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Brownfield Cleanup Program Redesign
Stakeholder Meetings


11/3/09 update:

The DEQ, on November 11, released a summary of the Cleanup Program Redesign.   They are still accepting any input concerning redesign proposal sections or issues  that need additional discussion at the November 10th meeting.   Comments can be sent to Patricia Brandt at  The summary can be found here.

The “wrap-up” session for the redesign proposal is scheduled November 10, 2009 from 9 to 1:30 at LCC-West.   For those of you who were initially advised the session was scheduled for October 20th, there was a conflict with that date that necessitated rescheduling. 

Click here for documents that cover revisions to the previously proposed Inquiry provision that incorporates comments received on the process, revisions to the MDEQ-Administrative Actions-Written Demands that includes a proposed administrative dispute resolution process, and documents previously identified as under development.  The DEQ had additional documents available at the wrap-up session on November 10th, which will be available shortly.

10/12/09 update from DEQ:

We are preparing a summary of the redesign proposal and a summary of the issues that have been raised at previous sessions or received by DEQ outside of the sessions.  The summaries will be provided to you prior to the next session.  At the next session we will be providing additional proposed language for sections that we have previously identified as being under development; these specific sections are highlighted on the attached document.  We will also be providing revisions to some of the earlier proposals to incorporate comments that we received from you during the stakeholder sessions. 

To facilitate the “wrap-up” session we are soliciting your input concerning redesign proposal sections or issues you think additional discussion would be beneficial.  We ask that you rank in priority order specific redesign proposal sections, issues, questions, or suggested alternative language you wish to discuss.  Your assistance and guidance would be greatly appreciated to prepare for this next session.  Please provide your response by October 30th so that we can put together an agenda that will organize and lead to a productive use of our time. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Patricia Brandt at

Proposed sctructure for new part (PDF)

9/9/09 update:

The workgroup is meeting tomorrow from 9:00-1:30 at the LCC-West location.  Handouts will be issued that will include copies of the proposed criteria revision presentations and related materials. The DEQ had previously indicated that this session might be webcast, but will not be webcasting this because they need feedback.  For anyone that cannot make the session, DEQ is placing copies of all the materials provided to the interested stakeholders on the RRD-webpage, under Part 201 & Part 213 Program Redesign.  Copies of the handouts from tomorrow’s session should be uploaded and available Friday.  If you have any questions please contact Patricia Brandt

The cleanup program redesign stakeholder meeting will be held August 26th at Lansing Community College West Campus.  The discussion will begin and 9:00 and we expect to conclude around 1:30 working through the lunch hour. 

Click here for the documents for the discussion.  Please bring a copy of the documents with you to the meeting. 

Additional draft documents for will be sent out early next week for provisions regarding civil actions brought by the state and parties other than the state, criminal actions, liens, red-tagging and settlement authority (including covenant not to sue).   

Just as a reminder, additional stakeholder meetings dates are scheduled September 10th (criteria revisions), and September 24th (criteria revisions).  A meeting is being scheduled for early October to allow for a discussion of the proposal after you have received all the proposed statutory sections. 

The MDEQ has had several meetings about reprogramming the Brownfield cleanup program laws. Several stakeholders have been invited.  If you were not one of the stakeholders invited, but wish to review the documents and comment, please review the below information. 

Andy Schor of the League staff has attended some of these meetings and is working with members on this.  Please send any comments, thoughts, objections, or other suggestions to him so he can share them with the DEQ. 

Andy can be reached at: or 517 908-0300.

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