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City of Birmingham
Updated through March, 2000

Chapter 126 ZONING


Sec. 126-26. Definitions
Tattoo parlor means an establishment offering tattoo services including the creation of marks or figures upon the human body, by insertion of pigment under the skin or by production of scars, or otherwise.

Use, accessory, means a subordinate use which is customarily incidental to the principal use on the same lot. In case a question arises as to the degree of incidentalness or length of custom, the board of zoning appeals shall rule. Accessory uses taking place on not more than two occasions per calendar year for not more than 48 hours on each occasion are not subject to the regulations of this chapter (see Use, principal).

Use, principal, means the primary and chief purpose for which a lot is used, which use is conducted within a principal building, or as otherwise specified by this chapter (see Use, accessory, Building, principal, Building, accessory and Lot).

Uses, regulated, means certain uses which are declared to be potentially detrimental and to have the possible effect of downgrading and blighting the surrounding neighborhood, particularly when concentrated in one area. For the purposes of this chapter, the following are declared to be regulated uses:

  1. Adult bookstores.
  2. Adult motion picture theaters.
  3. Pawnshops.
  4. Pool or billiard halls.
  5. Dance halls.
  6. Motorcycle sales and rental agencies.
  7. Tractor and garden vehicle sales and rental agencies.
  8. Massage facilities and massage schools.
  9. Modeling studios.
  10. Bathing establishments.
  11. Mechanical amusement devices.
  12. Tattoo parlors.
  13. Electronic video games.

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Tattoo Ordinance - City of Birmingham

Tattoo Ordinance - City of Birmingham



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