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April 27, 2011

League Needs Your Help to Save Job-Creating Tools for Local Governments

The League needs your help in assuring that the House and Senate don’t kill one of the strongest job creating tools available to local governments throughout the state: tax credits for developers to redevelop obsolete and contaminated properties.

Please send letters to your local legislators urging them to either greatly increase the funding for the Business Attraction and Economic Gardening Fund (HB 4526 or SB 177), or to add credits for Brownfield and Historic Preservation in HB 4361 (the new Corporate Income Tax) bill.  Eliminating the Brownfield and Historic credits without replacing them with a new program funded at necessary levels will cost the state revenue and jobs.

Your prompt response is appreciated because House committee is taking action on the tax plan Wednesday (April 27), and the House will likely have votes on the appropriation bills next week. The Senate passed their appropriations bill yesterday and is awaiting conference committee action.

To make it easy for you, the League has prepared a sample letter to send your lawmakers here. Also, go here to get the contact information for your local lawmakers.

In addition, the League has prepared a sample letter for you to send to your local media as well. You can find the sample letter here. For more information, go here to view a League press release on this issue.

For more information about this please contact the League’s Andy Schor at (517) 908-0300 or






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