Listen. Engage. Act.

We must listen. We must act.

The tragic and brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis and the resulting protests have put the issues of police brutality and racial injustice at the forefront of the American psyche. Citizens throughout the country are demanding that their governments combat brutality, inequity, and racial intolerance in all their forms.

Local officials must seize this moment. It is our responsibility as community leaders to respond to our residents through systematic change…

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Engage in Resources

The League has compiled the resources on this page in support of our members as we move together towards a better understanding of racial injustice in our communities, and our role in correcting it.

We will be posting our own webinars, updates on relevant legislation, and other content, as well as links to policy guides and toolkits from organizations around the state and country. Additionally, we are collecting policies from our members that address discrimination, police misconduct, or racial inequity—please share your own policies as examples for others to draw on.

You will not find here a single solution or “best practice” recommended for all communities, but a range of strategies to evaluate locally.

League Updates & Webinars

Future Webinars:

Past Webinars:

Identifying the Barriers to Equity: Understanding the Local Impacts of the Criminal Justice System – August 6, 2020
PowerPoint – YouTube – Podcast – Additional Resources

The Future of Public Safety Webinar Series: Re-imagining Community Engagement – July 30, 2020
PowerPoint – YouTube – Podcast

The Future of Public Safety Webinar Series: Re-imagining How We Invest – June 30, 2020
YouTube – Podcast – PowerPoint

Featured Articles

The League’s goal is to provide a variety of thought provoking articles that will help members to unbox and understand the different perspectives surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage everyone to take the time to consider these thoughts and map their own vision for their community.

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