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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Special Events

When special events are held in our community, there is a drain on tax-supported services such as police, DPW, etc. How do other communities prevent this from happening?

To partially address the problem, consider adopting a special events policy and/or ordinance. We can send samples from other communities. Sometimes a permit or license is required and a fee is charged. The permit application can require the applicant's plans for police and fire protection, health and sanitation facilities, parking facilities, electricity needed, etc. Permits from other agencies may be required – health department, etc. Proof of insurance coverage is usually required. At least one special events ordinance in our files requires the applicant to reimburse the city any costs incurred by the city as a result of the event, unless waived by the city council. Please send the League Information Service copies of your special events policies and/or ordinances. Some sample ordinances are available on this web site.



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