Clare officials celebrate after winning the 2011 Community Excellence Award. This could be you in 2012!

Does your community have an innovative local success story, program, or project? Did this project have a positive impact on your community? Could another community adapt this project to meet a similar challenge? If you answered yes these questions then a statewide competition sponsored by the Michigan Municipal League is for you.

The Michigan Municipal League recognizes innovative solutions through the peer-nominated Community Excellence Award, a spirited competition we affectionately call “The Race for the Cup”. The race officially begins next week during the League's 2012 Capital Conference in Lansing. Last year we transitioned to a less formal five-minute "elevator pitch" style presentation for initial entries at the regional level. This makes the competition more accessible and easier for everyone to participate without a lot of time, expense, and expertise required.

The seven region finalists will go on to the final round at the League's Annual Convention Oct. 5-7 on Mackinac Island. That's where they’ll get to pull out all the stops for the kind of high-quality, entertaining production that's become such a highlight of the Annual Convention.

Remember, giving a five minute, “elevator pitch” style presentation at your Regional Roundtable event at Capital Conference on TUESDAY, March 20, 2012, is the ONLY way to enter! Go here to learn how the CEAs work. While you don't have to register to submit a CEA, we do prefer that you register in advance here.

Looking for inspiration? Click here to see slideshows and videos from past CEA presentations.

Matt Bach is director of communications for the Michigan Municipal League. He can be reached at and (734) 669-6317.

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