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Workers' Compensation Fund Blue Arrows

Points To Remember

  • Injuries should be investigated promptly. Obtain a detailed history from the employee as to how the injury happened, what type of injury occurred, and what body parts were affected.

  • Injuries should be reported promptly to the MML Workers’ Compensation Fund/Meadowbrook. Delays in reporting can complicate a claim and prolong disability. In some cases, delay may also directly cost your municipality penalties.

  • Supervisors and other personnel responsible for the preparation of the workers’ compensation forms should agree in advance as to who is responsible for reporting and coordinating claims.

  • A medical clinic/facility should be designated for the initial treatment of workers who are not seriously injured. This is an excellent way to ensure consistent quality of care, allow proper monitoring and control your costs.
    A PPOM provider should be utilized when possible.

  • In most instances, the employee should treat with the medical clinic/facility of the employer’s choice for the first twenty-eight (28) days following the injury. Subsequent care with service providers other than the employer-designated facility should be pre-approved by the MML Workers’ Compensation Fund staff assigned to the case.

  • Always feel free to call us if you have any questions!

  • For any forms submitted through our web site, you will receive a carbon copy of the email including attachments.






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