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Health Care Reform

Affordable Care Act:

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit private foundation dedicated to producing and communicating the best possible analysis and information on health issues. They provide extensive information on the Affordable Care Act, as does the National League of Cities, which focuses on implementation issues related to municipal government.

On June 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (PPACA) core provision; the individual mandate. The Court also affirmed PPACA’s expansion of Medicaid, but struck down PPACA’s penalty provision permitting the federal government to withhold all federal Medicaid funding from any state not expanding its Medicaid program. Many of the League’s business partners provide related technical and legal assistance. One of these, Miller Canfield, offers a summary of the requirements and timeline for PPACA compliance as well as a summary of the court ruling.

We will continue to add information and resources on the Affordable Care Act as they become available.

Public Employer Medical Benefits Caps

Late August, 2011 brought significant change for public employers through Public Act 152 (PA 152) which creates a hard cap on the amount a public employer may contribute to a medical benefit plan for its employees and/or elected officials. SB 7 provides an option to elect an 80% contribution cap rather than the hard cap, and it contains a provision to allow a local unit to opt-out entirely.  Read the bill in its entirety along with our summary.

During a webinar with the State Department of Treasury on December 13, 2011, Treasury representatives formally reported that they are NOT collecting resolutions related to PA 152; proof of compliance is not required.  However, some feel more secure by submitting their resolutions to the State.  Those who wish to do so can email proof of PA 152 compliance to Treasury, or mail to:

Michigan Department of Treasury
Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis
PO Box 30722
Lansing MI 48909

Sample PA 152 Resolutions



Hard Cap:

Grosse Pointe

Opt Out:

Battle Creek





Please share a sample if you have one!

Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA):

On September 20, 2011 Governor Snyder signed legislation creating the Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA) Act (P. A. 142 of 2011).  Beginning January 1, 2012, certain third party administrators, carriers and self-insured entities are required to pay an assessment on certain paid health care claims. The State Treasury website provides detailed information, forms and FAQ’s.



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