last year's important reforms by amending PA 54 of 2012 to exempt police officers and firefighters from the law prohibiting retroactive wage increases. More.

November 2012

NLC to Showcase Ann Arbor Sustainability Framework
Ann Arbor’s sustainability framework is one of 27 programs recognized in the National League of Cities 2012 City Showcase as a model program demonstrating innovative and collaborative approaches within government. More.

League Members: Participate in the MPSC Annual Franchise Survey
We are encouraging our members to participate in the Michigan Public Service Commission's annual franchise survey. More.

League Members: Participate in the MPSC Annual Franchise Survey
We are encouraging our members to participate in the Michigan Public Service Commission's annual franchise survey. More.

League Wins MarCom Awards for Marketing, Communications
The League won seven international MarCom Awards for its marketing and communications efforts, including the highest “Platinum” honor for the book, The Economics of Place: The Value of Building Communities Around People.

Community Foreclosure Toolkit Now Available Online for Michigan
This online toolkit is filled with Michigan-specific foreclosure-related information, resource and strategies for mortgage and tax foreclosure prevention and response, as well as best-practice models from around the state.

League Wins Big with Proposals 5 and 6 Rejected by Michigan Voters
Majority rule democracy was protected by Michigan voters on Nov. 6 with the defeat of Proposal 5, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Defend Michigan Democracy coalition. See all the election results on the Michigan Department of State website.

Former League CEO Robert E. Fryer of Ann Arbor Passed Away Nov. 8
Ann Arbor attorney Robert E. Fryer passed away November 8, 2012. Fryer served as the Michigan Municipal League's Executive Director from 1963-1976. He was named an Honorary Life Member in 1976 and also formerly served as the League's general counsel. Memorial services information.

Green Communities Challenge Awards 25 Communities
Read the press release. Visit the Green Communities Challenge website.

Competitive Grant Assistance Applications Now Available
Applications for the competitive grant assistance program (formerly EVIP grants) are now available at the Treasury Dept's website for the application period lasting through December 3. Read about 32 Michigan communities awarded Competitive Grant Assistance Program grants totaling $10.5 million.

Green Technology in Neighborhood Revitalization
Experts discuss how green building can play a role in placemaking on the most recent Prosperity Agenda show.

Vote NO on Proposal 5
Newspapers across the state have come out overwhelmingly against Proposal 5, which would require a 2/3 supermajority to increase taxes that would effectively end legislative collaboration-- hurting public safety, hospitals and other essential services. Read the Detroit Free Press debate. The League's Arnold Weinfeld joined Gov. Snyder and others on a statewide bus tour opposing Proposal 5. Listen to WJR's Frank Beckmann Show with Dan Gilmartin as the final guest. Watch a bipartisan video of Gov. Snyder and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero speaking against Prop 5. Watch a Detroit News and Free Press video calling for a NO vote on Prop 5. The Defend Michigan Democracy coalition website has resources for communities including a sample resolution opposing Prop 5. Join the Vote NO effort. Read who is paying for ballot proposal ads.

Apply for Michigan Main Street Associate Main Street Program
The Michigan Main Street Center is taking applications for the Associate Main Street program now through November 2. Read more.




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