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League Policy Committees

A Unique Opportunity to Serve

Committees serve League members by providing general direction and legislative policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees and League staff on a variety of local government issues. Our advocacy efforts depend on input from the Legislative Governance Committee and five Policy Committees.

Core Legislative Principles 2014-2015

Michigan Municipal League Legislative Agenda for 2013-2014

Governance Committee

The League's Legislative Governance Committee focuses on broad legislative direction and proactive policy development.

2014 Legislative Governance Committee Roster

Policy Committees

The League’s five Policy Committees consider new legislative ideas and provide positions on legislation as it is introduced. The Policy Committees are:

2014 League Policy Committees Roster

  • Energy, Environment and Technology – committee considers issues related to economic development in local communities as well as land use related topics, including economic development tools, blight, liquor licenses, and zoning.

    Staff Liaison: Nikki Brown, Legislative Associate

  • Land Use and Economic Development – committee considers a variety of issues, including energy efficiency, local control and its role in energy policy, and environmental policies as they relate to local units of government.

    Staff Liaison: Samantha Harkins , Director, State Affairs

  • Municipal Finance – committee considers various revenue and taxation issues, including personal property tax, EVIP and revenue sharing, retirement issues, and tax exemptions.

    Staff Liaison: Samantha Harkins, Director, State Affairs

  • Municipal Services - committee handles a wide range of issues, including public safety, elections, regulatory issues, and health care.

    Staff Liaison: Samantha Harkins, Director, State Affairs

  • Transportation Infrastructure – considers various legislative items affecting transportation funding, multimodal transportation initiatives, municipal utility systems, and ports.

    Staff Liaison: John LaMacchia , Legislative Associate



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