Why does Detroit matter to Michigan’s future? Read this article from the March/April issue of The Review magazine. Once you do, you’ll understand why the future of every Michigan community is connected to the fate of our largest metropolitan center…and you’ll see why the League’s 2013 Convention is taking place on this important urban stage.

Detroit’s “future history” is also the focus of Bridge Magazine correspondent Rick Haglund’s latest insightful piece on why a vibrant urban core is so critical to luring young talent. The struggles Detroit has faced in the past few decades, and the challenges it faces in the years to come, are compared to Milwaukee’s journey to reinvent itself from a blue collar manufacturing hub to the kind of city where young college grads are flocking.

You’ll get to explore these issues firsthand and see what Detroiters are doing to reinvent the city at the League’s 2013 Convention at the Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit, September 17-10, 2013. Registration opens June 1!

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