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Press Release

August 9, 2010

CONTACT:   Matt Bach
Dir. of Communications
Michigan Municipal League
(734) 669-6317 or

Robert Bobb to Speak at Michigan Municipal League Convention
Sept. 21-24 in Dearborn

Robert Bobb, the Emergency Financial Manager for the Detroit school district, will speak during the Michigan Municipal League’s Annual Convention Sept. 21-24.Bobb has been the emergency financial manager for the of the 87,000-student Detroit Public Schools since March 2, 2009. A one-year appointment by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was extended through March 1, 2011. This year’s League Convention focuses on the eight assets that make for vibrant communities. These assets are identified in the League’s Center for 21st Century Communities initiative. Bobb’s presentation is related to the 21c3’s education asset.

Mr. Bobb assembled a team of national turnaround experts to address the district’s legacy deficit which was projected to peak at $305.8 million by June 2009, and to create for the school district a Master Education Plan for 21st Century Teaching and Learning; plans for Safe and Secure Learning Environments; Facilities; and Parent and Community Involvement; as well as a Master Long-term Financial Plan. Immediate establishment of an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) began a path to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, and creation of an internal Office of Internal Audit assured that internal controls are in place. The OIG efforts resulted in 218 cases opened from 281 tips received, referral of 15 cases to federal and state prosecutors, four criminal prosecutions, 19 disciplinary hearings, termination of 9 employees, and identification of 17 computer theft suspects. Detroit Public Schools also addressed 89 percent of the previous problematic audit findings. Academic restructuring resulted in new assignments for 37 of the district's principals, nonrenewal of contracts for 44 others, and restructuring of 40 Detroit Public Schools including 22 of the district’s high schools. Nineteen of 42 high schools opened in Fall 2009 with new principals.

Mr. Bobb holds more than 30 years executive management experience in both the private and public sectors. He is the owner, President and CEO of the LAPA Group, LLC, a multi-faceted private/public sector consulting firm. He was elected city-wide as the President of the Washington, DC Board of Education in November 2006. Mr. Bobb is the former City Administrator and Deputy Mayor for Washington, D.C. and served as the District of Columbia’s Homeland Security Advisor. He managed a workforce of approximately 20,000 employees and an annual budget of $8 billion dollars. He served as the City Manager of Oakland, California and Executive Director of the Oakland Redevelopment Agency, City Manager of Richmond, Virginia, City Manager of Santa Ana, California, and City Manager of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mr. Bobb holds the distinction of having served on a continuous basis as the longest tenured African-American City Manager/City Administrator in the nation. He is an expert on the issues facing urban government in the realms of education, economic development, community and neighborhood development, municipal budgeting and finances, contract negotiations, public/private partnerships of sports franchises, libraries and recreation facilities, and social problems such as crime and grime.




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