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Featured Resources on Multiculturalism

Human Rights Ordinances
To date, 23 cities, villages, and townships across Michigan have adopted ordinances aimed at protecting the rights of individuals regardless of their sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The ordinances tend to cover housing, hiring practices, public accommodation, and city contracts. Some cover the creation of a commission while some are limited to housing. East Lansing was a pioneer in protecting against discrimination in 1972, being the first municipality in the nation to prohibit discriminating in its hiring practices based on sexual orientation. East Lansing formalized its commitment to equality through a Human Relations Commission which “protects and promotes human dignity and respect for the rights of all individuals and groups; establishes and implements procedures to receive, investigate, mediate, conciliate, adjust, dispose of, issue orders and hold hearings on complaints arising under the human relations ordinance.” Learn more about East Lansing’s approach, as well as others, by visiting the Human Rights category in our ordinance library where you will find summaries and links to Michigan communities’ human rights ordinances.

Immigrant Integration: Resource Access and Cultural Exchange (PDF) is a National  League of Cities report on best practices to support multicultural communities, showing what community outreach programs can do to help immigrants access important city information, engage in community life, and find basics like health care, jobs, and education.

Impact Silver Spring is a Montgomery County, Maryland coalition to help new immigrants gain a foothold. Read more in “Outreach to Immigrants: A Suburb’s Exciting New Way.”

Desert of Dreams: Abu Dhabi and Dubai (PDF) is a report on one of the international study missions sponsored annually by the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle and the Greater Seattle Chamber. Read Trade Development Alliance President  William Stafford’s account of the effort.

Global Detroit Study measures the economic impact of immigrants. The report includes statistics related to education,  entrepreneurship, and innovation. It makes 11 strategic recommendations for taking advantage of multiculturalism and diversity.


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