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Community Excellence Award Regional Finalists Announced

clock April 9, 2013 20:19 by author Elizabeth Shaw

Here's a quick peek at the seven CEA winners from the Regional Roundtables:

Region 1- Linden/Holly/Fenton's Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail
Region 2 - St. Joseph's Silver Beach Development
Region 3 - Belding's Community Garden
Region 4 - DeWitt's Community Showcase
Region 5 - Imlay City's Economic Gardening
Region 6 - Rogers City's Dancin' Downtown
Region 7 - Ironwood's Depot Park.
More details coming soon! Congrats to ALL our fantastic entries!

Every region had outstanding projects to offer, each one of them worthy of a win. Here are the other entries, which you'll hear more about next week on the League's new Placemaking blog:


Rochester - Main Street Makeover

Eastpointe - Service line Affordable Protection Program (SLAPP)New Baltimore - "Make New Baltimore Your Destination"Plymouth - Northville Plymouth Fire Agreement

Grosse Pointe - Wellness Center and Patient Facility

Westland - Core Shopping/Dining District


South Haven - Kal Haven Trail Extension and Williams Street Reconstruction

Albion - Crowell School

Bridgman, Baroda, Berrien Springs - 3B's Agri-tourism Ignition Effort


Whitehall - Bioswales and Trails


Mt Pleasant - Access Adventure Trail

Ithaca - Ithaca Unit of the Graiot Co Sheriff's Office


Lexington- Volunteerism

Harbor Beach - Interpretive Sign Project


Ontonagon - Complete Streets

Sault Ste Marie - Historic Water Street


Representatives from the seven region finalists for the 2013 Community Excellence Awards. From left: Linden Mayor David Lossing (Region 1); Rogers City Manager Mark Slown (Region 6); Belding Councilmember Andrea Belding (Region 3); DeWitt City Manager Daniel Coss (Region 4); Imlay City Mayor Margaret Guerrero (Region 5); St. Joseph Mayor Robert Judd (Region 2); and Ironwood Mayor Kim Corcoran (Region 7).

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Michigan Blood and Be The Match Registry Event

clock January 29, 2013 11:42 by author Elizabeth Shaw

President David Lossing is sponsoring a Bone Marrow Drive  at Capital Conference!  Any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 44 can become a prospective marrow donor.  Joining the registry is as simple as filling out some paperwork and having your cheek swabbed.

Michigan Blood fundraises throughout the year to help off-set the testing cost of $100 per person. The cost comes from the HLA typing done from the cheek swab collected at registration. While we are currently asking each new registry member to contribute $25 of that testing cost, President Lossing has generously offered to cover the first ten people to register at no cost.

To read about President Lossing’s recent bone marrow donation visit my-bonemarrowdonation-adventure.blogspot.com

The registry table will be located near the League registration desk.


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Clarence Anthony on Thinking Globally, Leading Locally at League Convention 2012 General Session

clock October 4, 2012 10:33 by author Elizabeth Shaw

Clarence Anthony speaks at the 2012 Michigan Municipal League Convention.

MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan - Clarence Anthony, Mayor for the lakeside city of South Bay, Florida, is President, Anthony Government Solutions, Inc. Despite being mayor for a relatively small community, he has also emerged as a city leader of national and international standing. Mayor Anthony's accolades include the Ebony Magazine Future Leader, Outstanding Young Men in America and Outstanding Community Leaders in America awards, as well as the Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce Mayor of the Year. However, it was with his election as 75th president of the National League of Cities for 1999 (only the second from a small city) that his arrival as a city leader on the national stage arrived. This was later augmented with his 2007 election as treasurer and first vice president of the United Cities and Local Governments organization.

Anthony talked about growing up in a small town in Florida, opening his speech with an inspiring poem about "being told it can't be done--and I did it." That starting point led Anthony's audience through a powerful, inspiring and often humorous narrative of how Anthony became a strong leader with an awareness of the world around him and what could and should be learned from it.

"The easy part is getting elected. Being educated to govern properly: that's the hard part," Anthony told his audience as he explained how first the Florida League of Cities and then the National League of Cities provided him with resources, educational opportunities and lobbying advocacy to accomplish goals at home in his own small town. He has gone on to visit over 30 countries in the last 10 years, learning from their best practices and sharing his own knowledge to enrich both. Many in the audience chuckled with recognition when he talked of city officials who might be opening their agenda packet for the first time when they walk into the council chambers for a meeting, instead of being prepared withthe  knowledge and information to get things done.

There are four pillars to learning global and leading local, he said: a willingness to learn, self-cultural awareness, inclusiveness and the ability to share and work together.

Anthony's speech was an uplifting and inspiring start to the TED-style speeches that followed on civic engagement, arts and culture as an economic driver, and sustainable community design.

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Community Excellence Award Presentations at Welcoming General Session

clock October 3, 2012 20:30 by author Elizabeth Shaw

Seven Region finalists presented their winning presentations at the Welcome General Session of the League's Annual Convention on Wednesday afternoon:

Region 1: Utica's Riverwalk connects the city's Memorial Park on historic Main Street (Auburn Road) with its revitalized riverfront.


Region 2: Baroda's "Gateway to Wine Country" campaign is the village's effort to reinvent the farming community that has lost its tool and die industry as an agri-tourism destination.


Region 3: Grandville is doing a major upgrade of its clean water treatment plant to incorporate innovative and efficient design that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


Region 4: Durand is renovating and revitalizing using the principles of placemaking, centered on its new streetscape project and its legacy as a railroad community.


Region 5: Port Huron Recreation Department is a partnership that is increasing revenues for the city while providing more recreational opportunities for surrounding township residents.


Region 6: Alpena and its surrounding region are promoting arts and culture as an economic development tool.


Region 7: Bessemer is working to improve relations with the Gogebic Range Water Authority to benefit the entire region.


League members are now voting for their favorite presentation. The winner will be announced Friday morning. Good luck to all the fantastic projects!


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New Android and Apple Apps for Michigan Municipal League 2012 Convention Now Ready for Download

clock September 14, 2012 07:13 by author Elizabeth Shaw

Want to know the latest details on the agenda? Looking for more information on the speakers? Have a question about special activities? The new Android and Apple apps are now available for download for the Michigan Municipal League's 2012 Convention, October 3-5 on Mackinac Island!

The FREE app contains session details and locations, silent auction information, photos, sponsors, ferry maps and schedules, and the Convention twitter feed. With this time-saving tool, you'll be able to navigate the Convention with ease and keep up with all the action. 

The apps are free and if you downloaded the app for the Michigan Municipal League 2012 Capital Conference to your smart phone or other device back in March, it should update with the current Convention information! If it hasn't already done so automatically, simply go to the Android or Apple app store link below, and download the update. (Please note that in your list of apps, it will no longer be listed alphabetically under Capital Conference. You'll now find it under 2012 Convention.)

Click here for the Android app. Click here for the Apple app.

Some Screenshots of the App

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