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Advocacy Blue Arrows


Through advocacy at the state and federal levels, the Michigan Municipal League proactively represents municipalities to help them sustain highly livable, desirable, and unique places within the state. Some of our current advocacy projects are listed below.

Safe Roads Yes! - The League actively supports voting YES on Proposal 1 on May 5 because this is our last, best chance to fix Michigan's roads with funding guaranteed for transportation.


PlacePartnership for Place: An Agenda for a Competitive 21st Century Michigan - This policy agenda proposes a commitment of action in partnership between the State and its municipalities that will facilitate Michigan’s economic growth.

budgetEVIP and PA 152 - In FY 2012 statutory revenue sharing was eliminated and replaced by the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). The League has created a summary of the program and compiled updated resources for your convenience.

Controlling Costs (PA 312) – For 40 years, PA 312 has been damaging to Michigan’s communities. Being informed on how this Act harms all of our local units helps bring us one step closer to reforms.


Federal Issues – Housing finance reform, collective bargaining and funding for transportation and community programs are among the League's top federal priorities.


pptMichigan’s Personal Property Tax –The personal property tax is one of the most important and stable sources of funds for local governments in Michigan and makes up more than 50 percent of the taxable value of some Michigan communities.

Transportation & Transit – The League is actively pursuing several initiatives to fund Michigan’s transportation and infrastructure systems to energize downtowns and seed economic development efforts.







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