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Brownfield Cleanup Program Redesign
Stakeholder Meetings

Update 12/1/09
: Legislative Effort to Revise Brownfield Approval Process Gets Moving

In addition to the reform proposals being discussed by the DEQ over the past several months, members of the Michigan Senate recently began holding workgroup meetings on a bill targeted at improving the regulatory process for the state’s brownfield programs.  Senate Bill 437 was introduced with help from the MI Manufacturers Association, the MI Chamber of Commerce and other interested groups to speed up plan review and application response times from the DEQ, allow for greater certainty that remediation efforts have complied with the necessary requirements providing for closure to a project, allow for a new review panel and appeals process, and provide for a number of other process simplification and streamlining measures.  The Senate workgroup, hosted by Senator Jason Allen, has begun working with the DEQ to see where the two proposals might be coordinated.  A new, smaller drafting workgroup is expected to be formed and Senator Allen has invited the League to participate in this effort.  Please take some time to review the attached substitute version of SB 437 and the accompanying white paper/analysis and pass along any thoughts or comments that you might have on the approaches being considered.  Senator Allen has indicated an interest in seeing bill drafting finished in early December to allow for Senate committee action before the end of the year.

Previous updates - DEQ Reform Workgroup

Documents not discussed in workgroups

DEQ Comments on Future Schedule

Additional stakeholder meetings dates have been scheduled for August 26th (enforcement provisions), September 10th (conceptual presentation for criteria revisions-likely webcast), and September 24th (criteria revisions).  These meetings will be at the Lansing Community College West Campus at 5708 Cornerstone Drive in Delta Township.  Meetings will be from 9 am – 1:30 pm.  Lunch is not provided.  If as they continue to release statutory-like language for various subjects they find the meetings scheduled do not allow for adequate discussion, additional meetings may be scheduled. 

Anyone who is unable to the attend any of the stakeholder meetings is encouraged to provide comments via the email address established to facilitate communication about the redesign:



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