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The Buzz

Michigan Green Leaders for 2014 announced

Detroit Free Press,.4/10/2014

Toy store manager tries crowd funding to make business her own

Detroit Free Press,.4/5/2014

Hackel says lawmakers more concerned about re-election than fixing roads

Detroit Free Press, 3/29/2014

Michigan Cities Slam State for Holding onto $6.2 Billion

Detroit News. 3/19/2014

Macomb Cities Lost More than $100 Million Due to State cuts

Macomb Daily Tribune, 3/22/2014

Report Says Flint Lost Out on Nearly $55 Million in Revenue Sharing in Last Decade

Flint Journal/, 3/19/2014

Michigan’s $6.2 Billion Raid on Revenue Sharing? See How Much Local Communities Lost Since 2003 statewide, 3/18/2014

Ann Arbor Among the Cities with the Best Well-Being

Mlive, 3/25/13

2 apartment projects OK'd for downtown Detroit; Duggan takes hands-on interest

Detriot Free Press, 3/26/13

Smart Cities and the Technology of Walking

FutureStructure, 3/24/13

Editorial: Better connections among downtown, waterfront and beach would bolster community

MLive, 3/22/13

State makes road funds available to cities to repair winter damage

The Voice, 3/23/13

Editorial: Pension Retiree Health Care Problems Not Just a Detroit Problem

Freep, 3/16/2014

CNN Money: Top 10 Most Affordable Small Cities

HuffingtonPost, 3/11/2014


SmallTownUrbanism, 2/28/14

Andrés Focused on Making 'Lean Urbanism' a Thing

TheAtlanticCities, 3/14/2014

Adelaide Council launches New 'Placemaking' Scheme

AdelaideNow, 9/6/13

Have a Scrap of Sense and Pass Anti-Scrapping Bill

Freep, 3/7/2014

Ionia Residents 'Will Wake to a Bridge'

The Guardian, 2/28/14 4

Menominee Mayor Details City's Progress, 2/25/201

Muskegon City Manager's Report

Mlive, 3/4/14

The Importance of Being Welcoming to All, 2/28/2014

Community input sought on Jackson PlacePlans project

Jackson Citizen Patriot, 3/4/2014

Detroit's first steps towards urban renewal

The Guardian, 2/28/14 4

Mathewson Discusses FOIA Bills on WDET Public Radio

WDET, 2/12/2014

Queen City Project :: CoSign 2013

The Queen City Project, 2/25/201

Mid-Michigan town in the midst of a growth spurt

ABC, 2/26/14

Four Key Areas to Michigan's Long-term Success

Partnership for Place, June/2013

Working to grow the biking culture in Flint and Marquette

Michigan Public Radio, 2/26/2014

Pleasant Ridge’s New Mayor Plays the Numbers

Ferndale Friends, 2/26/14

Three Michigan Communities Selected for Main Street

Program PR Newswire, 2/12/2014

Deal assures cities not hurt by business tax cut

The Detroit News, 2/23/14

Detroit Bankruptcy Exit Plan

The Detriot News, 2/21/14

How Marquette Became a Sustainable City

Second Wave & Detroit Free Press, 2/21/2014

Winter's Natural Traffic Calming Effect

Trans4m, 2/18/14

The Daunting Costs of Municipal Bankruptcy

Governing, 2/18/14

The Daunting Costs of Municipal Bankruptcy

Governing, 2/18/14

Making Room for Risk - and Reward - at City Hall

National League of Cities, 2/10/14

Michigan Ranks Last on Per Capita Road Spending

Michigan Radio, 2/13/14

4 Michigan Cities Among The Snowiest in America

Detriot Free Press, 2/11/14

Two Michigan Towns Among America's Most Romantics, 2/11/14

Snyder Wants Boost in Local Revenue Sharing, 2/8/14

They Saved the Esquire – and a Neighborhood, 2/6/14

Crowbar Crowdfunding Incentive Program Launched

Arts Tasmania, 2/5/14

$10M Urban Loft Project Planned in Auburn Hills

Crain's Detroit Business, 2/5/14

Meet the Sullivans, 1/30/14

Creative Industries Pumped 3.6B in Wages into State

Crain's Detroit Business, 1/30/14

How Marquette became the livable, walkable city to follow, 1/29/14

Washtenaw Avenue: The region's next best place to live?, 1/29/14

Poll: Voters Support Public Transit Funding

Detriot Free Press, 1/28/14

Launching the Placemaking Movement!, 1/20/14

New student study center opens in Downtown

City of Auburn Hills, 1/23/14

State would pledge $350 million to Detroit bankruptcy

Detriot Free Press, 1/22/14

Study: Placemaking is in vogue for Michigan cities

Mlive, 1/22/14

A wish list for millennials, as they come into their own

BridgeMi, 1/17/14

Detriot Among Most Promising Tech Hubs of 2014

Techie, 1/6/14

Detriot Among Most Promising Tech Hubs of 2014

Techie, 1/6/14

The 10 Smartest Cities In North America

Fastcoexist, 1/15/14

Editorial: Put road repairs ahead of tax cuts

LSJ, 1/13/14

How to wean local governments off the habit of sprawl

Aspendailynewsonline, 1/14/14

Former Sackner Products Factory $21 Million Makeover

Mlive, 1/10/14

Bookless Library Opens in Texas

Detroit Free Press, 1/3/14

Marquette Among Best Places to Retire

CNN Money, 1/1/14

Lego-Like Bike Lanes for Instant Biking Cities

Fast Company, 12/23/13

Detroit Suburbs Bolster Main St Merchants for Holidays

Detroit News, 12/21/13

Most Walkable Cities

Governing, 12/13/13

The New Rules of Public Art

Publicartnow, 12/13/13

Grand Rapids #1 U.S. Destination to Visit

Huffington Post, 10/11/2013

States are getting on board for Amtrak short routes

USA Today, 11/23/13

Knowledge sector jobs needed for thriving future, 11/30/13

Detroit to Study Removing Freeway for Walkable Street

Detroit Free Press, 11/24/13

7 Michigan Cities Named Top Performing Communities

Umdilabs, 11/18/13

Michigan needs vibrant communities to attract business

Bridgel, 11/13/13

DOT Innovation Project

Smart Growth America, 11/12/13

Why Cities Are Our Most Important Innovation Platform

Forbes, 11/9/13

All Michigan communities have a stake in Detroit

Michigan Township News, 10/13

TAYLOR: Stakeholders consider placemaking Downriver

TheNewsHerald, 11/8/13

Flint selected for PlacePlans work

East Village Magazinel, 11/15/13

8 Michigan cities to get help on development

Michigan Public Radiol, 11/15/13

Alpena County Honored for Energy Efficiency

Wall Street Journal, 11/6/13

Mayor advises federal task force on climate

GRBJ, 11/4/13

Southfield wants after-work downtown vibe and nightlife

Freep, 11/3/13

Peter Kageyama: Mt. Pleasant placemaking workshops

TheMorningSun, 11/3/13

Placemaking in the Thumb

Huron County View, 10/31/13

Paw Paw Manager Shares Expertise with Radio Listeners

Paw Paw Courier, 10/28/2013

Council Member Discusses Making Michigan Prosperous

Berkley Patrch, 10/23/2013

What Cincinnati can learn from Detroit

Soapb!x, 10/15/13

Flint Goes on Road Diet to Reinvent Itself

Detroit Free Press, 10/22/13

Outdoor Seating Confusion in MI Alcohol Laws

Mlive, 10/21/13

Michigan Amtrak is getting faster and better

MichiganRadio, 10/14/13

Bill Allowing Equity Crowdfunding for Smaller Investors

Crainsdetriot, 10/15/13

2014 Inside|Out program Call for Participation

DIA, 10/9/13

Metro Detroit homes prices again jump 50 percent in Sept

MLive, 10/14/13

U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee:Federal Funding to Fight Blight

MLive, 10/14/2013

Detroit Film Festival Will Focus on the City

NYTimes, 10/11/13

Mark's Carts: Plans to Open Outdoor Food 'Cartyard'

MLive, 10/11/13

Dark Sky Park Near Petoskey

Treehugger, 5/16/11

Portland Thriving after 10 Yrs as Main Street City

Lansing State Journal, 10/7/13

Chicago Fed on Detroit Bankruptcy, Bond Markets

Detroit News, 10/4/13

Michigan's Bike Cities Shift Gears

Bridge, 10/3/2013

Katz: Federal Government can no longer bail out its Cities

Mlive, 9/30/13

Food on Wheels: Mobile Vending Goes Mainstream, 9/30/13

Creating Community in a Detroit Ring Suburb

RE Journals, 9/26/13

Zipcar is off to a zippy start in Detroit

Mlive, 9/26//13

Is Detroit Contagious?

Washington Post, 9/20/13

Detroit-area CEOs Say City Very Much Alive

Detroit Free Press, 9/22/13

Eaton Rapids Puts Focus on River

Lansing State Journal, 9/22/13

UP Works to Diversify Economy

Lansing State Journal, 9/22/13

Flint's Charter Could be Changing

Mlive, 9/22/13

Michigan's bond sales dwindled to $71.5 million in Aug

Detriot News, 9/9//13

Linden mayor set to throw first pitch at Tigers game

Mlive, 9/16/13

Detroit bankruptcy: Former lawmakers get hefty pensions

Oakland Press, 9/3//13

Detroit: What is to be done?

Monocle , 9/5/13

How to make a city great

McKinsey & Company, 9/5/13

Thinking About the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Living Cities, 9/9/13

Revive BABs to Support State and Local Investments

Brookings, 8/28/13

Is more public transportation funding needed?

Mlive, 8/30/13

One Building that Explains How Detroit Could Come Back

New Republic, 8/28//13

Flint mayor meets with Obama over youth violence

Detriot Freep Press , 8/28/13

Heritage Tower to house apartments, boutique hotel

Battle Creek Enquirer, 8/22/13

Playing to a hometown crowd

Strong Towns, 8/20/13

New bike share station in downtown Battle Creek, 8/16/13

Preservation can reinvent community, 8/17/13

Would Main Street work for Charlevoix's Bridge Street?

Petoske News, 8/16/13

Great Lakes: Socioeconomics and Climate Change Map

Umich, 8/13/13

Brownfields Are Becoming Hotbeds of Renewable Energy

Bloomberg BNA, 8/14/13

Ludington Workshop Stimulates Ideas

Ludingtin Daily News, 8/9/13

Allegan Riverfront gets Colorful Preview from MML

WHTC, 8/10/13

Seven Detroit Success Stories

The Coolist, 8/8/13

Traverse City Film Festival a placemaking hit!


How State Helped Bankrupt Detroit

Detroit Free Press, 8/4/13

Bankrupt Detroit Receives Less U.S. Aid Than Colombia

Bloomberg, 7/30/13

Pleasant Ridge City Manager Sherry Ball Retiring

Ferndale115, 7/24/13

Another food truck rally planned for August

Hometownlife, 7/25/13

The often-neglected issue of local government finance

MetroTimes, 7/9/13

New Google Map App Ad Features Detroit

mlive, 7/11/13

Collaboration aims to connect citizens and government, 6/10/13

Lansing BWL fuels next generation of Power, 6/30/13

How Federalism Has Failed Cities

Atlantic Cities, 6/17/13

Final Design Presented for Allegan Riverfront PlacePlan

Allegan County News, 7/3/13

Building better neighborhoods, one block at a time 6/21/13

Can Restoring Rivers Revitalize Cities

Next City 6/11/2013

New Economic Impact Study on the Detroit RiverWalk

Freep, 6/13/13

Placemaking Your Business

Forbes, 6/12/13

Allegan's Final Riverfront Design to be Shown

Allegan County News, 6/12/13

Sue Mosey: The force behind a renaissance

Detriot News, 6/5/13

How Ann Arbor area companies bounced back

AnnArbor, 6/2/13

Study: Sprawl hits a city's bottom line

ModBee, 5/25/13

Living for the city: Vibrant urban cores lure young talent

BridgeMi, 5/28/13

Competing visions for Mackinac Island

Freep, 5/19/13

Fiscal troubles for city halls across Michigan

BridgeMi, 5/16/13

Grand Rapids DDA Rolls Out Bicycle Marketing

GRBJ, 5/10/13

Bike Lanes Led to 49% Increase in NYC Retail Sales

Boing Boing, 5/10/13

Cities consolidate dispatch services

Observer and Eccentric , 4/28/2013

Op Ed: Time for Public Transit in Rural Areas Too

Petoskey News, 4/26/13

Franklin Village holds first public art project with artist Malt

Detriot News, 5/4/13

Iron Mountain revitalization and its sense of place

SecondWaveMedia, 4/10/13

Grand Rapids ranks 4th for best cities to find jobs

Forbes, 4/23/13

Swapping innovation ideas with Cincinnati

Model D, 4/23/13

How walkable are Upper Peninsula cities?

SecondWaveMedia, 4/17/13

PlacePlans: Allegan's Riverfront Redesign

Allegan County News, 4/17/13

Paul's Place": Plymouth City Manager Paul Sincock

Observer Eccentric, 4/7/13

Hamtramck's Cultures Celebrated

Detroit News, 4/6/13

Detroit Leads in Place-Centered Revitalization

Project for Public Spaces, 3/29/13

Kingsley Looks to Build Sense of Place

Traverse City Record Eagle, 3/31/13

Petoskey Among Best Small Towns to Visit

Smithsonian, 3/30/13

Grand Blanc Discusses Green Heat

Mlive, 3/30/13

Grandville Mayor Announces Retirement

Communities Count, 3/26/13

Detroit and Grand Rapids: Downtown Real Estate Growth

Forbes. 3/25/13

Michigan Emerging As The Next Great Shipping Hub

Forbes. 3/21/13

Traverse City: One of Best Small Towns in America

Fodors, 3/19/13

Fastest-Growing Cities for Tech Jobs

CNN Money,3/20/13

Mixed-Use Neighborhoods May Be Safer

Atlantic Cities, 3/13/13

Stronger Citizens, Stronger Cities

PPS. 3/17/13

Handshake Deal with State Haunts Detroit

Bridge, 3/15/13

Flint, Saginaw Working to Become Places to Be

Second Wave, 3/5/13

State Lawmakers Get Earful on Elimination of PPT


Mayor Noonan Architect of Utica’s Rebirth





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