Capt. Mark Adamshick, Ret., PhD, is a United States Navy TOP GUN graduate who has flown more than100 combat missions over Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, and holds a master's degree in public administration. Captain Adamshick began his speech on Thursday praising Michigan.

"I've been to 45 different countries but I've never been to Michigan," Adamshick told the crowd. "I'm overwhelmed by the hospitality, courtesy and friendship here. Michigan truly is America at its finest."

Adamshick went on to discuss the true meaning of leadership.

"It's about them, not us. It's for those we lead," he said. "That's what's often missing in our modern dialogue."

Public service is a profession, not a job, he said.

Through inspiring and often humorous personal anecdotes, Adamshick discussed moral choices, and what it takes to have the moral courage to do the right thing: a necessity for maintaining the public trust He also explored why seemingly good people sometimes do bad things and suggested a framework for improving civic virtue.

It was an inspiring reminder of the underlying principles that should be at the heart of every leader's mission.



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