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Huntington Woods Parks & Recreation Teen Council (TC)
(originated 2001)

Serves the City of Huntington Woods and Berkley School District
Huntington Woods: 6,151
Residential-Suburban community in Metro-Detroit (~2 miles N of Detroit border)
Size: 1.5 sq mile Zip: 48070

Organizational Structure

  • 11 council members are elected by the general membership

  • Council Coordinator
    Fundraising Chair/ Vice- Cair
    Program Development Chair/ Vice- Cair
    Marketing & Membership Chair/ Vice- Cair
    Technology Chair/ Vice-Cair
    Record Keeper (budget and minutes)/ Vice- Keeper

  • General membership is open to all residents of Huntington Woods in grades 6-12. Non-resident members of Berkley School District may attend meetings and functions but may not run for office or vote. Typically we have 20-25 youth participate in TC meetings with a membership roster of approximately 35-40.

Committee/Officer Responsibilities

  • Council Coordinator- oversees all committees and directs meetings.

  • Fundraising- responsible for securing all funds for TC programs through grants, request and special events.

  • Program Development- responsible for planning and implementing classes, special events, trip, etc, for HW students in grades 6-12.

  • Marketing and Membership- responsible for maintaining quarterly newsletter and advertising for new members (t-shirts, flyers, posters).

  • Technology- responsible for updating and maintaining TC website.

  • Record Keeper- responsible for maintaining records for budget, attendance and point system. Responsible for recording and distributing minutes.


  • Parks & Recreation Program Coordinator serves as advisor to TC. Responsible for overseeing committees, elections and logistics for events and activities (approx. 8 hours/week)

Policies and Procedures

  • Established bylaws and handbook.

  • Meet 2 times/month at community center (1st and 3rd Thursday of the month).

  • One council member serves as liaison to Recreation Advisory Board.

  • Point system is in place to reward participation and volunteer time.


  • All funds are raised through Teen Council events, activities and donations. Donations are made by local organizations such as the HW Men’s Club (approx. $3,500 in 2003).

Kate Schumann
Program Coordinator, Huntington Woods Parks & Recreation
26325 Scotia Rd
Huntington Woods, MI 48070
(248) 541-3030



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