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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Can the League provide names of consultants to provide golf feasibility studies?

The League does not recommend consultants, companies, professionals, etc. When we get a question like this we refer the caller to the advertising sections of the Michigan Municipal Review or the Municipal Yellow Pages and other relevant sources.

In this instance, we suggest contacting the National Golf Foundation, (904-940-4300), for a list of consultants that perform golf feasibility studies. They also have a web site:

We need to update our zoning ordinances. Can you recommend both a planning consultant and an attorney specializing in these areas?

The League does not make recommendations for professional services or specific products. There are a number of firms who advertise both in the Municipal Yellow Pages and in the Municipal Marketplace in the back of each Review. Other professional journals also carry similar ads. One more place to look is the list of exhibitors at the back of the program for the last MML Annual Convention and/or Legislative Conference.

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