A media roundtable discussion like this one will take place at the League's 2014 Capital Conference.

This year's Capital Conference is so action-packed that the Michigan Municipal League is having not one, but TWO, newsworthy events in which the media have been invited.

One of the news events surrounds a live joint hearing of the Michigan House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation. The League is hosting this joint hearing at the Lansing Center during our Conference. To testify to the committee, the League is bringing in Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and John Norquist, President and CEO of the Congress for New Urbanism. Becker, who is also a keynote speaker during the Conference, will discuss how transit has created jobs and economic development in his city and surrounding communities. Mayor Becker will also discuss how transit could benefit Michigan cities. Norquist will discuss the importance of building streets that promote livable, walkable and vibrant communities and explain the economic benefits of creating urban environments that support multiple modes of transportation. The media has been invited to the joint hearing, which is 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, March 19, in the Lansing Center, Room 203.

The other newsworthy event is a media roundtable discussion involving League staff and members. The discussion taking place Tuesday at the League's Lansing office will be on revenue sharing and the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). At the media roundtable, the League will release a list of more than 50 Michigan cities and the amount of revenue sharing funds that the Legislature and governor diverted from each of them over the past decade. Cities on the list include Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Traverse City, Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, and dozens more around the state.

Go here to view a media advisory on the two news events. You can follow this year's @mmleague Capital Conference on Twitter using the #mmlconf hashtag.

Matt Bach is director of media relations for the Michigan Municipal League. He can be reached at (734) 669-6317 or mbach@mml.org.

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