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Press Release

Matt Bach, Director of Media Relations
Michigan Municipal League
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Michigan Municipal League Insurance Boards Announce 2015 Member Dividends

Hundreds of Michigan communities from throughout the state are expected to share nearly $11 million in dividends for keeping their communities safe for their employees and citizens.

In keeping with the Michigan Municipal League’s mission of providing long-term, stable, cost-effective risk management services to our members, the board of directors of the Michigan Municipal League Liability & Property Pool voted to return $2.55 million in equity to members who renew coverage in 2015. This latest distribution follows the $10.5 million returned over the previous four years. In addition, the trustees of the MML Workers’ Compensation Fund authorized an equity return of $8.4 million as part of members’ July 1, 2015 renewal.

“These dividend payments are a continuing example of the benefit of a member-owned program,” said Michael Forster, director of risk management services for the Michigan Municipal League. ”The fact that our member communities are getting money back shows they are working diligently to make their communities safe places for their employees and residents.”

The Michigan Municipal League Liability & Property Pool and the MML Workers’ Compensation Fund are the nonprofit self-insurance programs owned, operated and governed by member communities. Over the long run, they represent the lowest cost insurance alternative for Michigan local governments. Excess contributions—the direct result of the local communities’ cooperative work to control losses—are returned to members through dividends, expanded coverage or improved services.

These are programs of member communities. The ability to return ownership equity depends on the efforts of the communities. These latest distributions represent premium dollars that would otherwise be lost to out-of-state or out-of-country commercial insurers. The League thanks the member communities for their continued effort to making sure these programs work best for all.   

MML Liability & Property Pool Directors:

Chair:  Jason Eppler
City of Ionia

Vice Chair: Robert Clark
City of Monroe
Dan Gilmartin
Executive Director/CEO

Penny Hill
Assistant Manager
City of Traverse City
Sue Osborn
City of Fenton

David Post
Village of Hillman
Adam Smith
Village of Mackinaw City
Jean Stegeman
City of Menominee

Paula Zelenko
City of Burton

MML Workers’ Compensation Fund Trustees:

Chair:  Elva Mills
Village of Lexington

Vice Chair: George Bosanic
City of Greenville

Frank Brock, Jr.
City of Lathrup Village              

Christine Burns
Village of Spring Lake

Frank Campbell
City of Hastings
Maureen Donker
City of Midland

Dan Gilmartin
Executive Director/CEO
Ken Hibl
City of Clare

Larry Nielsen
Village of Paw Paw

Dan Reszka
Village of Elk Rapids

Amy Roddy
City of Durand

William Vajda
City of Marquette

Thomas Winarski

City of Gladwin

For more information contact Michael Forster, Director, Risk Management Services
734-669-6340 or

About the Liability & Property Pool
The Michigan Municipal League Liability & Property Pool provides comprehensive property, general liability, auto liability, public officials' liability insurance and related services to hundreds of Michigan cities, villages, townships and other public entities. We write more than $18 million in premiums, have more than $50 million in net assets and have returned more than $10 million in dividends to our member/owners over the last 4 years. The Pool has remained a financially strong and stable source of insurance and risk management services since 1982. We offer up to $10 million per occurrence for liability, replacement cost property coverage, and a host of risk management services that are second to none.

About the Workers' Compensation Fund
The Michigan Municipal League Workers' Compensation Fund is the state's leading provider of municipal workers' compensation and risk management services. The Fund has the lowest rates, the best claims service, and the highest historical return of dividends of any insurer in Michigan. The Fund has more than 890 members, $135 million in assets, and more than $66 million in net assets. Efficient administration, effective loss control programs, and proactive claims services have resulted in rates that are on average 50 percent lower than those of our nearest competitor.

The Michigan Municipal League advocates on behalf of its member communities in Lansing, Washington, D.C., and the courts; provides educational opportunities for elected and appointed municipal officials; and assists municipal leaders in administering services to their communities through League programs and services.




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