The convergence of the two largest generations in American history—baby boomers and millennials—is creating a profound structural shift in demographics and real estate. Both are driving market demand for walkable urban centers in core cities and inner-ring suburbs. Christopher Leinberger—author, developer, president of LOCUS, visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution and professor of urban and regional planning—will  present a compelling case for what Michigan must do to take advantage of this shift, while growing the economy and creating jobs.

You can hear Leinberger during the Michigan Municipal League’s 2012 Convention on Mackinac Island October 3-5.

Leinberger is president of Locus, Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors; the Charles Bendit Distinguished Scholar and Research Professor, George Washington University School of Business; Nonresident Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution in Washington DC; and a founding partner of Arcadia Land Company, a New Urbanism and transitoriented development firm. His most recent book is "The Option of Urbanism, Investing in a New American Dream." He is an Op-Ed contributor to the The New York Times, writes regularly for The Atlantic.

Check out the Convention agenda and more detailed list of topics to be discussed, including a discussion on some of the controversial ballot issues that may appear on the November ballot, new laws regarding cell towers, health care reform, how to secure grant funding for your community, how governments can address illegal drugs in their communities, collaborative innovation by Jeff DeGraff, local finance issues and strategies, and community design and sustainability. Be sure to register by Aug 31 to get the group discount rate at the Grand Hotel.

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