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League CEO Speaks in China About Placemaking in Michigan

League CEO Dan Gilmartin was in China recently with League Board President Melanie Piana to attend the United Nation's Habitat Conference on Placemaking. During Placemaking Week in Wuhan, China, they represented Michigan's placemaking programs as invited guests of UN Habitat. Gilmartin was asked to present Michigan's accomplishments in the field to a group of local leaders from China and several other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. It's a big deal that our state organization and its members continue to be recognized as examples for others to follow in the U.S. and globally. Read more.

Michigan Voters Approved Recreational Marihuana - Now What?

Following the recent passage of Proposal 1, the League has developed a Recreational Marihuana Proposition white paper. This new resource for municipal attorneys and their clients details what to expect and the issues to be addressed in regard to Proposal 1. Read more.

Podcast Sheds Light on Present and Future of Downtown Revitalization

Bringing life back to downtowns is the mission of the National Main Street Center. On the Economics of Place podcast, Patrice Frey, the organization's CEO, sits down with Dan Gilmartin to discuss how to revitalize downtowns now and take adantage of globalism in the years ahead. Tune in now.

League's Anthony Minghine Talks Broken Municipal Finance on Radio

The SaveMiCity initiative is prominently mentioned in an excellent interview with the League's Anthony Minghine on Detroit's 910 am Superstation. He discusses revenue sharing, our state's broken municipal funding system, possible solutions, and more. Listen here (Tony starts at the 1 hour and 30 minute mark). Read more.

Monday Morning Live Broadcast Covered PPT, Fireworks, More

We hope you joined us for our second Monday Morning Live broadcast, where our legislative team enlightened us on the rapid-fire activity in the Legislature during the Lame Duck session. Watch it now on Facebook and tune in for the next episode, Mon., Dec. 17, 10:30-11:00 am.

Bills Would Remove Local Authority for Tree and Vegetation Regulations

The League needs your help in opposing tree trimming and removal bils (SB 1188-1194) that are being rushed through the Senate. The bills would enact the "Vegetation Removal Preemption Act." The League strongly opposes this legislation and encourages our members to contact their lawmakers immediately. Read more.

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