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We Need Your Help to Save Michigan Cities

In a guest column, the League's Anthony Minghine expounds on the state's disinvestment in Michigan cities. He recently visited Mt. Pleasant, Clare, and Alma to engage in a community conversation which stressed that strong cities are at the heart of a great economy, but in Michigan we are failing to make those strategic investments. Michigan's economy is improving, but our cities and villages are not benefitting because Michigan's system for funding municipalities is broken and does not track with the economy. It is flawed and a drag on our overall economic prosperity. Read more.

League Speaking on Municipal Finance at Capitol Issues Forum

On May 24, the League's Anthony Minghine will be part of a panel discussion on "Tax Dilemna: Finding Funding for Failing Cities," hosted by the Small Business Association of Michigan. Minghine willl explain the challenge of advocating for more state revenue sharing when the budget is already cash-strapped. Tune in to Facebook Live, 8 am, May 24.

What Michigan Is - and Isn't - Doing for Local Governments

Michigan Treasurer Nick Khouri says the improving economy gives Michigan a chance to reform local governments' revenue, efficiency of services and unfunded retiree costs. Gov. Snyder's new task force on retirement reform is unlikely to recommend fixes. More.

Innovation in Government? Yes, Where Else?

League staffers advocated for the Public Spaces, Community Places crowdfunding initiative, a finalist for Harvard University's Innovations in American Govt. Award. Some think innovation and government is an oxymoron. We've forgotten proactive government investments. Read more.

John Barr Scholarship Offers Great Opportunity for Local Officials

The John Barr Leadership Education Scholarship was created from its namesake's vision to provide local elected and appointed officials with the knowledge and skills they need to lead and govern their communities. Apply by May 31. Read more. .

Municipalities Can No Longer Regulate Taxicabs

A new law stripping all local control over taxi carriers went into effect on March 21. It prohibits a local unit of government from imposing a tax or fee upon, or requiring a license for, limousines, taxicabs, and Transportation Network Companies such as Uber or Lyft. Read new Fact Sheet.

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