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Welcome to the Elected Officials Academy Online

An Education and Recognition Program

The Elected Officials Academy is a 4 level program that recognizes your educational and leadership accomplishments. It's easy. Any League class that you take, conference that you attend, or committee that you serve on, earns you EOA credits. If you haven't signed up yet, please take a minute to do so now. It doesn't cost you anything to activate your membership. You can learn all about it through our EOA handbook here. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Kieliszewski

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There is no question that our municipal officials are facing some serious challenges in their leadership roles—how to do more with less money, and how to govern through these turbulent economic conditions while maintaining a positive outlook. Your efforts to lead in these trying times need to be recognized.

The Elected Officials Academy is responsive to the current problems you face, and offers expanded educational opportunity for elected officials. A broad array of programming is offered to mayors, presidents, councilmembers, commissioners and trustees and elected administrative officials, such as clerks and treasurers, as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise. All elected city, village and member urban townships are invited to participate. Several hundred officials have participated in this program since its inception in July 1997.

By successfully completing each level of the Academy, the League will recognize your achievement. Of even greater importance is the fact that your community will benefit from the education and experience that you gain. Your acceptance of the challenge of learning will better equip you to fulfill the important responsibility of volunteer leadership. You will be able to demonstrate to your community and peers leadership competence in carrying out your duties as an elected community official.

Click here for information on the Tim Doyle Scholarship.

Tim Doyle Scholarship Submission Form

Contact: Emily Kieliszewski
Membership Engagement Specialist
Phone: 517-908-0302 or E-mail:



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