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The Review Blue Arrows

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November/December 2009 Issue











“The Real Action Is at the Local Level”
Thoughts from Jeff Jenks, our new League president



111th Annual League Convention (PDF)



Entrepreneurship—Growing Jobs by Ones and Twos

By Heather VanPoucker


Saginaw City Manager to Lead International Association

By Colleen Layton


The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center

By Jeffrey Smith


Team Boyne Brings Together Big Players

By Jennifer Eberbach


Intergovernmental Cooperation Through Pooled Risk

By Michael Forster


Ann Arbor SPARK
Igniting Innovation-Based Growth in Washtenaw County

By Jennifer Eberbach


PA 312 and PA 7 Reforms: Hope on the Horizon

By Samantha Harkins


Entrepreneurship, Community, and Economic Development

By Mark H. Clevey




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