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Prosperity Agenda
Public Policies for a Prosperous Michigan
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The industries I think about most... are far more sensitive to the quality of talent in the area than they are to tax policies.” - Bill Gates

What kind of Michigan do we want?

It’s a provocative question that dares us to dream about a better future, a better Michigan.

Abraham Lincoln said: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” We can’t create it if we can’t dream it. Dreams become agendas; agendas become plans. Plans that become actions can change the world.

Through the Prosperity Agenda, the Michigan Municipal League is intent on creating a better future, a Michigan that prospers once again.

The Michigan Municipal League Prosperity Agenda answers the question: What kind of Michigan do we want? It’s a place, really…a place where people choose to live, learn, work and play once again, and where communities can meet their expectations—whether with fun and educational activities, efficient government services, health care, etc.

Communities where people choose to live, learn, work, and play are places where prosperity can be found.

A better and prosperous Michigan—that’s the Michigan we want. Together with you, and with the Michigan Municipal League Prosperity Agenda, we can create it. Here’s how.


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