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Economic Stimulus Programs

The "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009," created
to preserve and create jobs and promote economic recovery, will deliver money directly to states and local governments through September 30, 2010. The Act requires these funds to be used within a designated timeframe otherwise the money will be returned to the federal government for redistribution.

As Recovery Act monies make their way to Michigan, the League has asked the federal government to ensure that funding also be directed, in accordance with the act, to address local fiscal stress issues.  See the letter to Vice-President Biden and other reports on this issue.

The following websites were established to track projects and provide information:

Federal Government

- Granholm Administration (shows16,000 project requests totaling $59b)  

The below links provide background information on the legislation and funding programs related to transportation, sewer and water, community development, energy, public safety and broadband development. 

League staff will continue to provide updated information through our blog, Inside 208 and Legislative Link e-Newsletter.

General Information

Reporting Requirements

Reporting Template

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - HR 1

Program Overview (National League of Cities Presentation)

Program Funding by State

Specific Program Information

Broadband Initiatives

Byrne Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) - Michigan Allocations

CDBG Funding - Michigan

Commerce Department - Economic Development Funds Availability

Community Renewable Energy Deployment (CRED)

Credit Provisions

NEW! - Crime Prevention Grants - Byrne Justice Grants Assistant Grants, COPS, Rural Law Enforcement

Drinking Water Project Funding - Michigan

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Information

Homelessness Prevention Funding

HUD Program Funding by State

Low-Income and Energy Efficiency Fund (Michigan)

Public Housing Funding - Michigan

Recovery Zone Bond Program Allocations

Sewer Project Funding - Michigan

Transportation Distributions - Michigan

Transportation Provisions

League Contacts

General Questions - Arnold Weinfeld

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program - Luke Forrest

HUD Programs - Arnold Weinfeld

Broadband Funding - Arnold Weinfeld

Public Safety Funding - Arnold Weinfeld




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