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Reporting Procedures



Meadowbrook Claims Service (MCS) is the Claims Administrator for the Michigan Municipal League Liability and Property Pool. The following procedures provide instructions on how to respond and report a claim to the company.

What Is A Claim?

A claim is an accident or incident that results in an injury or property damage. A claim may also be a request from another party for money damages as a result of an accident or incident that arises out of your operations. This information must be reported to MCS immediately after you have received notice of the claim.

What To Do When A Claim Occurs

Listed below are the steps you should take when an accident or incident occurs.

Ask the person to describe what happened and the date the accident occurred. Be sure to obtain their current address and phone number.

If the person asks what will be done with their claim, only advise them that this information will be submitted to your insurance company, who will be contacting them. Even though the person making the claim may seek a commitment, the insurance company needs to evaluate the claim and make the determination on whether the municipality is legally obligated to the claim or not.

Record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the claim.
If the claim results from an accident, inspect the accident area and record the condition of the area. Photos taken of the damage or where the accident occurred is very helpful.
ONLY discuss the claim with a representative of the Pool or MCS. If anyone contacts you about a claim, immediately refer the person to MCS.

For damage to a municipal automobile, please obtain two estimates. If the damage appears to be greater than $2,500, an appraiser may be sent to inspect the vehicle and confirm the damage amount with the repair facility.

For damage to municipal property or buildings, please take the necessary steps to secure the building or property. If necessary, contact a contractor to perform temporary or emergency repairs to secure the property.

Do not make any promises or any statements as to the cause of the accident or who was at fault.

How To Report A Claim

An Occurrence Form should be completed using the information you have on the claim. Please complete all of the sections, if possible. This information should be reported as soon as possible. Dont wait for complete estimates before submitting a claim.

Send the completed Occurrence Form to MCS by mail, fax or online form. If submitted online, you will receive an email containing a copy of the form you submitted for your records.

What Type of Claim am I reporting?

There are four boxes at the top of the Occurrence Form to select from when reporting a claim.

Property Loss pertains to claims involving damage to municipal property.

Automobile Loss pertains to claims that involved the use of a municipal vehicle; whether it is caused by a municipal vehicle or there was physical damage done to a municipal vehicle.

General Liability Loss pertains to claims presented by third parties against the municipality.

Sewer Back Up Loss involves any claims where there is a backup or overflow of any sewage or water from any sewer, drain or sump.

What type of Documentation will I need to gather?

You may be asked to provide a copy of a police report, estimates, invoices, contracts, agreements, maintenance records, policies and/or procedures, photos, measurements, personnel files or any other documentation needed to evaluate a claim. This information does not need to be gathered prior to submitting a claim.

Notice of Litigation or Correspondence From an Attorney

The first notice of a claim may come to you in the form of a letter from an attorney advising of an accident or incident that occurred from your business operations. If this occurs, immediately forward that correspondence to MCS. An adjuster will contact you for future handling.

If you are served with a Summons and Complaint, these documents must be immediately sent to MCS. Be sure to identify the date and method that the Summons was served upon you. An adjuster will contact you for future handling.

In either of these instances, only discuss the facts of the claim with a representative of the Pool, MSC, or attorneys that we have retained to represent you.

Where Do I Send Additional Information?

There are two MCS Claim Offices. The addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers are listed in the Staff Contacts section. All of the Upper Peninsula is handled by the Grand Rapids Office. Please click here for a map of the Lower Peninsula to determine which office to send additional information to.

Comments, Concerns, Questions

The Michigan Municipal League Liability and Property Pool and Meadowbrook Claims Service are committed to providing quality claims service to you. If you have any questions involving these procedures or have questions in general about a claim, please contact the claims staff. By working as a team in the handling of your claims, we strive to see that all claims are resolved in a fair and equitable manner.



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