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Technical Services

The League offers technical and consulting assistance to member communities that are committed to implementing placemaking strategies, projects and programs. 

If you are interested in accessing technical services for your community or finding out more, contact Heather Van Poucker.


Primary components of the 21c3 technical services include:

Assessment:  With the assistance of expert consultants, the community’s/region’s existing assets and potential challenges in each asset area are objectively assessed and outlined.

Prescriptive consulting:  In collaboration with expert consultants the community will identify the asset area(s) with the greatest potential for impact, prioritize possible pprojects/programs, and develop related proposals and work plans. 

Implementation assistance:  We will work with the community to translate work plans into action, including providing or assisting in securing grant funds or other funding assistance.

Pilot Projects

The League continuously develops its member programs as knowledge and practice on placemaking evolves.  Our five 21c3 Pilot Projects provided the initial framework, and help us prove in Michigan what experts from around the world have been demonstrating…that investing in communities is one of the most critical elements of any long-term economic development strategy.

Five pilot communities—Alpena, Lapeer, Lathrup Village, Sault Ste. Marie, and Ypsilanti—have put theory into action to demonstrate the impact of placemaking principals and their applicability regardless of size or location. Through their demonstration projects, communities across the state can better understand how to leverage a unique sense of place in a community to enhance quality of life and attract the people and businesses that will fuel the 21st century economy.
Please view the Pilot Program report, and be sure to check out each community’s project presentations/report below:

Alpena, Cultural Economic Development
Lapeer, Non-motorized Transportation/Transit
Lathrup Village, Complete Streets/Physical Design & Walkability
Sault Ste. Marie, Town/Gown Strategy, Education
Ypsilanti, Farmer’s Market/Entrepreneurship

Making a Difference

RePlace Solutions offers unique, expert assistance in community repurposing, specifically real estate redevelopment and repositioning strategies.  They focus on repositioning buildings and districts for people through innovative mixed-use redevelopment that maximizes value by honoring the importance of an overarching, vibrant sense of place. 



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