If you've been planning to register for the League's upcoming Capital Conference March 20-21 in Lansing but have kept putting it off until you "have the time"...well, that time is running out fast! Online Registration ends Monday, March 12! This could also be the perfect year to enter the annual Community Excellence Awards! All you have to do is stand up at your Regional Roundtable and give a simple five-minute talk on the success your community has had with some unique, innovative program or project. Maybe it's a community effort, a new marketing campaign, a downtown revitalization project or a new operations system that makes your government offices run more smoothly. It could be anything! Don't be intimidated by the impressive slideshows and video productions you see during the final round at Convention -- you won't need to do anything right now except tell your fellow region members about your project. Then if you win your region, we'll send out press releases and help spread the word to your local media about your community's success. All because of a simple five-minute speech!

Then you'll have six full months to prepare to show off your best and brightest at the League Convention at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island! Can you think of a more perfect setting to tell the whole state about what your community has accomplished?

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