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Michigan Municipal League to Host Education Session on Sharing Services on March 20 in Lansing

clock January 3, 2012 14:02 by author Matt Bach

LANSING, Michigan - Having Michigan communities share services is a hot topic in Lansing these days and it's something the Michigan Municipal League has encouraged its members to do for years. Lansing area communities have been praised recently for efforts to consolidate and share services. And Lansing lawmakers recently approved a package of bills that will make sharing services easier for Michigan communities.

To help even more Michigan communities share services, the League is hosting an education session on this topic March 20 in Lansing. The session, Creative Consolidation: The Steps to Success in Shared Services, is part of a pre-conference series of education seminars the League is having at the start of its annual Capital Conference, March 20-21. Registration for the Conference starts Jan. 11. View the Conference agenda here.

Here is the description of the shared services session: Revenues are shrinking and costs are rising. Consolidation of services is fast becoming the new reality for local governments hard-pressed to meet their community’s needs with ever-tighter budgets. What are the legalities that can aid or impede service consolidation? What are the key steps to making the transition work for both the municipal employer and employee? Where are Michigan’s success stories in shared services, and what can be learned from them? This session is an essential start to the collaborative process.

Matt Bach is director of communications for the Michigan Municipal League. He can be reached at mbach@mml.org or 734-669-6317.

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Community Excellence Award Competition to Start at 2012 Michigan Municipal League Capital Conference

clock December 19, 2011 16:09 by author Matt Bach

LANSING, Michigan - The Michigan Municipal League has simplified the presentation process to keep this program accessible, as well as relocated the first round to our member's Regional Roundtable sessions during our Capital Conference in Lansing March 20, 2012. The League recognizes innovative solutions through the peer-nominated Community Excellence Award, a spirited competition we affectionately call “The Race for the Cup.”

All Community Excellence Award (CEA) presentations will be limited to an “elevator pitch” format and will be presented at their Roundtable on March 20, 2012. Communities entering will have five minutes to passionately present their project—no videos, no PowerPoints, nothing but your project and power of persuasion! 

Regional winners, who will be voted on by their peers on March 20, will compete at our Annual Convention and typically prepare more spectacular videos and/or PowerPoint presentations for that venue.

Matt Bach is director of communications for the Michigan Municipal League. He can be reached at mbach@mml.org or (734) 669-6317.

Officials from Clare's Cop & Donuts Business celebrate winning the 2011 Community Excellence Award.

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