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Michigan Green Communities Challenge -
An Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy

Step 2: Assign Responsibility

It is important that someone be responsible for follow-through of Steps 1 – 6 of the Challenge.  One way to accomplish this step is to establish an energy manager position/responsibility or management team within the unit of local government.  Clearly define roles for the management team which may include a sustainability manager, energy manager, or similar title.

Also consider establishing an advisory commission (or “Green Team”) composed of local residents and business representatives to advise and assist the local governing board on policies and practices dealing with the environment, energy efficiency and conservation.

Completing this step does not require the creation of a new position.  The goal is to appoint someone to be “in charge” of the community’s completion of the Challenge.

Resources / Links:
ICLEI Energy Office Initiative
ICLEI Energy Office Primer (PowerPoint)
How Missoula, MN formed Green Team With No Money


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