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Request for Proposal Audit Services


CIty of Fraser




Request for Proposal - Audit Services

Closing Date


To Apply

Letters of Qualification should include the following:
1. Name, address and brief history of firm.
2. Resumes of key personnel to be assigned.
3. Information as discussed and requested in the Scope of Work below.
4. Related experience and examples of other municipalities and audits during the last two years that are similar in scope to this one, including a contact person.
5. Describe the audit firm's participation in AICPA-sponsored or comparable quality control programs (peer review). Provide a copy of the firm's current peer review as required by Government Auditing Standards.
6. You are invited to include a maximum of one page of information not included above if you feel it may be useful and applicable to this scope.


The City of Fraser, Macomb County, Michigan is seeking qualification statements from qualified firms of certified public accountants to audit its financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, with the option of auditing its statements for each of the two (2) subsequent years at the discretion of the City Council (Board).


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