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Sample Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor for Local Media


Proposal 1 Yes proposed letters to the editor (pick one and email to your local newspaper):


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Best chance (151 words)
Michigan’s roads are a mess, and the potholes have moved from inconveniences to tire-wreckers to accident-causers. We need to make Michigan’s roads safer – and we have one chance to do that. On May 5, we can vote for Proposal 1, which will help us restore funding for Michigan’s roads.

Proposal 1 isn’t my idea of a perfect solution. But it includes a lot of good features, including stronger road warrantees and a guarantee that the state taxes we pay on gasoline go for transportation. Some people are saying we should cut funding for schools or the environment or public safety and use that for roads. I disagree. It’s time for Michigan to invest in safer highways.
Michigan’s roads are a disgrace. They need to be safe, for our children and grandchildren.

Proposal 1 is the only chance we will have to fix them. Vote YES for Proposal 1 on May 5.


For roads only (112 words)
I’m sick and tired of the Lansing politicians spending the taxes we pay for roads on programs that have nothing to do with roads. I support Proposal 1 on the May 5 ballot because, for the first time, it would guarantee that every dime we pay in state gas taxes must be used for transportation and to fix our roads and bridges.

Michigan roads and bridges are the worst in the nation. Now that we have a chance to guarantee the state taxes we pay for gasoline must go to roads, I’m voting yes. The politicians no longer will be able to spend our state road taxes on other programs and services.


Student drivers (200 words)
In Michigan, teenagers who are learning to drive are getting lessons in a new skill – how to safely avoid potholes. Do you hit the pothole, knowing it may destroy a tire – or send you careening off the road? Do you swerve, knowing that may put you into the path of another car? Slow down? Speed up?

Proposal 1 on May 5 will make our roads safer. Some people are saying we can do this by eliminating, say, the state’s tax credit for movie making, or by going for a part-time Legislature. The reality is that we’ve waited so long to fix our infrastructure that we need a major new investment in our roads, and we are never going to be able to make it by cutting programs for schools, public health, law enforcement, and other essential services.

Michigan now spends less per resident on roads than any other state. We are dead last in per-capita funding for roads. Proposal 1 will move us up on the list, provide for strong road warrantees that will hold road builders responsible for their work, and guarantee for the first time that every penny we pay in state taxes on gas goes to transportation.


Not enough (175 words)
Some argue against Proposal 1 − the safe roads proposal on the May 5 statewide ballot − by claiming there is enough money in the state budget to fix our crumbling roads and bridges. The state budget is $52 billion — a huge number. But the vast majority of those funds are federal dollars that can’t, by law, be used for essential state purposes such as keeping our roads and bridges safe. 

The fact is, Michigan now spends less per resident on roads than any other state. We are dead last in per-capita funding for roads. And we’ve let the politicians send gas taxes away from roads and transportation. Proposal 1 solves the problem: it guarantees every penny we pay at the pump in state gas taxes goes to transportation.

This proposal is not perfect … nothing from Lansing ever is. We must vote YES for Proposal 1 in May because it’s our last chance to fix Michigan’s roads for years − if not decades − and to end the road tax shell game in Lansing.


Special interests (155 words)
I’m tired of people who criticize those of us responsible for public safety in Michigan as “special interests.” Since when are the agencies responsible for keeping Michigan’s roads safe special interests? Since when are the local agencies responsible for keeping our drinking water safe and clean, and driving our children safely to school, special interests?

Safe roads and bridges are essential to Michigan’s economy, to our families, and to our kids. School bus drivers, police officers, ambulance drivers and firefighters all need safe roads and bridges and are hindered by the pothole-littered roads they confront today across our state.

Proposal 1 on the May 5 ballot is not perfect. But it is the last chance we have to guarantee funding for safe roads and bridges in our state constitution. Proposal 1 would guarantee every penny we pay in state gas taxes goes to transportation, ending the Lansing shell game of diverting gas taxes somewhere else.


Look closer (112 words)
I have looked closely at the so-called “roads” proposal on the May 5 statewide ballot. Here’s what it does:

  • It guarantees that the state taxes we pay on gasoline go only to transportation — to fix the roads and bridges. It ends the old Lansing political shell game of diverting gas taxes somewhere else.

  • It requires road builders to warranty the roads they build. If the roads violate the warranty, the roadbuilder — not taxpayers — pays to fix them.

Proposal 1 is not perfect. But it gives Michigan a far better road funding law than we have today. I’m voting Yes on Proposal 1 to guarantee our state gas taxes go to safer roads.

For a Word document of these letters, please email Matt Bach.


For official campaign information go to




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