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Elected Officials Academy Blue Arrows

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Level One: Education Award

The Goal

To encourage and recognize the efforts of local elected officials to obtain fundamental information regarding Michigan municipalities.


To receive the Education Award, recipients must complete 25 credits
as follows:

• Advocacy 3 credits
• Conference Attendance 4 credits
• Core Courses 8 credits
• Elective Courses 10 credits

Core Courses in Municipal Government

All of the following courses are required to complete Level One: Education Award:
• Fundamentals of Financial Management 2 credits/2 hours
• Fundamentals of Leadership Roles and Responsibilities 2 credits/2 hours
• Fundamentals of the Legal Framework of Municipalities 2 credits/2 hours
• Fundamentals of Planning and Zoning 2 credits/2 hours

These courses will be offered in a variety of evening and weekend programs at different locations throughout the state. Any questions regarding the program must be directed to the the League education staff.

Core Courses “Weekender”

All four Core Courses (see above) are required to receive the Level One: Education Award. “Weekenders” will be offered periodically to consolidate all four core courses in one weekend agenda. Weekender courses are open to all city and village and member urban township elected officials, whether or not they are participating in the Academy.

Tentative Schedule:

Friday evening
Check-in: 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Core Course: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Check-in and Continental Breakfast: 7:30 am to 8:00 am
Core Course: 8:00 am to 10:00 am
Core Course: 10:00 am to Noon
Networking Lunch: Noon to 1:00 pm
Core Course: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Elective Course Topics (other approved educational topics)

A minimum of 10 credits are required for Level 1. The following are examples of possible course topics:
Board Governance
Communications/Community Relations
Economic Development
Green/Energy Issues
Human Resource Issues
Leadership Skills
Legal Issues for Municipalities
Legislative Issues/Lobbying Skills
Municipal Finance
Planning & Zoning Issues
Professional/Personal Development
Strategic Planning
Web Technologies

The EOA program includes all of the regularly scheduled League programs which can we found here. The list of individual courses is likely to vary in response to the changing needs of local government.

These courses will be offered in a variety of three- to six-hour programs primarily during the work week, in different locations.

Elective course credits may have been accumulated by attending qualified League seminars during the four years previous to the official’s enrollment in the Academy. League staff will confirm your attendance at past courses.

League and non-League webinars -1 elective credit

Note: You will receive full EOA credit for repeating a class.

Note: For a full-day class outside of the League, 3 credits will be given. For a half-day course, 1 credit. Multi-day non-League conferences will receive 3 elective credits.

Advocacy Credit

Advocacy credits can be obtained by participating in the following legislative activities:

Lobbying sessions at Capital Conference (must sign-in to receive credits) - 1 credit/session

Legislative Breakfast at Capital Conference-if met with Rep or Staff - 1 credit

Passing a resolution (on an issue important to the League) - 1 credit

Contacting a state/federal elected official on a League issue - 1 credit
(Direct call, letter, email; not Cap Wiz)

Participating in a legislative work group  - 1 credit

Responding to a Cap Wiz form letter/action alert - 1 credit

Invite and host your legislator at a council meeting* - 2 credits

Writing and signing a letter to the editor/Op-ed on an issue important to the League - 2 credits

Written testimony before the state/federal Legislature - 2 credits

In person testimony before the state/federal Legislature (requires invitation from the League’s SFAD team) - 3 credits                                                                                                                                                                       
Service on a League issue committee (2-year term)  - 4 credits total

  • One credit for attending Kick-Off event

  • One credit at the end of the first year (must have attended majority of the meetings)

  • Two credits at the end of the term (must have attended majority of the meetings)

Advocacy Webinar - 1 credit/hour

* Meeting with a state/federal elected official** - 2 credits
on a League or community issue (this includes Legislator’s office hours)

*The entire council will receive credit for this.
**When meeting with legislators please send us a photo and topic discussed.

* Additional credits may be awarded by the EOA board.

Conference Attendance

Credits will be given for attendance at any of the following League or NLC events:
• League Annual Convention 2 credits/day (max. 4 credits)
• League Capital Conference 2 credits
• NLC City Summit 2 credits
• NLC Congressional City Conference 2 credits

Subject to League approval, in cases of hardship the conference attendance requirement may be reduced to one credit, with the remaining four credits earned by attending additional elective courses.

Note: For a full-day class outside of the League, three credits will be given. For a half-day course, one credit. These can be submitted online manually.

The Education Award

Those officials who complete Level One: Education Award of the EOA will be honored with a pin and a plaque recognizing the accomplishment.

The recipient will be recognized at the League's Capital Conference.

A special award will be presented at the Capital Conference for any council or commission in which all current members have completed one or more levels of the Academy. Your community is responsible for notifying the League if this achievement is reached.



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