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January 26, 2010

Testify on PA 312 Reform Tomorrow!

Senate Hearing Wednesday Jan. 27 at 8:30 am in Lansing

Please join the League in supporting reforms to PA 312 and the Urban Cooperation Act at tomorrow’s Senate hearing, 8:30 am in the Boji Tower, 1st Floor, Lansing.

Last week the Senate announced a list of reforms that include PA 312, the law requiring binding arbitration in labor disputes between a local unit of government and a public safety union.  Unfortunately the bill that was introduced, SB 1072, simply makes changes to the process without making important substantive changes like adding a definition of ability to pay and including internal comparables.

For over 40 years the League has been pushing for changes to PA 312.  We appreciate that it is on the reform agenda; however, without substantive changes local units of government will continue to be unable to control costs resulting in public safety layoffs and fewer services in their communities.

Reforming PA 312 is critical to the fiscal stability of our communities.  The decisions made under this law have been detrimental to our local units of government for four decades. The changes proposed in SB 1072 are a start, but real reform means including ability to pay and internal comparables.  There is another bill, HB 5325, that has the language needed to help communities control their budgets.  HB 5325 reflects the changes we need in PA 312.

The Senate is holding a hearing on SB 1072 on Jan. 27 at 8:30.  We need our members to come out and tell the legislature why substantive amendments to this law are vital for our communities.  If you can’t come to Lansing, contact your legislator today to ask for ability to pay and internal comparables to be included in the bill.   

For more information on PA 312, visit

Samantha Harkins



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